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Male, 37 Yrs

5 Years of Teaching Experience

Bachelor of Pharmaceutica...

  • Area: Dubai
  • Teaches: Chemistry, General science, Chemistry
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP), Brit...


Bachelor of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences


School of choueifat Chemistry Syllabus (preparing for AMS , Homework And periodics) . British O and AS , A2 LEVEL

Tutoring Approach

Professional Preparation for Mocks and Exams And Professional Exam time Revision and Test Preparation. Guiding you how to study, how to revise, how to make the best of your time. Carefully Planned systems: System 1 for Teaching and making you understand System 2 for helping you to study alone System 3 for Teaching you how to answer questions in exams System 4 for giving confidence facing your exams will be a normal result of all these efforts we are putting together


  • Hisham Was really Helpful in making me review the syllabus in a short time , although I did not start with him from the beginning of the year , but still, he helped me a lot in preparing for my exams.

    Posted by: Samer Michael Rating:
  • How he cared for the exams very well and has in-depth knowledge about the topics.

    Posted by: Mohammed Rating:

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Female, 57 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

BA, MA in English Literat...

  • Area: Jumeirah
  • Teaches: English Literature, English as a second language, English, English language
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


BA, MA in English Literature, PGCE


I have over ten years of teaching experience in English language and literature. My earlier career in the service industry, both as cabin crew with British Airways and in media and sales (Khaleej Times), has also borne favourably on my teaching as it helped me develop excellent management and communication skills. Am a qualified teacher holding a BA and MA in English Literature from University of London. I have had a high rate of success with my students and have a wide range of experience in various curricula. For instance, have extensive experience teaching GCSE and IGCSE from various exam boadrs (AQA, CIE, Edexcel); as well as assisting IB students with their coursework, extended essays and IOAs. Have tutored students from American School of Dubai, Universal Americal School and Deira International School, thus have knowledge of AP (Advanced Placement) curriculum as well. Besides facilitating students with their ongoing studies, I have also helped them prepare for the college and university application process, for example, writing a strong personal statement and enhancing their student profile.  In addition to English Literature, I have had the opportunity to teach drama and Media Studies to high school/ secondary students thus have a working knowledge of these subjects as well.  I have also taught Academic English to Business and Engineering students at a Scottish University in Dubai, so am familiar with business English and its requirements. Besides this, I am able to help with IELTs preparation and English Language exams from the British Council.   

Tutoring Approach

I adopt a holitic approach to my lessons and teach my student the way knowledge works, for instance, they must first equip themselves with a thorough understanding of the assessment criteria before they learn to speak or write with more sophistication. Of course, this input would depend on each individual student and their requirement. Before exams we practice many exam papers to fully prepare the student for the paper. I test their understanding during and after the lesson and set reasobable amount of homework to consolidate their skills.My aim is to boost my student's confidence and make them independent learners. I work closely with parents (when applicable) to enlist their help in their child's tutoring. 


  • She teaches her students valuable skills of how to make use of the English language and apply it to all kinds of writing. She is very knowledgeable about the exam course.

    Posted by: Sanam Rating:

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Female, 44 Yrs

13 Years of Teaching Experience


  • Area: Dubai
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)




I am a professional chemistry tutor. I reside in London, UK and privde tutoring online. I have over 10 years of experience, teaching students on both sides of the Atlantic. Having lived and worked in both US and UK I have a strong knowledge of both curriculums. I have tutored students in GCSE level chemistry, A-level chemistry, AP chemistry, IB-level and college level chemistry. I am well familiar with the curriculum of all the major UK boards, such as AQA, ORD, Edexcel and CIE. I am able to prepare students for AP chemistry exam and SAT chemistry.

Tutoring Approach

I see my job as to provide the missing ingredients from the educational experience. For some students, the lecture or the book simply does not make sense. I will explain the concept in as many different ways as needed until the student gets it. For some students more practice problems are needed and I am happy to provide as many problems as needed and guide the student through a solution. We are all different and learn in different fashions. I see my job as to find the right way and to unlock that potential that I see in every student who comes to me.


  • I needed to find a chemistry tutor for my daughter as chemistry teaching at her school was not great. She needed to get an A in A level chemistry but only achieved the equivalent of a D at the end of year 12. She worked with Anna over year 13 and turned the D into an A in her A level and is off to medical school next month. She found Anna to be a great tutor who was very knowledgeable and explained things very well using a different approach if she didn`t get it first time. With Anna`s help my daughter understood the concepts and I am sure that is why she achieved the grade that she did. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna.

    Posted by: Anna Levenshus Rating:
  • My son took AP Chemistry this year and had no idea what he was getting into. One month into the school year, and it was clear that he was lost and his grades showed it. With just a few sessions, Anna was able to distill my son’s extremely challenging AP content into their basic and fundamental elements, and then she built everything piece by piece with the utmost clarity in order for my son to be able to naturally internalize the nuances that are neither taught at school or present in the text book. My son’s last test score was among the highest in his AP class. Professionalism at its best."

    Posted by: Gill Harding Rating:
  • My daughter was tutored by Anna for her Chemistry IB advanced level. She found Anna enormously helpful in the led up to her exams. Anna has helped her develop confidence in her ability to answer exam questions and together they have focused on areas she has found difficult. Anna has made herself available in these crucial few weeks as often as needed and we are very happy with the tutoring she has received.​"

    Posted by: Raj Chawla Rating:
  • Anna was my tutor for the university course in organic chemistry. Anna was patient and explained difficult chemistry concepts with clarity. She also provided unique test taking strategies coupled with examples of classic test questions to practice and go-over after our lesson. In many ways, I feel she was my professor because after hearing the lecture in class, she would break down the material in a more practical sense and show me how to apply the theory to upcoming exam questions. When I first started studying chemistry, I did not enjoy it, but after working with Anna and having more confidence in the classroom, I started to enjoy the subject and fully engage. I highly recommend Anna for any chemistry course.

    Posted by: Raj Pandya Rating:

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Male, 27 Yrs

6 Years of Teaching Experience

Master in Mathematics / M...

  • Area: Jumeriah, Springs, Medows, Mirdiff, Al-khawaneej, Nad Alsheba, Emirate...
  • Teaches: Physics, English, Maths, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics,...
  • Curriculum: International Baccalaureate (IB)


Master in Mathematics / MSBA Business


I have over 5 years experience of teaching Mathematics to students of different backgrounds. Hands on experience in teaching mathematical concepts to young students, to create their interest in subject of mathematics, improve their mental math by creating a friendly environment with the student. I have in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced mathematics with a specialization.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in teaching with practical assignments and practice to develop mathematical understanding for students from basics to higher level. The plus point of my teaching which most student like is I provide them many ways of solving question so it is easy for them to understand solve hard questions.


  • My 3 Children started with sir zeeshan a year ago. my children were too weak in maths, but now MAshallah they are going great, their abilities has been approved my lil girl always say sir in simply best. he made me learn math with different games and stuff Thanks sir

    Posted by: Rating:
  • i would say Sir zeeshan is simply the best of all excellent command on maths subject, learned alot. my basic are now boost up thanks Sir

    Posted by: Rating:
  • Zeeshan has 100% command over his subject. he is one of best tutor I ever got. He is awesome.

    Posted by: Mohamed Rating:
  • He is an awesome teacher and I loved his teaching a lot.

    Posted by: Stat Rating:
  • He has good communication and excellent command over the subject. My both sons were very weak and they end up with 90+ in their finals we are happy.

