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Female, 42 Yrs Pro

15 Years of Teaching Experience

(10 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Masters in Teaching
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Masters in Teaching


I am American teacher with 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. U.S. Certified High School and Middle School Teacher with a Masters in Teaching. I specialize SAT prep and in Math and English tutoring. I teach Algebra at iCademy Dubai, the premier American virtual school in the Middle East. I founded  my own online tutoring business and have been working with students from many of the best international schools in the Middle East for the past six years. 

Tutoring Approach

I use the combination of Zoom and an interactive whiteboard so that I can work directly with my students. We work both face to face and on the collaborative whiteboard. I can my student work on problems and I can also demonstrate how to solve problems. The student will need to have a laptop or desktop computer and internet connection. I am happy to do a free demonstration lesson.


Kaouthar Omrani

Melissa has been tutoring my son for over a year now, she is very patient and punctual. she customises the lessons to fit my son needs. Has a deep understanding of the subject as well as the right methods to teach it.


Melissa teaches SAT Maths through online video chat. I was sceptical at first whether I would be able to understand online rather than face-to-face, but Melissa is a good teacher and it worked out for me. She had many strategies to teach me and get me ready for the SAT.

Omar Arnaout

Melissa has been my tutor for over a year. She first helped me with the SAT. I learned many good strategies from her. Now, I am at University and she has tutored me in many classes such as English, Psychology, and Citizenship. In each of these classes, she has made the learning very personal and specific to my needs. Melissa is very professional and knows her subject well. Over time, we have built a strong relationship and I appreciate her support and encouragement.

Sami El Sebaei

Shes a really good teacher. She helped me increase my SAT scores to 700+ in each. I really recommend her. You wont regret her.

Ali Bahkery

Melissa has very excellent style in the teaching , my son liked her way of the explanation. In the beginning I was worried because my son used to have face to face tutor and never tried some remote tutor but Melissa has showed fantastic way of the explanation. In 13 sessions we did not feel any difference between remote or face to face tutor. I am going to continue with Melissa with my second son in the SAT. Thanks Melissa for your great efforts, it is really appreciated.

Taha Tahan

I enjoyed how quick we were able to go through practice exams and how well she explained strategies to succeed in my SAT English exam.

Louise Binetruy

She is an excellent teacher!


I took the IELTS three times. I had tried to prepare myself and then I went to an institute but I needed to improve my score. With Melissa, I received customized instruction and flexibility with timing. We focused only on the bands that I needed to work on. It is more convenient to work online from my home than attend a class. I could understand the guidelines Melissa suggested rather than follow the many rules of writing and speaking dictated by the institute. Melissa has helped me to improve for IELTS Exam by focusing on my weaknesses.

Zain Siddiqui

I have been Melissa's student for some time and I am very confident when I say that she is a wonderful teacher. Melissa focuses on weak areas makes sure that students improve on them. She is very well organized and knows exactly what she is doing. Melissa really helped me in reaching my goals on the SAT and made sure that I kept on improving! She is super confident in what she does. I would highly recommend her when it comes to studying and preparing for the SAT's! Melissa has a wonderful style of teaching and really makes sure that students are well prepared for the test!

Anirudh Vineet

For over a year now, Mrs. Daniels has been working with me. She has greatly helped me improve my grammar and math skills. With her help, my SAT score has jumped about 200 points so far. She focuses on the areas that she notices I need to work more on by giving me additional practices. Mrs. Daniels also is very friendly which makes me enjoy my classes with her. I highly recommend her as a tutor.



Male, 50 Yrs Pro

14 Years of Teaching Experience

(124 Reviews)

  • Qualification: B. Tech ( Mechanical Engg.), MBA.
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B. Tech ( Mechanical Engg.), MBA.


I have over 14 years of experience in teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, & Business/Economics to students from Higher Secondary to University level. I have taught students from IB, IGCSE/A level, AP, CBSE/ICSE & also students pursuing MBA. I also have experience in helping students prepare for the  ACT / SAT- 1 & subject SATs.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in having a flexible approach to teaching. I focus on clearing the basics of Math/Sciences so that the student is confident and capable of following up with self study. I place emphasis on practice of questions & conceptual clarity of topics followed by numericals, and answering several past question papers as practice. I ensure students stay on track, complete the task & ask for solutions of difficult questions whenever needed.I aim to make learning fun for children so that it becomes life long obsession for children.



Chetan is an great tutor. He taught my son Maths & Chemistry for the IB Diploma for 6 months. He is always punctual, patient, knows his subject very well. My son felt that with his help, he managed to overcome his lack of knowledge in certain areas and at the same time improved his confidence in the subjects.


Mr Palan is tutoring our daughter for Maths and Economics for IB Diploma Year13. He is a diligent tutor with a lot of experience. He understands the exact nature of the student's requirements and works towards achieving specific objectives, including building confidence and achieving comfort levels. He works with the school syllabus and is very familiar with the IB curriculum. He is patient and relaxed during teaching. In economics his effort is not only towards the syllabus but also global real world economics. We are happy with his teaching and level of commitment.


Well versed with the IB curriculum. Teaching method encourages individual effort through extensive home assignments.


He is a good professors and great motivator. Very patient with me and taught me all the basics and beginner math. He does not do the work for you, he makes you do it, and can sense if you don’t understand. If you really want to learn, but always had difficulties and got bad grades, this is the right tutor for you. Simply amazing.


He is a great tutor , punctual,understanding , committed and has great command over his subject( we had him for Maths). He was able to identify her weaknesses and explained her shortcomings very well and help her .If you are looking for a good Maths Teacher u need not look further !