    Posted by: Rebecca Rating:
  • Best teacher I ever had. This is my 3rd year of learning from Zeeshan sir. He has excellent teaching skills and is a highly resourceful teacher. I have scored A+ in his subjects.

    Posted by: Samia Rating:
  • Thanks a lot Sir. I have scored an A. Thanks for your help. You are a very resourceful person.

    Posted by: Muhammad Rating:
  • I like Mr Zeeshan Teaching Skill a lot. He helped me a lot in my maths subject and helped to score B+ from D.

    Posted by: Muhammad Danial Rating:
  • Mr Zeeshan has assessed me during our first few classes. Throughout the classes, he saw my strength and my weaknesses and helped me work my weak spots and improve my strength to the best point. He keeps me posted about my progress and he may sometimes pushes me to my limits but he knows that it's to my own good. He is an amazing and experienced tutor that I will surely recommend him to my friends and family who need help.

    Posted by: Majid Yousuf Binkaram Al Farsi Rating:
  • Mr.Zeeshan examines the person he tutors and he analyze their weaknesses and their strengths and he works with person on them by providing them with a strategic plan that meets the students needs effectively. He understands what the students are going through and he helps them and tutor them efficiently in so many ways. The best thing is he examines the student on what he has tutored and he will check their understanding of the topic, if it's correct he moves on with other topics. However if it's not correct he will directly repeat the topic again till the student understands and then he moves on. He creates a friendly environment around the students, so they can feel safe to ask any question that pops on their mind about the topic.

    Posted by: Majid Yousuf Binkaram Al Farsi Rating:
  • One of the Best teachers I could find for my son and daughter for their secondary mathematics. Nice teacher and good command over the subject, as my children, improved a lot in Mathematics.

    Posted by: Khalid Bin Nahyan Rating:
  • Thanks alot Sir. Scored B in my last mock exams. Your method helped to improve. I got from D to B. Hopefully will score A in my GCSE.

    Posted by: Rehman Rating:
  • One of the best maths teacher I got so far. He uses the best way to explain questions. Sir brushed my previous concepts which were too much rusty and probably forgotten.

    Posted by: Noor Rating:
  • Most dedicated time punctual. My children are learning from him for the last 3 years. My oldest son score A* in his GCSE. Thanks a lot for all your help.

    Posted by: Samia Rating:

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Male, 28 Yrs

9 Years of Teaching Experience

Masters in Accountancy & ...

  • Area: Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman
  • Teaches: Business, Accountancy, Accounting, Business Studies, Finance, Acco...
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


Masters in Accountancy & Finance. Chartered Accountant. ACCA, CMA Contact :055 7577421.Accountancy Tutor.


I have exceptional success with students struggling with their studies.I have many years experience of highly successful teaching from high school level to the university level. My core areas have been Financail Accounting,Mangement Accounting, Accountancy, Financial Management, Business, Auditing & Finance. I am able to help my students to maximize their potential using targeted revision and exam techniques. I am considered to be patient and adaptable and many of my students come to me by recommendation.Call me today so we can discuss your interests and together we will formulate a successful strategy that will help you achieve your dreams!

Tutoring Approach

I teach Accountancy, Accounts, Corporate Finance, Business Finance, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Economics, Business Studies. Give yourself the edge. There is nothing more effective and efficient than being taught by one on one by a talented and experienced teacher. Unfortunately even the best classroom lectures and lecture hall can not calibrate their lessons to give you the attention you deserve but I can.


  • He is an experienced instructor who has a very effective and advanced way to convey the information to his student.

    Posted by: Amjad Rating:
  • The Best One around. His methodology and communication skills are awesome. He made even a bore subject like Financial Accounting so interesting to me. I Highly recommend him.

    Posted by: Atrash Rating:
  • An Experienced Tutor and he knows how to convey the right information to the students.

    Posted by: Majood Rating:
  • I must say he is the 'best' around or at least the best in all by whom I have been taught. The way he communicates and the methodology he uses is fabulous. He deserves a ranking 5 out of 5.

    Posted by: Atrash Rating:
  • Best teacher ever.

    Posted by: Aisha Rating:
  • Wonderful first lesson! In under an hour, Bilal was able to explain concepts of finance I have been trying to master for over three weeks. His methodologies are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. I highly recommend him.

    Posted by: Barkha Rating:
  • Bilal Saleem was an amazing tutor. I was having so much trouble in accounting but from the first tutoring session, I already felt confident with the material. He taught me the basics at first and then slowly progressed to the hard material which he taught with such confidence and etiquette. He was very precise with time and was always available on the phone and on WhatsApp for any further questions or hesitations I had. He was a great help. Today was my last tutoring session with him before my midterm; we reviewed the material and thankfully to him, I was able to answer all the questions in my mid-term review perfectly with not one wrong answer without his assistance. He was very enthusiastic when I got questions right which also helped me a lot. Usually tutors ask their students to 'memorize' material, but Bilal actually went through the essence of the material and the background information in order for me to understand a variety of the same questions but in different forms. I highly recommend him and will continue working with him in the future. Thank you so much Bilal!

    Posted by: Maryam Rating:
  • Highly professional, knowledgeable, friendly and ethical. Helped me passed my MBA papers in the minimum time possible. Amazing tutor. Thumbs up.

    Posted by: Abadallah Alkarim Rating:
  • very passionate about teaching and explains everything really well with real life examples

    Posted by: Mohammad Rating:
  • Bilal Saleem is an exceptional teacher and no doubt his teaching skills are commendable.He is a highly professional person who tackles the basic concepts very well.I had no idea of Accounting but his enthusiasm,motivation and dedication helped me ace my exams. Thank You for your immense support Highly recommended

    Posted by: Ayesha Ahad Rating:
  • He was very helpful to me, I came to him two weeks before my exam and he helped me fit an entire semester of learning in as little time possible. We even had time to review what we have learned. And, he explains things in such a way where it is very easily comprehendible .

    Posted by: Alexander Al-ali Rating:
  • Mr Bilal helped me with my auditing exam. He was excellent in explaining the concepts of auditing. As well as giving real-life examples. He was always punctual and friendly. Thank you, Brother.

    Posted by: Ali Rating:
  • Mr Bilal is currently helping me with Financial Accounting, Microeconomics & Finance. His excellent, easy and understandable way of teaching made me score straight A’s in my assessments. Mr Bilal uses real-life examples and teaches hard topics in a very easy manner to ensure understandability.

    Posted by: Huda M.d. Rating:
  • As a rising sophomore that is required to take rigorous accounting courses, I decided to seek tutoring from Bilal to brushen up my foundation in accounting and learn the appropriate chapters in the subject. I personally found Bilal to be very knowledgable, understanding and patient when explaining concepts in accounting. He's ease in using theoretical examples makes you understand the subject easily. I would also recommend going over tutoring notes after each session to retain the concepts. Overall excellent tutor.

    Posted by: Ahmed Rating:

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Male, 29 years Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

Masters in Accounting & F...

  • Area: Dubai, Shajah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman
  • Teaches: Business, Maths, Business Studies, Accounts, Mathematics, Finance,...


Masters in Accounting & Finance, ACCA - UK


Teacher with 10 years of successful one on one and group teaching experience of Accounting, Finance, Management, Business Studies and Economics. In UAE taught students from AUD, AUS, Canadian, Zayed University etc. including all Arab and Non-Arab students. Helped students in completing their individual or group projects and assignments and successfully helped those getting excellent marks in it. One of my best achievements is that many students are approaching me through references by the current or old students who have successfully completed their courses.

Tutoring Approach

Through personalized and focused teaching processes, where my personal success means student enters into the exam with full grip and coverage of course along with enough practice and concept building to handle exam in a best way.


  • He was the only one that made me understand accounting really well and had made me pass all my exams well so far. He also helped me in my accounting assignment which I was struggling with for a very long time. He was the only one that helped me to complete a detailed theory and complete formula based assignment. Frankly speaking the technique and approach that he uses in teaching is very good that there is no reason for anybody not to be able to pass their exams or assignments. I am very satisfied with him and I personally recommend him to those that are struggling with accounting and finance related subjects.

    Posted by: Fatima Rating:
  • We hired Mr. Fahad Malik for the preparation of our final exams in December 2015. Through the classes we got more confidence with the course syllabus we had and understanding how to apply the concept of IAS. I'd recommend anyone who needs deep concepts of accounting and needs to be more confident before exam. Mr Fahad gives clear explanation plus realistic examples to understand the cases and standards easily.

    Posted by: Nora Rating:
  • Graduating from American University of Sharjah, hired Mr. Malik for my mid term in November 2015 through one of my friend's reference who recommended him for accounts and finance as she took classes from him and got very good marks in her finals, same like her my experience gone very good as well because i also got very good grades in midterm as well as took classes again in December now appearing in finals with strong concepts and lot of practice.

    Posted by: Rim Abdel Kerim Rating:
  • Dunya Manhal from DIFC studied in University of Wollongong graduated in last month in July 2016 with the help of Mr. Fahad, I was desperately needed someone who can help me in passing my Management Accounting and Corporate Law exam, I tried many tutor on the site but couldn't passed and asked website to give recommendation after which I hired Mr. Fahad just 2 days before exam and studied for 4 to 5 hours which turned out to be very good decision for me and I graduated this year, thank you Mr. Malik you are doing a good job.

    Posted by: Dunya Manhal Rating:
  • I hired Mr. Fahad for preparing for my Financial Accounting and Reporting exam for CPA Australia. He was a great help and I passed the exam that was hard for me.

    Posted by: Mohamed Rating:
  • I hired Mr. Fahad Malik for the preparation of my final Math exam. I was struggling the whole year with Math and had almost no chance of passing, but Fahad had something else in mind after a month of hard work I had learned everything and passed my exam with flying colours. I was greatly helped by him.

    Posted by: Emma Van De Kreke Rating:
  • My name is Abdullah Al Ahly, a student at Zayed University in Dubai. I found Mr. Fahad in October 2016 and found him very calm and patient, as well as his deep knowledge, he also explains things deeply and that was very understandable, he also has a variety of knowledge in business subjects, studied with him then financing the economy and scored very good marks in a short period Midterm, I feel confident to secure good marks for the BSc.

    Posted by: Abdullah Al Ahli Rating:
  • Dr. Fjad is really wonderful and an excellent professor makes all subjects easy to understand. Even two days before the exam he was able to help me in half-term tests with good marks. It is very lifelong and quiet which makes me understand and ask easily.

    Posted by: Naif Rating:
  • Simple, disciplined and very helpful person.

    Posted by: Maryam Rating:
  • Sir Fahad is an amazing teacher who keeps things simple and to the point.His dedication and professionalism is really commendable. He made Stats really simple for me and in a relatively few classes i was completed with my course. Highly recommended

    Posted by: Ayesha Rating:
  • Mr. Fahad is the best tutor in Dubai, his way of teaching is excellent and very calm person, he did not let me feel shy for asking questions and very helpful person.

    Posted by: Maryam Rating:
  • I am from Americal University to Sharjah, found Mr. Fahad 2 days before the exam and he gave me perfect techniques to pass my exam for advanced financial management. Allhamdullilah I am graduate now. Highly recommended.

    Posted by: Ahmad From Aus Rating:
  • He is helping me doing different projects given by universities in Saudi, project feedbacks are great. He is the very talented person, I will highly recommend him.

    Posted by: Naif Rating:
  • I am from Al Ghurair University Dubai, I did not perform well in my Management accounting course. I repeat in Summer course and did my exam in August 2018 after 5 days study with Mr Fahad. I have done best in the exam and hoping to get very good marks. He is an excellent instructor who helped me in a very short time.

    Posted by: Hessa Almaazmi Rating:

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Male, 32 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

Master's in Chemistry/Mat...

  • Teaches: Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Science, Biology, Mathematics


Master's in Chemistry/Maths...! Graduation (Chemistry,Maths,Physics) Postgraduate diploma in English Language & Literature


Excellent teaching skills with good monitoring ability & highly Supportive attitude focussing on concept based teaching methodology fr worth praising results orientation Approach

Tutoring Approach

Having a flair of mobilizing and giving the motivation to my students. I will go by the syllabus taught to the students and try my level best to make them practice as many questions as possible so that they get familiar with the method.


  • Keen observation and conceptual based Teaching..

    Posted by: Anees Ul Mujtaba Rating:
  • Sir Anees is highly supportive and conceptually strong. He has also a good monitoring ability.

    Posted by: Mohair Ali Rating:

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Female, 42 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

Masters in Teaching...

  • Area: Downtown
  • Teaches: Mathematics, History, English language, Business Studies, English as ...
  • Curriculum: American Curriculum (AP)


Masters in Teaching


I am American teacher with 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. U.S. Certified High School and Middle School Teacher with a Masters in Teaching. Specialize in Math and English and SAT prep. I teach Algebra at iCademy Dubai, the premier American virtual school in the Middle East. I have my own online tutoring business and work with students from many of the best international schools in the Middle East.

Tutoring Approach

I use the combination of Skype and an interactive whiteboard so that I can work directly with my students. We work both face to face and on the collaborative whiteboard. I can my student work on problems and I can also demonstrate how to solve problems. The student will need to have a laptop or desktop computer and internet connection. I am happy to do a free demonstration lesson.


  • Melissa has been tutoring my son for over a year now, she is very patient and punctual. she customises the lessons to fit my son needs. Has a deep understanding of the subject as well as the right methods to teach it.

    Posted by: Kaouthar Omrani Rating:
  • Melissa teaches SAT Maths through online video chat. I was sceptical at first whether I would be able to understand online rather than face-to-face, but Melissa is a good teacher and it worked out for me. She had many strategies to teach me and get me ready for the SAT.

    Posted by: Salama Rating:
  • Melissa has been my tutor for over a year. She first helped me with the SAT. I learned many good strategies from her. Now, I am at University and she has tutored me in many classes such as English, Psychology, and Citizenship. In each of these classes, she has made the learning very personal and specific to my needs. Melissa is very professional and knows her subject well. Over time, we have built a strong relationship and I appreciate her support and encouragement.

    Posted by: Omar Arnaout Rating:
  • Shes a really good teacher. She helped me increase my SAT scores to 700+ in each. I really recommend her. You wont regret her.

    Posted by: Sami El Sebaei Rating:
  • Melissa has very excellent style in the teaching , my son liked her way of the explanation. In the beginning I was worried because my son used to have face to face tutor and never tried some remote tutor but Melissa has showed fantastic way of the explanation. In 13 sessions we did not feel any difference between remote or face to face tutor. I am going to continue with Melissa with my second son in the SAT. Thanks Melissa for your great efforts, it is really appreciated.

    Posted by: Ali Bahkery Rating:
  • I enjoyed how quick we were able to go through practice exams and how well she explained strategies to succeed in my SAT English exam.

    Posted by: Taha Tahan Rating:
  • She is an excellent teacher!