I am happy to write this review for Chetan. He has been our son's Physics (CBSE - XII) tutor since the past 2 months and we are very happy with the improvement in our son's performance. Chetan takes time and makes the effort to ensure that the concepts are understood thoroughly before moving to problem solving. This helps the child to apply the concepts to a variety of problems. End result - improved self-confidence and thinking abilities. And then, of course, practice makes perfect. Chetan ensures that, too. One- on-one means there is individual attention. C. Ramachandra Nov 2013


Mr Palan is a good smart teacher that discovers weakness of the student from first session and try to focus on them. He gives alot of examples from real life situation to make subject clear and easy to understand. He is punctual and very reliable. He can feel with his students and accordingly extend or cut in lesson time so his student benefit the maximum from his lesson.


He is a good teacher. it is very fun learning with him. he makes me understand the concept well and also teaches me good techniques for learning. i am glad that i found someone like him.


Found Chetan to be very dedicated in the way he teaches, we are having our daughter tutored in chemistry in which she was struggling. In the past few months Chetan has not only given her the knowledge in understanding the subject in a short time , but has now given her the confidence to sit her upcoming igcse exam and filled in all the missing gaps she previously had in chemistry.


I was tutored by Chetan for 2 months in Math and Physics.It was one on one tutorial at my place.I found him to be punctual.His teaching skills were good but in my opinion he is not well versed with the Sabis curriculum.


My children are in grade 8 and we have recently started tutions with Chetan Palan. He is has good knowledge of the subject matter and uses practical applications to make theory simpler. The children have been satisfied so far.


•A good teacher who is dedicated and has passion for teaching. •Demonstrates good Knowledge of the Curriculum •Provides adequate space for the student to express his views. •Has clear understanding of the subject which he imparts on the students in a practical manner. •Provides flexibility to the student by varying his instructional techniques as per Child’s understanding.. •Presents new material clearly and logically •Monitors student learning continuously


We have recently started with Chetan Palan. He is dedicated teacher with good knowledge about the subject matter. Very patiently listens to our concerns and helps to address them promptly. My son's interest in Maths & Science has increased.


I took some physics classes with Mr.Palan he is really good.He made everything easy to understand. I highly recommend him.


Mr Chetan has been tutoring my daughter for Physics, Maths and Biology iGCSE, he has boosted her interest towards the subjects and has also made her more confident with her skills, he is a diligent tutor and is very keen for my daughter to learn and progress. He is a very good and helpful teacher.


We had a very good experience with Chetan, when he helped my son with AP Chemistry. He is meticulous and ensures that his students master the concepts well. While he is a very dedicated teacher, he is also willing to put in the hard work of understanding the specific needs of his students, and work with them to help achieve their goals. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mehnaaz Muzzamil

Very knowledgeable with IB, punctual and effective.

Shaikh Mohiddin

When I first met Mr. Chetan , I thought he would be a really serious person, but as the classes continued, I got along really well with him. What's unique about his teaching method is that he notices the way a student picks up concepts and accordingly teaches the topic. This way it was easy for me to understand concepts quickly. He is a really dedicated person and will not stop until you have understood the topic completely. I took one on one classes for Business Level Statistics with Chetan , and have benefited from the classes. I'm sure other students feel the same about Mr. Chetan too.


His patient & thorough explanation of mathematics & Physics to My daughter was very helpful . He explains the Concept thoroughly so that the child got confident to do things on own


I am very pleased with the dedication my daughter is receiving from Palan. He knows a variety of effective teaching and assessment practices and knows how to influence students learning and achievement. My daughter has had good improvement with her IB maths Studies level. I look forward to continuing progress.


Chetan has been teaching IB HL Maths to my son for the last 1 month. He is punctual , professional knowledgeable and patient. After explaining a concept, he makes the student explain it back to him , this ensures that the concept is clear to the student.

Siddhant Jhurani

He taught every topic from the basics and helped the student to get the clear conception.

Yousuf Baker

His involvement with the student is very good and he also provide the fact about the background to the topics studied


I am going through A level Physics with Mr. Palan, and he is very good at teaching the fundamentals, therefore invigorating enjoyment of the subject, making a school, and outside learning a lot easier and much more enjoyable, I would definately recommend him!


He was teaching Higher level (HL) IB Physics/Chemistry to my child & I found him to be very knowledgeable & friendly & dedicated to his work He was instrumental in improving the confidence of my child for tough higher level subjects and make herself sufficient in subjects.


I liked that Mr Palan loves to engage with all his students in the classroom. He makes sure to interact with all his students. His explanations are clear and his teaching method is very effective.

Venus Ibnawf

Mr. Palan taught Mathematics, physics and Chemistry to my son Ayman Ismail during his IGCSE course in 2014 and the IB since last year. He is a brilliant teacher in Maths and all science subjects. My son's scores were low before we knew him, however with the help of Mr. Palan there was a big jump in his scores especially in maths which made him the talk of his teachers and colleagues. Mr. Palan is a very intelligent, dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic tutor. I highly recommend him for Maths and Science subjects.


He has very friendly but strict & disciplined & dedicated approach to students.He clears concepts of physics/Chem& maths & reviews them with the student again & again& made my daughter Confident in A levels. He is strict but very friendly & makes students very comfortable


Palan is very organized person. My son likes the way he teaches. The comment my son gave was "Mr. Palan teaches better than my.class sir". Palan is very experienced tutor. His passion is teaching and while doing so he first understands the student in the first session itself. Palan is a very helpful person and I would recommend all parents to send your children to an experienced tutor like Palan.

His classes are lively and interesting and Mr. Palan is extremely knowledgeable about the subjects taught.

Rishabh Kumar

He is a very good tutor and his interaction with students is excellent.

Raunak Laha

Mr Palan has guided my son from being close to the borderline to a position of safe anchorage. He has been supportive, accommodative and inspirational. More than teaching well, he kindles the confidence in his students so that they become self reliant and confident. Highly and heartily recommended.