    Posted by: Louise Binetruy Rating:
  • I took the IELTS three times. I had tried to prepare myself and then I went to an institute but I needed to improve my score. With Melissa, I received customized instruction and flexibility with timing. We focused only on the bands that I needed to work on. It is more convenient to work online from my home than attend a class. I could understand the guidelines Melissa suggested rather than follow the many rules of writing and speaking dictated by the institute. Melissa has helped me to improve for IELTS Exam by focusing on my weaknesses.

    Posted by: Kareem Rating:
  • I have been Melissa's student for some time and I am very confident when I say that she is a wonderful teacher. Melissa focuses on weak areas makes sure that students improve on them. She is very well organized and knows exactly what she is doing. Melissa really helped me in reaching my goals on the SAT and made sure that I kept on improving! She is super confident in what she does. I would highly recommend her when it comes to studying and preparing for the SAT's! Melissa has a wonderful style of teaching and really makes sure that students are well prepared for the test!

    Posted by: Zain Siddiqui Rating:

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Male, 45 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience


  • Area: Financial Center
  • Teaches: Finance, Accounting, CFA, Finance: Planning, Finance: Corporate, ...




My teaching experience includes more than 5 years in Canadian University Dubai and 1 year in the University of Dubai. Moreover, I have over 20 years experience in the industry, so I am aware what is needed to know, therefore I provide my students with the most relevant knowledge in order to make them professionals in the finance industry. I have graduated from the Concordia University where I obtained Master of Business Administration (Investment Management).

Tutoring Approach

Detailed presentation of the material prepared Numerous examples to explain the concept more clearly Different problem-solving questions to consolidate the knowledge Throughout the lecture, students can ask questions if something is not clear for them


  • An Expert in his field of study. Have a good and simple teaching skills when explaining deep stuff.

    Posted by: Farah Rating:

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Male, 60 Yrs

M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed....

  • Area: Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Sports City, Du...
  • Teaches: Physics, IGCSE/AS/AL, IIT JEE, NEET, SAT
  • Curriculum: British & International Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / IGCS...


M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed.


I have more than 25 years experience of teaching Physics in UAE, US and India, covering British, IB, American, SABIS, CBSE and ICSE curriculums and University Foundation Level,IIT-JEE,Medical Entrance etc.

Tutoring Approach

More focus on concepts and then gradually towards the desired level


  • His in-depth knowledge of the subject & the flair of imparting that knowledge in the most simplistic way to be easily understood by the students. His practical examples from day to day life used to make the most complicated topics so easy to understand and remember for life.

    Posted by: Shubha Mishra Panwar Rating:
  • He is an excellent teacher and an absolute gentleman.He is very patient and has in-depth knowledge about the subject.

    Posted by: Laiju Abdulla Rating:
  • Mr. Mishra is a very nice man and very professional. My daughter is very happy to have him as her Physics tutor.

    Posted by: Teresa Rating:

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Female, 38 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

MBA, PGDBM, B.Sc (Statist...

  • Area: The Greens
  • Teaches: , Statistics, operational research, Quantitative Analysis


MBA, PGDBM, B.Sc (Statistics Hons.)


I have 8 years of thorough experience in Statistics and Operation Research / Quantitative Analysis for various levels of students ie Bachelors and Masters. Preparing school students for AP Statistics, Edexcel/Cambridge A or AS level exams.

Tutoring Approach

Help students to clear their fundamentals. Usage of regular assignments. Prepare customized notes, as required.


  • She's always prepared and will give it all to make sure that you understand every step.

    Posted by: Maytha Rating:

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Male, 50 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

Chartered Accountant...

  • Area: Bur Dubai, Burjuman, Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Karama,...
  • Teaches: Finance, Accounting, Public Speaking, Finance: Corporate, Busines...


Chartered Accountant


I am a Chartered Accountant and have 28 years experience. I teach MBA students but not on regular basis.

Tutoring Approach

I emphasize conceptual learning and understanding by solving problems.My aim as a tutor is to create in my students a deep understanding and confidence in answering exam questions and being able to tackle new and unfamiliar problems. My philosophy is based on the idea that learning happens in an environment of mutual respect in which the student is encouraged to think and make new connections for themselves.


  • He teaches us with Practical experience. Highly recommended him to the students.

    Posted by: Azizkhuja Rating:
  • Nandan is very professional and has amazing way of elaborating things. I had great time and have learned a lot. Highly recommended!

    Posted by: Jehona Sojeva Rating:
  • One of the best, if not the best tutor I have been taught by in Dubai. Incredibly patient and smiley, and makes sure every idea is crystal clear before he moves on to the next topic. He amazingly taught me two foreign universities modules I have never done before in no time. I really enjoyed my lessons with him. I would definitely recommend him, he's really the best!

    Posted by: Layan Rating:
  • As an accountant learned a lot from Mr. Nandan and saved almost 2 hours on my daily job. I brought in a lot more accuracy and timeliness in my work. I recommend all accountants to go through his two-day training - "How to be a good accountant?"

    Posted by: Vikrant V Devasthale Rating:

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Female, 34 Yrs

12 Years of Teaching Experience

Ph.D. & MBA...

  • Area: Jumeirah Village (JVC)
  • Teaches: Education, Maths, English, Business Studies, Arabic, English as a s...


Ph.D. & MBA


12 years of experience in teaching and tutoring: - Arabic, English, Maths, Business Studies

Tutoring Approach

I am caring and result-oriented teacher.My tutoring approach is very simple: "Practice makes us perfect". I emphasize on understanding the basic concepts rather than mugging up. I always ensure that the student gives tests on a regular basis, so that the touch from the topics taught is not lost and also become aware of different types of questions that can be asked. 


  • She is very good at explaining concepts and language. She also is great at tailoring the sessions to the needs of the student, instead of just taking a one size fits all approach. Jana is very knowledgeable and you can tell she genuinely understands what she is teaching. She is organised, prompt and great at staying in touch. Highly recommend!

    Posted by: Amna Qureshi Rating:
  • She is very professional, resourceful, dedicated and able to tailor the tuition based on your actual level and needs. She helped me to achieve remarkable results in Ielts exam in a very short time-span. Highly recommended !

    Posted by: Mina Sarwat Lamie Kamel Rating:
  • Jana is Professional, Organized, respectful of time. Can tailor her teaching method to fit what is needed for the learner. She makes the class session joyful and the kids love her.

    Posted by: Rania Akkari Rating:
  • We are a foreigner from South Korea, and we have been in Dubai for three months. My children and Jana are currently processing classes. My children are comfortable with Jana and they are comfortable with the classes. I think she is professionalist and tries to methodically organize classes. It is also passionate and modest. With Jana's help, our children adjust to a lot of foreign life and improve their English skills. I am always grateful to Jana, and I will continue to process classes.

    Posted by: Yongwan.choi Rating:
  • Jana makes you feel comfortable and guided all the time. She uses questions and materials to facilitate learning. She's very professional.

    Posted by: Karina Martínez Arreola Rating:
  • I really liked her wonderful approach towards teaching.

    Posted by: Karrar Rating:
  • Dr. Jana helped my daughter achieve an 89/100 on Math by the end of Grade 9. My daughters progress shot up and Im so happy to see her self-confidence increase, to go up to Grade 10. Her method of teaching is supportive and it works. Thank you.

    Posted by: Galina White Rating:
  • She is a very good tutor, she will always make sure you understand each topic clearly, and she truly cares about the students progress.