Palan is teaching grade 9 CBSE curriculum Math and Science. He has good teaching technique and motivates the student. I reckon Palan is good option for private tuition.


He is sincere and devoted teacher, attentive on students need. Affordable tuition fees and friendly


Palan is a very Charismatic gentleman. He is kind and hardworking. He always encourages my daughter to believe in herself. My daughter has gained much confidence in Maths and currently she is in her final year of IB diploma. He knows what he is teaching and that portrays dedication.


Mr Palan is an excellent teacher. He is poised and calm whilst explaining the concept. It is conspicuous that he is an experienced tutor and personally I am benefited immensely from his knowledge.


He knows his subject very well. He has helped my son to gain confidence and pushed him to do his best.

Paulos Aron

Mr Palan is an excellent teacher. I personally have been benefitted immensely from him. It is evident that Mr Palan is an experienced teacher and the way he interacts with his students is great. He taught me SAT1 subjects and I am greatly appeased.


Chetan is well a spoken, calm and patient tutor with good knowledge about the subject matter. Chetan has taken care to understand my child's needs and work on improving his confidence in Math.


Mr. Palan Teaches My Daughter Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology of Year 7 British Curriculum. He is a very good Tutor and my daughter has been greatly benefited from him. He is very knowledgeable and explains the concepts very well.

Suma Velekat

He is regular and teaches with dedication. He ensures that my children have understood whatever he has taught before moving to the next topic. He is lively and makes learning fun.

Tala Talj

I am an IB Physics student in grade 11 and I had been struggling with the subject. Mr. Palan came to tutor me and his guidance was really helpful. He was very patient and took the time to explain everything word by word. He would make sure I understood what he was explaining by asking me questions and by asking me to re-explain everything to him.

Josh Bagnall

The way he teaches the concepts really makes sense and is easy to grasp. Palan has always had belief and really drives you to get the best grades possible.

Ramya Iyer

Mr. Palan has extensive subject knowledge on the Edexcel A level Mathematics course. Sir is currently assisting me in my Year 13 course and has helped me achieve an A* in my mock exam after 5 months of tutoring.

Kashif Taiyebi

Mr. Palan has a unique teaching style which challenges you to know more than what a school textbook provides. He asks certain types of questions that will make you think on another level, with a different perspective, about a topic or concept.

Kashif Taiyebi

Mr Palan has taught me A-Level Mathematics and Physics in a way which I found quite unique. His teaching style challeneges the way a student thinks about a certain concept, and helps students to think of the concept or problem from different perspectives. Through this method, my understanding of 'difficult to grasp' concepts and ideas greatly increased.


He has the ability to apply difficult lessons to real life situations in order to make the subject easy to understand.


Palan has greatly helped to push my grades up.

Sarita Rodrigues

Mr. Chetan has been a huge help. He has supported my child in IB Math and Physics for two years. His methodical approach to not only teaching students the subject matter but also fostering the intuition to learn beyond has certainly helped in achieving the target grades.

Lata Kulur

In 2012 when we moved to Dubai from India, my daughter was in year 10. She was at that time studying her O levels at a reputed school in Dubai. Since Mathematics was not one of her favorite subjects we were looking for a Tutor who could help her with Mathematics. On the recommendation of a friend whose son was being tutored by Mr. Chetan Palan we hired him. In his first interaction with my daughter he understood her deep rooted fear for Math and diligently worked with her keeping her shortcomings in mind. With his continuous motivation and his way of constantly challenging her to do well, she did extremely well in her IGCSE and scored A+. All thanks to Mr. Chetan!!!! He continued teaching her through IB1 and IB2 till 2016. He would not only help her with Mathematics but at times with biology and physics too. With his support she did well in her IB2 too. We are very grateful to Mr. Chetan for his dedicated and sincere efforts in the field of teaching!

Sukaina Virani

Accommodated my daughter last minute for very difficult topics in physics A levels Cambridge. Taught them quite well. Would recommend him to all. A very good tutor! Thanks for tutoring my daughter!

Zoe Napier

Tuition sessions with Mr Palan for forthcoming GSCE's in Chemistry and Physics have greatly helped my son over the last couple of months. Mr Palan has helped him fully understand areas of the subjects which he was finding it difficult to learn. I highly recommend Mr Palan for his thorough and patient approach, friendly manner and understanding whenever we have needed to reschedule classes.

Momin Hassan

I am a student of 22 years of age and doing my IGCSE's. I have been out of education for over 6 years. Mr Chetan helped me with an extensive and unique intensive course with accounting and physics his English is very good and also his methods of teaching.

Samyukta Menon

He is a very patient, committed and dedicated teacher. He made the concepts very clear to me.


I really liked his dedication towards his students. He makes sure you understand the concept and how to solve questions related to that.

Farha Shahid

My son being a grade 11 student, need guidance and bit of moral boosting along with his maths lessons. I appreciate the way Mr Pawan takes a personal interest in his over all well being.


Mr. Palan taught me and my sister Chemistry and Mathematics (SAT and AP level). He is very patient and has good knowledge of the subjects.


He is a very helpful tutor, makes sure that the Child has got her doubts cleared & has an attitude of never giving up on student's doubts. He made sure that my daughter understood all the concepts in Physics/Chem/Mathematics in IB HL & followed it up with lots of Numerical s /practice questions. He would make sure that she understood the concepts by making her explain the same.

Vaibhavi Palan

I studied Maths & Chemistry for A/AS level with him. He makes the subjects of mathematics/Chemistry very interesting & developed & increased my interest in them. He made sure that I understood the subjects completely & made sure that I did all practice questions & answered them in time.

Ridhan Shabir

He taught IGCSE physics & is currently teaching HL physics for IB1 Diploma. He explains Physics concepts very well with suitable examples. He teaches very well.