    Posted by: Nat Rating:
  • She was very sweet and caring and always worked at the pace I could keep up with. She always made sure that the times would suit me and always could come last minute.

    Posted by: Jeyda Rating:
  • Jana is an extremely intelligent and organized tutor that will always make sure you, you understand whatever is needed. Jana is a very responsible person and probably the best tutor you could ever find. As a student, I can admit that after studying with Jana I have progressed so much in my work ethic. I 100% recommend her to whoever is looking for an amazing tutor.

    Posted by: Natalie Abdelmaksoud Rating:
  • Dr. Jana Bou Reslan has been working with my son since last year and I have seen an amazing improvement in the areas that he was weak. Although overall he is a bright child but she has helped to push him to achieve remarkable results in the past year. She is very professional, resourceful and dedicated in all that she does. She tailored the sessions to what he needs and finds fun and interesting ways to get his attention to make the classes exciting for him. She goes beyond a normal tutor by encouraging the parents to do things that would help the child. For Example my son is very interested in science and space and she encouraged me to buy magazines & books related to science and space that would further enlighten him. I had some Montessori equipments at home and she was more than glad to use it and help to teach him thru this method as well which is rare to find in tutors. Whenever needed she has made herself available for extra classes. Recently she encouraged us for him to take an IQ exam as she believes he is a gifted child and all this would not have been possible without her help and professionalism. I would highly recommend her as a tutor as I have had a few before but she is by far the best that I have had for my child.

    Posted by: Pooja Shahani Rating:
  • Teaching for Jana is way much more than a job; it's a passion and an art. The level of detail and the attention she pays to all aspects of her sessions is unparalleled. She provides materials (audio, video, text, learning aid), plans different activities for each session and implements role playing scenarios that replicate real life situations. Jana's sessions are fun and engaging that you would be forgiven if you thought this was an informal social gathering rather than an educational program. Jana doesn't just address the academic side of learning -- she pays a lot of attention to communication and interpersonal skills as she is also an expert in public speaking. Jana truly cares about her students and will go the extra mile in offering her personal input and advice. I will never forget how much support she gave me when I needed. I hope many more others would get the chance to work with her.

    Posted by: Ahmed Rating:
  • Upon first contact she seemed calm confident and not pushy to begin classes. I had required an Arabic tutor for my primarily English speaking daughter. Ms. Jana has become an extension of our family and weekly dynamic. I can not say enough about what a great mentor she is to my daughter but above all how much growth I have seen in my daughters reading, writing and pronunciation in the last year since we have started working with her. She is a warm and loving teacher. Patient, creative and effective in her methods. We are truly lucky to have found her.

    Posted by: Nia Patricia Rating:
  • I’ve been hesitant to hire an Arabic tutor for my 8 year old son since he doesn’t like the Arabic language and shows no interest to know it. When we contacted Jana I was worried that he would not accept having the class or that he will be complaining about it afterwards cause he has a problem with long-term commitment and gets bored. I was really Impressed with Jana’s first approach towards him. During the trial class she talk to him calmly and tried to get to know him a bit. She engaged in a conversation where she got him to speak out about his feelings, likes and dislikes. It was very smooth. During classes, she introduces learning through games which made the class more interactive and interesting for my son. I like that Jana always comes up with new games and ideas for each class so it doesn’t get boring. My son’s favorite activity is to provide answers to problem-solving questions through the use of puppets that she provides. Jana not only focuses on his academic level but also analyzes his attitudes and responses depending on the situation and offers solutions. As for communication, Jana is very open to suggestions and she is a good listener. She always tries to maximize the learning experience by exploring different perspectives. She understands the kid’s needs and advice on ways to improve any weaknesses that might be shown on the way. It’s been very helpful having Jana around. She’s is someone I can trust to help us continue improving my son’s academic performance. Thank you Jana!

    Posted by: Majida Shokr Rating:
  • Jana has been working with my daughters, year 5 and year 3 for 10 months and we are extremely happy with her services. We moved to Dubai from Australia in Jan 2018 which resulted in my daughters missing the first term of their respective years. Jana has effectively managed to cover all gaps in the curriculum they missed for Maths. Both daughters have now successfully caught up in their learning and are achieving good results. Jana is wonderful with the children. Her teaching approach is fun but professional. She is very organized and reliable. My daughters love her and look forward to their lesson each week.

    Posted by: Kimberley Rating:
  • Jana Bou Reslan is an enthusiastic tutor whose knowledgeable about different fields, not only presentation skills. Even though her domain is not similar to mine, she managed to update and familiarize herself with her students’ field of study. She is very meticulous in her tutoring sessions and pays attention to every single details such as posture, choice of words, and organization of ideas. As soon as we started the sessions, she was able to improve my weaknesses while investing in my strengths. Due to her sessions, I have been able to succeed in all my presentations, recognizing that I used to be quite shy while speaking in public. I have been compared to a helicopter by an expert in a conference as I am able to control not only what I have to say but also the audience such as expecting what they may ask or say due to their body language or facial expressions. In conclusion, Jana Bou Reslan has been a professional, committed and motivating tutor that I recommend to anyone who is in need of public speaking skills development. I owe her a big thank you for what I became!

    Posted by: Aida Younis Rating:

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Male, 45 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

Masters in TEFL / TESOL, ...

  • Area: From Al Nahda To Discovery Gardens
  • Teaches: Psychology, Marketing Communication, Humanities Social sciences, Engl...


Masters in TEFL / TESOL, CERT IV TRAINING, B.Arts (Psychology)


I enjoy assisting people to become more effective; at school, at work and for exams. I believe in the potential you have, but I also believe that many people are looking for a new way to learn so I bring an innovative approach to the material that focuses on your learning, the way you learn. In general, my day involves travel to all parts of the U.A.E. offering tuition as required, on a pay per session basis (NO upfront payment required). I have several years of experience training groups and individuals in corporate and personal settings. I also provide training online for students that are not in Dubai and prefer online due to their schedules or budget. I have students in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah as well as Jordan, Egypt, Iran and Kuwait. Online sessions are also popular with aircrew I train because it gives them the flexibility required to learn wherever they are. Currently, my youngest student is seven years old and I have adolescent and adult students from Russia, Netherlands, India, Ukraine, Syria, Italy, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Belarus, Iraq, Nepal, France, Palestine, Egypt, and of course the U.A.E. The first step is a placement test I provide to you. It is a 100-question multiple-choice test that takes 30 minutes to complete. From your results, a learning plan is built so that we focus on what you need to learn, the way that will work for you.  

Tutoring Approach

I provide General English, Business English and IELTS coaching. I also provide after-school tuition for primary and secondary students as well as University students, particularly undertaking Psychology as a subject.  I enjoy teaching because it is a very rewarding feeling to know that one's efforts make a difference. It is also great meeting people from around the world and developing new and interesting ways to deliver learning material. I am an Australian native speaker who uses a structured Conversational style and blended learning techniques so that the session is fun whilst tracking strengths and weaknesses to ensure progress and feedback are possible. Contact me for the free placement test!


  • I've been taking classes with David since August 2015. He has a high level of education and experience and is very flexible with his teaching. He brings different areas of expertise in English: Business, Grammar, Vocabulary, conversation and I highly recommend him.

    Posted by: Uladzimir Rating:
  • He has got stunning teaching skills. He is competent, qualified and well-trained. Apart from his teaching capabilities, he can also impose great psychological effects on students to motivate them in order to achieve the required result. I have taken three lessons and I feel I have improved my level from 6.5 to 7 band for IELTS. I hope I could get my targeted score.