Mr Palan is very understanding and caring. He cares well about his students and is very cooperative. He is a very patient person. He makes the subjects interesting by using real-life situations.

Ruzvin Elavia

Mr Palan is an extremely patient and detail oriented tutor. His manner and his way of teaching we found is extremely beneficial to our son in his final A level of physics. He explains until the child has grasped the lesson and is thorough with the basics which are crucial in laying the foundation for higher studies.

Micol D\'souza

I am studying A & AS level maths with him. His explanations of concepts for AS level and A-level maths, mechanics and statistics are very good He gives a lot of examples & helps in solving past papers until I get clarified.

Sebastian Larsson

I took lessons from Chetan Palan for the last 8 months for IB math and IB higher level chemistry and every lesson has helped me improve significantly in both my subjects. My math mark improved from a 3 to a 6 and my chemistry has gone from a 4 to almost a 6.

Salma Hareb

He is very methodical & perseverant teacher . He helped my daughter with ACT subjects & IB maths for final Diploma He clarifies the concepts very well & helps with lot s of numericals & past papers

Salma Hareb

Mr.Chetan palan taught my daughter IB MATHS & helped in ACT preparation. He explains concepts very well & clears all doubts in a very nice & patient way .

Hessa Elhajri

He's very good , he gives more examples to understand , he explain in different ways.

Angelos Valakis

Palan was helping my son with GCSE PHYSICS & inspite of very short time before my son's exams, Palan made sure, that my son cleared all his concepts & made him practice a lot of question papers. This made my son very confident in higher level physics & got him interested in the subject.


He was extremely helpful and explained things clearly.

Ahmad Rekabi

Mr palan is a very dedicated and competent tutor. He helped me with grade 12 American curriculum physics and cleared my doubts and helped me solve lots of questions /Papers.


We engaged Palan to help my daughter prepare for the SAT and to tutor in a calculus course. He was an excellent tutor, patient and knowledgeable. She felt she really improved in both subjects over the course of the summer.


He was teaching me University level Chemistry & Maths. He is very patient and Cleared all my doubts & trained me to logically think about the solutions to the questions and made my basics stronger. This helped me to be self confident in these subjects at that time.

Zuhra Fatima Fatima

Mr Palan offers a wide range of subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Business, and Economics for all sorts of recognized curriculums. Overall, I found mr Palan not only a good teacher in the sense that the student feels at ease with material, but also further develops confidence due to his wide knowledge of the specific test formats and strategies that are key factors to acing any standardized examination.

Sudev Sudheer

Extremely knowledgeable in the subject, he helped me to improve my performance significantly. Also, he has helped me to understand the subject despite the narrow scope of syllabus. Studying ISC Mathamatics in grade 12.


Mr Palan is a very caring and hard-working tutor, he cares about the student future and mindset and tries his best to suit the student's different situations perfectly. He taught be A-levels physics and Maths as I'm a university foundation student.


Teaching approach and explaining topic is very good.

Asim Burud

Good teaching staff.


Mr. Palma has a lot of tutoring experience in Dubai. He is very well aware of the curiculam for A levels. He is presently tutoring my son in multiple subjects and is a very good tutor. He puts in a lot of effort and time in teaching my son and makes sure he understands the subject completely before moving on to the next topics. He focus on doing practice papers and giving homework . Mr. Palan gives my son the independence to do the school work and the practice papers under his supervision. Sergio has become more confidant in the subjects he is weak in. Mr. Palan encourages my son to communicate and speak out his difficulties in topics he is weak in. He takes interest in my son's progress .He follows up with me to check on my son's progress in school. I am satisfied with his dedication and effort He puts in for my son. Mimi

Samyukta Velakat

Good explanation and teaching skills Pushes to make me work harder Learnt maths A and AS level mathematics and statistics. Also teaching IGCSE Science and Math subjects.


Explains complicated aspects of AS and A level Physics very well and makes them simple to understand. Helped me improve my grades immensely.


Mr. Chetan is absolutely professional and a gem of a person, infact we were so fortunate to get him on board to teach A level Physics for my daughter. He is an excellent communicator, very depth subject knowledge, knows exactly what the student knows and what they don’t understand, very strong in conceptix, really focused and commitment, very genuine, encourage and motivate the student and the list goes on... even thou we took his service very close to her exams, he did more than his best and my daughter wrote her first year paper very well. Undoubtedly it will be our pleasure to continue his service for the next academic year as well. Hats off to his service to the student community in building their future. We wish him all success and may God bless him and his family for many many years to come and may all his dreams and wishes come true. Thanks Mr. Chetan for your valuable contribution to the students and will remain a very important person in my daughter success story. God bless.


Mr Palan is an amazing teacher, I really recommend him for anyone. I had my igcse yesterday and thank god with my progression in the last 2 weeks with mr Palan it paid off, he is really a kind and hard working teacher and he will always try his best. Mr Palan is the best teacher I had so I recommend everyone to go with him.


Very encouraging and supportive of my child’s learning and very patient and drastic improved her understanding and grades

Jiayi Song

Mr Chetan Palan explains concepts of IB Physics in a very clear & perfect way. It has helped me to understand & clear my doubts in a very nice way. He explains it patiently & with lots of examples.

Roger Hart

His ability to identify learning methods that work within my sons strengths, which builds confidence in him. Palan's attitude and genuine care for his students well being as well as balancing studies and relaxation. He has certainly helped my son tremendously.

Jiayi Song

Mr. Chetan Palan is very dedicated to teaching. He teaches me IB PHYSICS. He makes sure I understand physics concepts very well & follows up with examples of numericals & practical life. He makes Physics very interesting & easy to follow.


The way he explains and he gives simple examples that students can answer.