    Posted by: Muhammad Tayyab Rating:
  • Very easy to talk to and professional in the way he taught. He had a plan for each lesson that would tackle the problems I faced. Enjoyed his classes very much.

    Posted by: Rohan Rating:

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10 Years of Teaching Experience

B.S (Hons) Advanced Accou...

  • Area: All Areas Of Dubai And Sharjah
  • Teaches: Finance, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Accounts, Busi...
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


B.S (Hons) Advanced Accounting and Finance+ACCA+CPA(AUS).


I have total 10 years experience of teaching. In UAE, I have 7 years of experience.

Tutoring Approach

I am a very humble and dedicated tutor.


  • being good at explaining things to others. being a people person and enjoy working with a wide range of people. enthusiasm. having a strong knowledge in particular subject areas. being a good time manager. ability to work in a team as well as using your own initiative. keeping your cool under pressure.

    Posted by: Hasim Rating:
  • He is an extremely qualified and talented person.his way of teaching and elaborating is so good.i study in al diyafah private school.i find him so much helpful and kind in teaching.Today my exam if IGCSE has done.I am so much happy that my all papers done so good.all the tips that he given me were absolutely clicked.i am looking forward for As level Accounts.

    Posted by: Ruchira Bhargava Rating:
  • He is extremely competent, talented and hard working teacher. His all dedication is for making the student do his best.I have got very good marks in IGCSE exam and looking forward for AS again with him. Thanks to MyPrivateTutor for giving such a great teacher.

    Posted by: Aqib Arif Rating:
  • He has a very good grasp of the subject. His experience in teaching and managing the student is great.I suggest every student if you want to prepare for the exams go for Mr.Nadeem. I am so much glad and happy to write these words for him.

    Posted by: Aiyman Rating:
  • wow what a teacher he is. I have never seen such a competent,hard working and competent teacher like him. He finished the course in a month. He is specialized in exam preparation. I am feeling so blessed to have him. Mr. Nadeem for being there every time. Thank you My private tutor for doing such a great job. God bless you all.

    Posted by: Varun Rao Rating:
  • I have graduated from High National College of Dubai in B.S Finance. We had hired him for assistance in Finance and Advance Accounting for our final project. He helped us a lot. He is very dedicated and results-oriented teacher. I recommend him highly. May God bless him a lot.

    Posted by: Omer Al Qassem Rating:
  • I hired him to assist me in Economics, Business studies and Statistics. He helped me a lot. My results have come our recently and I have passed the exam with very good marks. He has done his job in a great way. He has also done some course work for me. He is a great teacher and friend as well. Thanks to MyPrivateTutor for doing this. Keep it up!!

    Posted by: Ahmad Rating:
  • I was struggling in intro to finance. My major is HR but our university sheikh zayed university included it. His concepts are wow if I would b in some position in university I should have offered him a job. He is so good at what he is doing.he completed all the work with 2 hours. I was worry but after that class I am so happy that every thing is fine now. InshAllah I will carry with him for my next classes and want to wish him good life.

    Posted by: Mounirah Abdullah Al-dakheel Rating:
  • He knows how to teach accounting in a very easy and understandable way and he makes the subject more fun to study because of his personal experience in the accounting and financial field.

    Posted by: Ismail Rating:
  • He was the only one that made me understand accounting really well and had made me pass all my exams well so far. He also helped me in my accounting assignment which I was struggling with for a very long time. He was the only one that helped me to complete a detailed theory and complete formula based assignment. Frankly speaking the technique and approach that he uses in teaching is very good that there is no reason for anybody not to be able to pass their exams or assignments. I am very satisfied with him and I personally recommend him to those that are struggling with accounting and finance related subjects.

    Posted by: Firas Iyad Rating:

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Male, 30 Yrs

7 Years of Teaching Experience

1. Ph.D and Bachelors in ...

  • Area: Silicon Oasis / Academic City
  • Teaches: MATLAB, Mathematics, Maths, Computer science, Philosophy, Engin...
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


1. Ph.D and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. 2. Philosophy Ethics from Oxford University. 3. Stanford University Certification.


High School: I have taught Chemistry for A-levels, IB (SL and HL), IGCSE and AP I have taught Physics for A-levels, IB (SL and HL), IGCSE and AP I have taught Mathematics for A-levels, IB (SL and HL), IGCSE and AP I have taught TOK / Philosophy for IB and A-levels  University:  Thermodynamics Organic Chemistry Fluid Mechanics Chemistry Physics Bachelor's and Master's dissertation support Entrance Examinations: Charles' and Masaryk's Entrance Examination (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths) Cattolica University Entrance Examination FH Aarchen University Entrance Examination SAT 1 Maths SAT 2 Maths, Physics and Chemistry ACT Science and Maths GRE BMAT

Tutoring Approach

Make the lessons fun and enjoyable (see my reviews) Explain the concept first then do examples Connect theory with practical applications Provide students with personal notes and book scans Using online teaching material Contactable any time on WhatsApp.


  • Shoaib is very dependable and reliable. He has made a quick connection with my son and also has made the tuition stress free. I liked his teaching methods, he was very knowledgeable and taught in a friendly manner.He was very pleasant and friendly.

    Posted by: Jenni Eastaugh Rating:
  • He is a very interesting Tutor and knows how to keep the tuition from becoming boring and makes sure that the student is interested in whatever it is being taught.

    Posted by: Jad Lezbare Rating:
  • He really makes the tuition a focused and personal experience, always makes sure I understand what's going on and definitely knows his stuff.

    Posted by: Christian Rating:
  • Shoaib has really helped my daughter to understand GSCE physics and chemistry, explaining areas where she was confused. He has a way of making learning enjoyable and is very patient.

    Posted by: Zoe Napier Rating:
  • He is very friendly and helpful. He explains all the topics very well. I enjoy his class.

    Posted by: Dessy Rating:
  • He is very Enthusiastic and encouraging! He gave me the most effective crash course ever in chemistry - I feel much more confident in the subject.

    Posted by: Danae Paidoussis Rating:
  • He is very Knowledgable. Fantastic personality. Easy to work with and put the student at ease. I am very pleased with his commitment. I highly recommend him.

    Posted by: Haitham Rating:
  • He has a unique method of teaching with one of a kind techniques. Can get info across easily in minimal time. Always come prepared with his own study material that covers a vast amount of subjects. Does not conform to the norms and habits of tutors and develops strong student-teacher bonds quickly.

    Posted by: Jamal Ayoub Rating:
  • He was able to explain and communicate effectively and understand the capabilities of his tutees, so they are able to reach their full potential. He is a Phenomenal Tutor and I would highly recommend him.

    Posted by: Emily Assimacopoulos Rating:
  • I highly recommend Dr. Shoaib as I was able to boost my grade in Physics by 30% since he started tutoring me.

    Posted by: Mohammad Rating:
  • He has great knowledge of all the various school boards.

    Posted by: Helia Khaledi Rating:
  • He makes the lessons very entertaining and allows for difficult material to be understood. He also gives very good practice resources and textbooks to read from.

    Posted by: Paulalarubia Rating:
  • He is very knowledgeable and makes lessons engaging. He also provides very good and detailed resources for further study.

    Posted by: Ella Fernandes Rating:
  • He makes the lessons interesting and has incredible resources to help understand the topics with a greater depth.

    Posted by: Paulalarubia Rating:
  • Really enjoyed the way he explained and made the topic look easy, great entertainer in class. Gave us enough work to keep us busy after his explanation.