Sir Palan is a very motivating and amazing teacher. He is very concerned about my grades and puts his maximum effort to unleash my full potential. The way of teaching Mr Palma follows is very easy and fun to catch up with. Thank you


Mr. Palan is teaching my daughter for the past one and a half months. He is a very supportive teacher and makes sure that my daughter understands all concepts in Physics properly. Previously, my daughter did not show much interest in learning Physics; but now, with Mr. Palan’s kind effort, she is gaining some confidence and gradually developing a liking towards the subject.


He is a good teacher and my son improved his grades in math, overall it’s a good experience with him so far.


Mr. Palan was a dedicated A level Physics tutor for my daughter. He was very Good & methodical in his approach to teach A level Physics to her & she achieved A grades in jer Physics

Nil Altinordu

He was good tutor for Advance Maths & Science for American curriculum Grade 10. Would explain concepts very well & solve lot of questions.

Rajat Mathur

Knowledgeable, experienced tutor with punctuality. Adjust styles to suit the changing requirements of students needs. Our son was taught Physics and Chemistry for IGCSE and he is now more comfortable with concepts.


He teaches physics (HL) & Maths SL For IB. He explains concepts patiently to enable me understand the concepts & follows up with lots of practice questions & exam papers

Alia Tamim

He is teaching method about Pre university Calculus/Trigonometry makes them very interesting & easy to understand. He solves lot of questions after explaining the concepts.

Kalyani Nambiar

Mr.Palan is an extremely helpful and encouraging teacher. HE teaches me Ib higher level math (Application and Interpretation). He explains the concepts very clearly and makes sure the student understands each and every component of the topic in order to achieve exceptional marks. This can be supported by my grades that went from level four to level 7 in less than a few months. I would highly recommend Mr.Palan for students who require a tailored approach for learning IB subjects.

Anthony Habis

Super knowledgeable and brilliant at helping learn new concepts across chemistry, biology and Maths IB. He has supported me in achieving A+ / Band 7.

Mohamad Chebli

Very clear way of explaining.

Ziad Chebli

Mr. Palan is very punctual and knowledgeable and have his own professional way to deliver the information in easy way to the student. He has taught my Son Physics for Freshman Year in American University of Beirut .


Mr. Palan has been tutoring my son in IGCSE Y-10 Further Mathematics for the last 2 months. He is very professional and tutors to a very high standard. My son's confidence has increased and is reflecting on his performance.


His knowledge about the subject- Chemistry HL- IB was very good. I appreciate his friendliness with the students.

Joshua Vadasery

Mr. Palan was an excellent tutor for me for grade 12 Maths & Chemistry. He is very patient & clarifies concepts very well very methodically with lots of examples& follows up with lots of help in questions & numerical problems .

Atharva Vadeyar

His clarity of concepts on higher levels of maths & Physics for Grade 12. His patient & clear explanations of various Mathematics & Physics makes the subjects very easy. Mr Palan solves lots of questions and given an ample support & hand holding.


God bless him, he dosn't mind in money he thinks of the work and his teaching helped me a lot through this session

Rashid Alsuwaidi

He explains really well and helped me to understand the course fully and went through every small details to make sure I understand.

Muhammad Sohail

Mr. Plan is an expert of the subject. He is an authority over the subject I approached him I.e., Advance Math. He is highly cooperative and understanding individual, who put his 100pct towards his pupils.


Mr. Palan is very knowledgeable who taught me about advanced physics. He explains the concepts very nicely followed by numerical examples, and ensure that all doubts & concepts are explained & understood.

Alia Baker

Determination to teach and educate

Alia Tamim

He tutored me maths, physics & aerodynamics for University 1 st year. He teaches with lots of enthusiasm & energy. He makes sure that I understood every topic very well & made the subjects very interesting.

Muhammad Saim

Mr Palan is a very focused tutor, who taught me AS level physics. He explains concepts in advanced Physics very clearly & follows it up with numerical, so I get absolute clarity. He is very Dedicated & very understanding teacher.

Rupal Muni

He is thorough professional teacher who has strong knowledge and concepts and he is an excellent teacher.


Good at explaining concepts. Highly recommended.


Mr. Palan is teaching my daughter (year 11) IGCSE physics. He understands her weaknesses and focuses on improving them. He is a very impressive teacher and I highly recommend him.

Donald Seethaler

Chetan is a wonderful tutor. He clearly explains in detail each Trigonometry problem and makes sure our son fully understands how to work the problems. He has great communication skills, and he is very patient and understanding. Chetan has been a blessing to our son, especially since he has been engaged in online learning this school year. We are very grateful for all his help. He is an excellent teacher, and we would recommend his services and knowledge to anyone who is looking for just a little help or more comprehensive sessions. Chetan is easy to contact and has been very flexible for meetings. We highly recommended Chetan as a tutor to help continue and expand your child/student's learning and comprehension of higher level Math as well as other subjects.

Mailen Fernandes

Palan's patience and commitment to supporting my son develop in his IGCSE Math and IGCSE Biology means a lot to our family. His expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. We are so grateful to have him as his tutor.


Mr Palan makes you feel very comfortable with what you're learning and goes at your own pace, making AS level physics significantly easier.


Excellent knowledgeable, very committed. individualized approach to student’s. Also punctual. friendly with the student. Successful preparation for exams.


He has thorough grasp over his subjects. He is a very patient tutor who understands the child’s needs and adopts to his pace while gradually bringing the student upto speed. He has helped my son in his Maths and Sciences and am very pleased with the outcome.


Very helpful & flexible & has a very nice way in encouraging & motivating students & attention to details In explaining the topics, my son was the only one in his grade that got 100% by his help in chemistry & biology.


He was very dedicated & focused tutor for first year university Chemistry. He is very encouraging & motivating. He explained concepts of Chemistry patiently and in detail, making Chemistry quite an interesting subject.


We approached Mr Palan when we had just few months left for the exams and my daughter had a lot of portion to cover in Mathematics. During that tough time, Mr Palan acted extremely patiently, analysed her strength and weaknesses, built an effective communication channel with her and boosted her confidence levels. She started enjoying the subject more and in the short span of time her overall approach towards Maths changed. Mr Palan is very dedicated, encouraging and passionate teacher and his style of teaching has a positive impact on the child which helps in relieving tension and ensuring adequate focus and open discussions. He does regular interaction and feedback sessions with parents as well and so I was well informed of her progress which gave me comfort as well.

Marc Kassatly

Mr Palan, helped me with IB Maths. He was very patient & understanding .He made me very confident with Maths by helping me solve lots of questions and always tried to clarify my concepts in Maths.

Mark Follinus

He is very methodical & motivating tutor who makes sessions very interesting & gets you lot of confidence. He helped me in IB Maths (AA) & physics. He explains concepts thoroughly & helps a lot with numerical questions . This helped me to achieve very high scores in both the subjects .


Palan has taught Chemistry (HL IB) to my son since the last few months. Excellent tutor who is knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge of complex material in a manner easily understandable. My son has done extremely well. Highly recommended.



Male, 37 Years Years Yrs Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Mtech Integrated in Mathematics and computing from IIT DElhi
  • Location:
    All Areas
  • Whatsapp:
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Mtech Integrated in Mathematics and computing from IIT DElhi


I was previously teaching in Dubai/ Sharjah in person and now teaching online only. I primarily teach mathematics and computing and also Physics/Economics ( for selective courses).  I have a BTech and  MTech. in Mathematics and computing from IIT Delhi which is the best college in India for Engineering.  All classes as of now are being conducted online for students outside Faridabad, India.  Here is a video on my college which says IIT = Harvard + Princeton + MIT

Tutoring Approach

I believe in teaching as a co-learner rather than a teacher who knows everything and is not involved in the learning process. A co-learner experience helps my students engage better with my teaching as well as learning themselves and also keep me very much motivated to work with new students with Different needs. For me each student is an individual so I try to customize my style according to the student. I do not compromise on students hardwork so constantly encourage them to work independently on their home work. My goal is to make them independent on their own .


Male, 28 Yrs Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelors of engineering


Graduate Engineer Math and physics Tutor with 10 years experience in teaching field.

Tutoring Approach

I will provide very efficient notes for each subject and 100%result oriented Classes.


Female Pro

14 Years of Teaching Experience

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PHD (Business & Finance), CFA


My experienced and qualification  for Secondary, O/A levels, College, University levels, Bachelor, Masters  & PHD subjects. Science Subjects:- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & other subjects. Commerce Subjects:- Accounts, Economics, Marketing, Business & other subjects. Graduate Level subjects:- Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Management, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Innovative Management, Business Communication, Internet Marketing, Statistics, Management Accounting, History & others IT Training: SPSS, Quick Books, Tally, Excel, Access & others Others Subjects: Sociology, Psychology & others as per requirement. Assignment / Projects:- Dissertations, Projects, Assistance in any kind of Assignment & others as per requirement. Professional Courses:- CMA, CPA, CFA & FRM Others Courses:- GMAT, SATS (All Subjects), IELTS & others Bespoke Courses:- Any job training related courses are also available as per your requirement.

Tutoring Approach

My experience has been that one-to-one personal tuition has a unique value to students because of the ability to resolve the student's personal barriers to learning in a way that lays the foundations for a deep and long-lasting understanding of the subject.


Male, 39 Yrs

20 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Bachelor of Science


“Mark is a career educator with great dedication to his craft.” – Brian Galvin, Chief Academic Officer, Veritas Prep “The teacher, Mark Porath, was masterful. He was firm and focused and yet flexible. He not only taught, but also inspired.” – verified review, beatthegmat.com

Tutoring Approach

I love playing sports and practicing science, but I am at my best when teaching. An active mind, like a good smile, is highly contagious and fun. I’d be happy to share my resume and answer your questions. Let’s get started today. [email protected] +971528942330


Zeyad Serag

Whenever I didn't understand something, he kept on getting creative examples to make sure that ai understood it. He also has alot of experience on the exam and shares alot of tips and tricks to get you moving fast during the exam.


Male, 40 Yrs

24 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)




A passionate teacher equipped with an art and science to tune himself with my disciples frequency. With my experience of over two decades I have learnt that I have to learn more. I am a lover of knowledge and flexible to learn from those younger to me as well those with less experience than me. Education is not about degrees, curricula and certifications but actual meaning of life is to learn the knowledge that benefit you in both worlds.

Tutoring Approach

My lessons are always tailored in spite of "Ready made one fit all" as per my students and parents needs. I teach my students subjects along with life lessons which are not written in books and syllabi. Google has more knowledge than me but Google lacks wisdom. I try my level best to switch ON this inborn and by default wisdom of my student to excel in his/her life by career counseling.


Iqbal Muhammad Kashif

Teaching style, punctuality, professionalism. He is a bit strict about conceptual mistakes but it is also helpful in the long run.

ثروت کاشف

Passionate Professional Competent Reliable



20 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Masters in English Literature
  • Location:
    International City
  • Mobile:
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Masters in English Literature


Hold 20 years of experience in teaching English Language/Literature, IELTS, TOEFL, GED, GMAT, SAT, GRE, British and American systems.

Tutoring Approach

Teaching is a committment and an art of giving, and I have been maintaing it for more than 20 years to uplift the potential of my students and to make them pursue their dreams. Teaching comes with diversity and modification. Therefore, I use these two techniques.