    Posted by: Usama Taufiq Rating:
  • Probably one of the best teachers out there. I had a midterm in 2 days and we were able to finish 4 chapters in 3 hours. His teaching methods and explaining is really good. I advise anyone who needs help with chemistry to go to him.

    Posted by: Abdullah Al Otaibi Rating:
  • Very knowledgeable about the course and it's contents, allowing us to properly understand.

    Posted by: Rabia Farhan Rating:
  • He maintains a good rapport with the students. He made learning an enjoyable experience

    Posted by: Sarah Khan Rating:
  • He is a very professional teacher. He keeps the lesson interesting and proactive. Has a sense of humor and incorporates it into his teaching. His classes are mostly straight forward and right to the point. He encourages you which therefore boosts your self-confidence. He is very welcoming. I'm very glad for being his student.

    Posted by: Raghad Rating:
  • The best quality in Dr.Shoaib is his personality. Alongside that his way of teaching is rather interesting, he is very proactive with his students and most of all enjoys what he does. He is very passionate and very reasonable, he makes sure to cover everything that is required before letting the student leave. Not only do you have fun in his class you also build a connection with him. When he is teaching you time flies by and you learn so much in the process.

    Posted by: Omar Karkoukli Rating:
  • He is very knowledgeable and an enthusiastic teacher. My son is able to clear all his doubts in Chemistry effectively with him.

    Posted by: Daisy Rating:
  • Very friendly with the student and the best tutor according to me. He follows very good and easy methods of teaching by which he makes things understandable by everyone.

    Posted by: Arya Rating:
  • Superb, Amazing, and Fantastic. He is a teacher with a will. I have never met a teacher who can tutor so efficiently and wholeheartedly, and the quality complimented with his experience just excels the teaching experience ineffably. A connection between Mr.Shoaib and me has fulfilled my ever lasting desire for curiosity whether it being Chemistry, Physics or Philosophy. Highly recommended teacher.

    Posted by: Elias Fadi Rating:
  • He teaches with patience and is well organised. He is really good in helping students overcome educational gaps and breakdown their obstacles.

    Posted by: Sagr Rating:
  • He explained everything very well and made it very easy for me to understand.

    Posted by: Gelila Rating:
  • I've had about 4 tutor sessions with Mr. Shoaib now in A level physics and Chemistry. Mr. Shoaib fills you with confidence in the subjects and somehow always manages to make something that seemed so difficult earlier on very simple in less than an hour. He knows the A-level syllabus like the back of his hand and can answer any chemistry and physics questions to any depth with no hesitation. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting extra help in physics and/or chemistry.

    Posted by: Usaamah Fazal Rating:
  • The fact that he can turn the subject interesting without much effort, making you feel more involved and confident with your capabilities while developing them simultaneously. Other than the tutoring part, I would say that Mr.Shoaib has a very friendly and inviting tone which makes understanding the content that much easier.

    Posted by: Adam Rating:
  • Shoaib has been supporting me with my A Level maths, physics and chemistry. He really explains the subject areas well and topics that I have been struggling with in school are a lot clearer once Shoaib has explained them to me. I enjoy his sessions, he is relaxed and has a great teaching method.

    Posted by: Sharon Rossi Rating:
  • The clarity in his explanations and the quality of his examples.

    Posted by: Abdullah Rating:
  • His enthusiasm with teaching and relating every problem to real life and simplifying it

    Posted by: Diana Faisal Rating:
  • Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Gives great advice and makes tuition fun. He's not only a great tutor but also a passionate academic.

    Posted by: Marina Rating:
  • One of the most professional instructors I have seen. He was able to cover a great amount of information for my kid in a very short period of time. He made the subject much more interesting and was able to deliver the technical details at ease.

    Posted by: Tamer Farouk Khalifa Rating:
  • Has a good understanding of the subject. Friendly teacher. Assisted me in achieving my goal.

    Posted by: Yelena Rating:
  • Shoaib has uptodate knowledge on the courses he teaches for IB and for SAT. He comes well prepared for his lessons and takes into consideration of the needs of his students.

    Posted by: Ayesha Syed Rating:
  • Very good at explaining concepts and going through exam structure.

    Posted by: Adam Soliman Rating:
  • All the concepts are cleared in a detailed manner. Takes proper preparation before classes.

    Posted by: Marwan Rating:
  • Very enthusiastic and friendly teacher.

    Posted by: Aritro Dutta Gupta Rating:
  • Good at explaining chapters that are required to learn.

    Posted by: Parth Rating:
  • I really like the way he teaches and also his attitude.

    Posted by: Nimesh Rating:
  • Nice tutor. Has good subject knowledge.

    Posted by: Vaibhav Rating:
  • Explain all concepts perfectly.

    Posted by: Majdi Maalej Rating:
  • Great in explaining. Makes learning easier.

    Posted by: Yash Rating:
  • He is so open. Explains every question with in-depth details. Have a great way of explaining different types of questions.

    Posted by: Delsin Delayer Rating:
  • Extremely logical and passionate when explaining.

    Posted by: Rami Osama Rating:
  • He is highly confident.

    Posted by: Jad Elias Rating:
  • Shoaib explains the concepts very well which enables you to answer questions with greater ease. By far the best tutor I have had.

    Posted by: Azriel Thomas Rating:
  • Efficiently covered the required portion in a short span of time while making sure concepts were well understood.

    Posted by: Monish Rating:
  • Friendly personality, and a great teacher overall.

    Posted by: Hishaam Rating:
  • Has a different approach to teaching, makes it more fun to learn and has an easy humor. Very sincere as well, and knows what he's teaching and has plenty of materials we can refer to for our benefit.

    Posted by: Linda Rating:
  • Great information provided to students and makes the learning environment comfortable to ask any questions.

    Posted by: Santhoshi Yamana Rating:
  • Very active and organised. Knows how to get information across effectively.

    Posted by: Darren Rating:
  • He knows what he's doing and helps the student understand concepts clearly.

    Posted by: Rizwana Rating:
  • Charisma, Knowledge of content and has a great personality.

    Posted by: Elyas Rohan Mahishan Rating:
  • He has a deep understanding of all necessary physics concepts.

    Posted by: Joseph Babu Rating:
  • He doesn't only teach but inspires.

    Posted by: Rohan Dsouza Rating:
  • Good teacher, very approachable. Knows his stuff very well. Very experienced and well mannered.

    Posted by: Ismail Rating:
  • Very friendly. He has a great knowledge of the topics being covered.

    Posted by: Mahishan Auzzi Salgadoe Rating:
  • Explains all concepts nicely and has an amazing understanding of the subject.

    Posted by: Hisham Turjman Rating:
  • Strategic method of teaching.

    Posted by: Ashwin Nair Rating:
  • Makes a fun environment for learning, and understands almost all topics as well as able answer questions very well.

    Posted by: Cohen Chetty Rating:
  • Very knowledgeable in his field, fun and makes lessons interesting.

    Posted by: Ochran Chetty Rating:
  • Personal attention on solving/helping queries till the concept is entirely perceived correctly.

    Posted by: Jadon Araujo Rating:
  • Passionate and excited about the subject, assures student excitement and interest. Able to attract educators' attention in a good way. Capable of directly answering any sort of question. There to help with all he can do and offer. He has a bright understanding of the topics.

    Posted by: Mohammad Farhan Rating:
  • Very amicable teacher with a deep understanding of subjects that he teaches.

    Posted by: Shania Rating:
  • Mr.Shoaib made what seemed nearly impossible for me a while back, now possible. Mr Shoaib makes university level chemistry seem easy and a piece of cake. I would recommend him to many of my fellow classmates.