Female, 52 Yrs

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  • Qualification: Ph.D, M.Phil. , M.A. B.A. Hons. CELTA , DELTA
  • Location:
    Mirdiff Jumeira Silicon Oasis Motor City Arabian Ranches
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Ph.D, M.Phil. , M.A. B.A. Hons. CELTA , DELTA


I am a highly qualified university professor, licensed IELTS examiner with 28 years of teaching /tutoring experience. I have taught English at a tertiary level for 3 decades. I am an expert in teaching writing. I am a licensed IELTS examiner.  I have taught in the US, India, Qatar, Singapore and the UAE.  I specialize in coaching professionals for public exams and offer intensive one on one coaching sessions. I teach writing courses. My special forté is writing reports,essays and personal statements for college admissions. Charges vary. 

Tutoring Approach

I believe in a one on one intensive approach. I believe different students have different needs so I tailor my materials accordingly. I push people to reach their true potential. I understand that learning English may mean different things to individuals and so modify my teaching to suit individual needs. 


Male, 24 Years Years Yrs

3 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor of computer science


I have been teaching for three years in different curriculums and for various exam preparations

Tutoring Approach

As students need . I teach math so it make sense to my students.


Male, 70 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

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Mechanical Engineering and MBA


A versatile, results oriented tutor whose goal is to improve students grades with a unique teaching style. With 15 years of tutoring experience, I create in the students a deep understanding of the subject, and a desire to learn. Each student's individual learning needs are assessed, and lessons planned accordingly.  Specializes in tutoring Statistics, Physics and Mathematics at Secondary Level and High School Level such as IB, IGCSE A, O-Levels. Prepared students for GMAT and SAT tests and achieved outstanding results. 

Tutoring Approach

Tutoring is based in an engaging and fun learning environment, that the student enjoys. Step by step explanation of concepts to help student achieve a deep understanding of the subject followed by working out examples to reinforce the learning. Have achieved outstanding results in tutoring High School students who demonstrated a huge grade improvements in their IB curriculum for Physics  and Mathematics.

  • Qualification: M. Sc Maths B.Ed Computer Courses
  • Location:
    All Dubai, Areas
  • Mobile:
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M. Sc Maths B.Ed Computer Courses


I have 15 years of Teaching experience of A and O levels in the international schools as well as Universities also.

Tutoring Approach

To prepare the students for the Final/board examination and admission in the international schools and universities.


Male, 27 Yrs

6 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor degree


I give the main meaning of the topic and where we use it in real life. Always I try to give easy explanations of the topics so that the students will not get any difficulty on the understanding of topics.

Tutoring Approach

My lessons are divided into two parts lecture and practice. In the lecture, I teach about one topic fully and in practice lessons, I work with exercises and exam samples about what I thought in the lecture part.


Female, 32 Yrs

9 Years of Teaching Experience

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Being certified British Council Trainer, teaching English precisely IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT since 8 years. Proven results. Comprehensive practice material. Intensive practice in Writing and Reading section. Integrated reading and writing, comprehensive practice for listening and speaking sessions. Monitored, assessed, and remediated student performance.

Tutoring Approach

Taught and explained problem-solving strategies. Result is guaranteed provided lesson plan is followed. Special classes for students and professionals. Developed and implemented comprehensive lesson plans that accommodated specific level of learners while offering support to make certain each student was able to grasp materials Identified, selected, and modified resources to meet student's diverse needs and integrated worksheets to vary lessons and consolidate concepts.



Male, 58 Yrs

20 Years of Teaching Experience

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I was a 6th rank holder of Rajasthan Higher Secondary in 1976. I was an NCERT Scholar. An Engineer from BITS Pilani India and MBA from IGNOU. Taught SAT and GRE courses for 3 months at one of the training institutes in Dubai. Have taught my daughter and son from childhood. Daughter got 95.8 % marks in CBSE 10th class and GMAT score of 760. Son got 92% marks in CBSE 10th class and GMAT score of 710.

Tutoring Approach

If foundation is strong, the building will be strong. Start with basics. My classes are fully interactive. For every concept, there will be an example and one exercise to be done on the spot. I believe that a person learns from mistakes. So I allow the students to commit mistakes under supervision.



Female, 30 Yrs

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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MBA and Bachelors of Engineering


I have been providing one-to-one teaching for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry for higher grades for 7 years. I have hands-on experience in teaching concepts, quick tricks and provide practice exercises. Based on the identified areas of improvement for the students, I customize the learning plan that meets individual needs, ability, and interest. I help in all school work and examination preparation with mock test papers.

Tutoring Approach

I believe EDUCATION IS ALL ABOUT UNDERSTANDING. I make Maths and Science easy to learn and fun to understand. Apart from covering school syllabus and I also prepare the student for IB,IGCSE, GCSE, O level and A level exams. My teaching approach includes relevant books, links to useful websites and prepares quick mental maths questionnaire to make students learn from grass-root level. I use manipulatives, tricks and quick learning methods.



Female, 26 Yrs

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MBA, BA in MIS, SHRM-CP certified


Qualifications: SHRM-CP certified, MBA, BA in MIS, private tutoring of Math and English. Strengths: Patience,time management, flexibility, organizational skills, typing speed: 100 wpm with 95% accuracy

Tutoring Approach

To ensure the students experience is at a certain level, the first session will be divided to partly better understand which style is best suitable based on the students preferences and partly to start with a lesson to ensure the student is comfortable with the style of teaching to ensure the maximum desired results.



Male, 25 Yrs

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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BSc in Geophysics


7 years of Maths and Physics tuition, over 300 customers - tutoring for GCSEs, SAT, A-Levels and University Level. My customers are currently studying at INSEAD and London School of Economics after successfully passing their GMAT and GRE tests.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching solutions are informal and there is no space for boredom and unnecessary mumble-jumble. I am basing my methods on real-life examples. Always willing to go extra mile and stay longer without extra payment.



Female, 38 Yrs

13 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning


I am an American tutor from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I came to Dubai more than 10 years ago as a teacher for the Princeton Review of Dubai. Since that time, I have also worked in Bangkok, Thailand for UAE universities and as a freelancer. I have taught basically for any American entrance exam, you can think of. To help my students even more, I started offering "tuitions" regularly throughout the year (American and IB curricula). I work with students as young as 7 and students as old as 40.

Tutoring Approach

For test preparation (SAT, GMAT, etc.), I have a curriculum I have prepared based on my 10 years in test preparation and the best techniques from the Princeton Review, Veritas Prep, and Kaplan. I provide the official study guide book, strategy notes that guide our lessons, supplemental worksheets, homework, and practice tests. During our lessons, we go over a technique for a specific section of the test together, work practice problems, do drills (timed individual practice with a group of problems) and discuss homework. Practice tests are assigned on a regular basis to continually access your progress. For general subject support ("tuitions"), my broad subject knowledge makes it easy for me to help students with math for one hour and history (for example) for another hour so parents can maximize the help they receive from 1 tutor.


Male, 32 Yrs

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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M.Sc (Finance) From LSBF London School of Business & Finance


Ex Lecturer Department of Management Sciences Islamia university Lecturer Al lama Iqbal College Department of Management & Commerce

Tutoring Approach

My main focus of student what ever i feel appropriate methodology affirmed by student .



Male, 35 Yrs

5 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and MBA from Indian S...
  • Location:
    Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
  • Mobile:
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  • Whatsapp:
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B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and MBA from Indian School of Business(ISB)


I have done B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and MBA from ISB Hyderabad. I am having 5 years experience of offering tuition in subjects like Corporate Finance, Mathematics, Economics, Solving Business Case studies for MBA students and GMAT

Tutoring Approach

I emphasise conceptual learning and understanding by solving problems. I plan my lessons based on the students and their needs. I include small exercises and use easy to understand examples. I try to understand the strengths and weakness of the student and then make suitable amendments to work on those areas where the student needs improvement.




5 Years of Teaching Experience

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Civil Engineer, Minors in Mathematics and Business Administration - American University of Beirut


One-to-one or group private tutoring I Have more than 2000 hours of private tutoring - University Math courses including Calculus, Differential Equations, Pre- Calculus, and Probability & Statistics + SAT & GMAT, and Others. 

Tutoring Approach

As an Engineer with a minor in Mathematics from the Amercian University of Beirut, I have aced all my math courses, and a key reason of this is that I really understood the subjects deeply. I will help you not only get much better at Maths and get a high grade, but also enjoy the subject. Based on experience with previous students, you will not feel bored during our sessions. I give you examples how Maths theories are being applied in every days life and things around us, which will make you appreciate more the subject. For people who really hate Maths, I can really change your view about it and you will really start enjoying it not just during our sessions, but also in your class at University.


Male, 54 Yrs

20 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: TEFL, Bachelor or Arts
  • Location:
    Marina, Emirates Mall Area
  • Mobile:
    Request a Callback


TEFL, Bachelor or Arts


Are you tired of trying to master English grammar? Do you want to be able to communicate effectively and fluently in English, and sound more like a native English speaker? I have around 20 years of experience in teaching adults and teenagers from around the world, Chinese, Korean, French and German nationals amongst others. I speak French and some Mandarin also. I will help you with written English as well if you need that, and can come to your home or teach you in a Mall.

Tutoring Approach

I find it is most important to understand what the student wants. No two students have the same needs and goals.



Male, 38 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

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PhD in Engineering. Master of Science (MSc). Bachelor of Science (BS).

Tutoring Approach

Passing Exams by explaining concepts through examples and problem solving drills using quik and efficient techniques.



Male, 34 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Higly Skilled And Profesional. High Acedamic Background.

Tutoring Approach

Building Blocks towards Desired Results . Right preparation is The key to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How can students improve their knowledge in GMAT ?

Students can improve their GMAT knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

  • Practicing solutions regularly.
  • Understand the underlying concepts/formulas clearly.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedure.
  • Solving additional exercises.
  • Sharing a positive attitude about GMAT.

⭐ How can GMAT tutors help students improve their score and skills in GMAT ?

There are many ways students can improve their skills in GMAT . But experienced GMAT tutors in Dubai can help to:

  • Build confidence in the student.
  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedural learning.
  • Provide authentic problems that increase students’ drive to engage with GMAT.
  • Share a positive attitude about GMAT.

⭐ How many GMAT tutors are available in Dubai to teach GMAT ?

We have a massive database of 245 verified and experienced Exam Preparation tutors in Dubai to teach GMAT . You can view their profiles with their qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates and availability. Post your requirement for free to find the best Exam Preparation tutors for GMAT in Dubai.

⭐ What is the tuition fee charged by Exam Preparation tutors in Dubai to teach GMAT ?

Tuition fees of Exam Preparation tutors in Dubai depend on a number of factors like tutoring hours, experience and qualifications. You can find out the Exam Preparation tutor from our list as per your estimated fee with your preferred location.

⭐ Do Exam Preparation tutors in Dubai provide training for competitive examinations in GMAT?

Yes, most of them do. However, we would request you to discuss the same with the Exam Preparation tutor of your choice for clarification of any extra hours, fees, etc.

⭐ What is the normal duration of tuition classes hosted by Exam Preparation tutors in Dubai for GMAT?

Usually, Exam Preparation tutors on MyPrivateTutor conduct a session for 1 to 2 hours a day for GMAT. But it can vary depending on the arrangements made between the student and the tutor at the time of hiring.


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