    Posted by: Abdulrahman Kazim Rating:
  • Knows everything and anything legit, deals with many exam boards and examination and has very good experience.

    Posted by: Hassan Mohamed Rating:
  • I haven't seen before such a unique and intelligent teacher. He is an immensely experienced tutor in many fields. Definitely would recommend him.

    Posted by: Ghassan Mourad Rating:
  • Awesome teacher and knows anything and everything (literally) in the subject field you require. He makes learning fun and an interesting experience. He also has an amazing way of explaining difficult questions. Very friendly and funny once you get to know him.

    Posted by: Jack Coulson Rating:
  • I got Dr. Shoaib phone number during my search for a teacher to help my daughter since she was applying for Medicine university in europe, passing IMAT and UKCAT tests was required to get acceptance. I called Dr. Shoaib one day to ask for his help and without hesitation he offered his help although he had a very tight and busy schedule. He was very helpful in all aspects; not only the teaching materials, but he provided a moral support to my daughter and enhanced her self confidence about her capability to pass the test. His tuition fees was very reasonable and he was very flexible and accommodating our needs in terms of time and location. Alhamdulellah, my daughter passed the first test and she secured one place while the result for the other test yet to be announced, but we are confident that she will pass both tests. I will always remember Dr. Shoaib help, support and kindness and will be always thankful for him.

    Posted by: Ahmed Henedi Rating:
  • He taught IGCSE Physics for my daughter. He is excellent in his subject with full energy and has a positive and encouraging attitude towards the students. My daughter is confident in Physics now. I strongly recommend him.

    Posted by: Lakshmi Prabha Rating:
  • He is a really good teacher, he can make me easily understand topics I struggled with. He makes learning fun and interesting for me. I really enjoy our lessons and take a lot of information back with me! Overall he’s amazing.

    Posted by: Abeer Zaidi Rating:
  • His teaching abilities are awesome.

    Posted by: Shehryar Khurram Rating:
  • Ustaz Shoaib has been one of the best tutors we come across. He was recommended by one of the parents whose son survived the IB physics with Him. He has been teaching my daughter HL chemistry and SL math. In both subjects she has made a big progress, raised her confidence level and achieved good understanding of the subject matter. Mr. Shoaib is available for support at different level. As a mom, I ran to him several times to help out in breaking moments. He has always been there to suggest, assist, propose a solution. I’m so thankful and grateful to Allah that he put him on our path..

    Posted by: Lana Rating:
  • Very knowledgeable in all fields of Physics - helps to make most difficult questions approachable.

    Posted by: James Macrae Rating:

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Male, 45 Yrs

11 Years of Teaching Experience

B. Tech ( Mechanical Engg...

  • Area: DUBAI
  • Teaches: Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Statistics, SAT, NEET...
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


B. Tech ( Mechanical Engg.), MBA.


I have over 10 years of experience in teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, & Business/Economics to students from Higher Secondary to University level. I have taught students from IB, IGCSE/A level, AP, CBSE/ICSE & also students pursuing MBA. I also have experience in helping students prepare for the  ACT / SAT- 1 & subject SATs.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in having a flexible approach to teaching. I focus on clearing the basics of Math/Sciences so that the student is confident and capable of following up with self study. I place emphasis on practice of questions & conceptual clarity of topics followed by numericals, and answering several past question papers as practice. I ensure students stay on track, complete the task & ask for solutions of difficult questions whenever needed.I aim to make learning fun for children so that it becomes life long obsession for children.


  • Chetan is an great tutor. He taught my son Maths & Chemistry for the IB Diploma for 6 months. He is always punctual, patient, knows his subject very well. My son felt that with his help, he managed to overcome his lack of knowledge in certain areas and at the same time improved his confidence in the subjects.

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  • Mr Palan is tutoring our daughter for Maths and Economics for IB Diploma Year13. He is a diligent tutor with a lot of experience. He understands the exact nature of the student's requirements and works towards achieving specific objectives, including building confidence and achieving comfort levels. He works with the school syllabus and is very familiar with the IB curriculum. He is patient and relaxed during teaching. In economics his effort is not only towards the syllabus but also global real world economics. We are happy with his teaching and level of commitment.

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  • Well versed with the IB curriculum. Teaching method encourages individual effort through extensive home assignments.

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  • He is a good professors and great motivator. Very patient with me and taught me all the basics and beginner math. He does not do the work for you, he makes you do it, and can sense if you don’t understand. If you really want to learn, but always had difficulties and got bad grades, this is the right tutor for you. Simply amazing.

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  • He is a great tutor , punctual,understanding , committed and has great command over his subject( we had him for Maths). He was able to identify her weaknesses and explained her shortcomings very well and help her .If you are looking for a good Maths Teacher u need not look further !

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  • I am happy to write this review for Chetan. He has been our son's Physics (CBSE - XII) tutor since the past 2 months and we are very happy with the improvement in our son's performance. Chetan takes time and makes the effort to ensure that the concepts are understood thoroughly before moving to problem solving. This helps the child to apply the concepts to a variety of problems. End result - improved self-confidence and thinking abilities. And then, of course, practice makes perfect. Chetan ensures that, too. One- on-one means there is individual attention. C. Ramachandra Nov 2013

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  • Mr Palan is a good smart teacher that discovers weakness of the student from first session and try to focus on them. He gives alot of examples from real life situation to make subject clear and easy to understand. He is punctual and very reliable. He can feel with his students and accordingly extend or cut in lesson time so his student benefit the maximum from his lesson.

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  • he is a good teacher. it is very fun learning with him. he makes me understand the concept well and also teaches me good techniques for learning. i am glad that i found someone like him.

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  • Found Chetan to be very dedicated in the way he teaches, we are having our daughter tutored in chemistry in which she was struggling. In the past few months Chetan has not only given her the knowledge in understanding the subject in a short time , but has now given her the confidence to sit her upcoming igcse exam and filled in all the missing gaps she previously had in chemistry.

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  • I was tutored by Chetan for 2 months in Math and Physics.It was one on one tutorial at my place.I found him to be punctual.His teaching skills were good but in my opinion he is not well versed with the Sabis curriculum.

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  • My children are in grade 8 and we have recently started tutions with Chetan Palan. He is has good knowledge of the subject matter and uses practical applications to make theory simpler. The children have been satisfied so far.

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  • •A good teacher who is dedicated and has passion for teaching. •Demonstrates good Knowledge of the Curriculum •Provides adequate space for the student to express his views. •Has clear understanding of the subject which he imparts on the students in a practical manner. •Provides flexibility to the student by varying his instructional techniques as per Child’s understanding.. •Presents new material clearly and logically •Monitors student learning continuously

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  • We have recently started with Chetan Palan. He is dedicated teacher with good knowledge about the subject matter. Very patiently listens to our concerns and helps to address them promptly. My son's interest in Maths & Science has increased.

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  • I took some physics classes with Mr.Palan he is really good.He made everything easy to understand. I highly recommend him.

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  • Mr Chetan has been tutoring my daughter for Physics, Maths and Biology iGCSE, he has boosted her interest towards the subjects and has also made her more confident with her skills, he is a diligent tutor and is very keen for my daughter to learn and progress. He is a very good and helpful teacher.

    Posted by: Souad Rating:
  • We had a very good experience with Chetan, when he helped my son with AP Chemistry. He is meticulous and ensures that his students master the concepts well. While he is a very dedicated teacher, he is also willing to put in the hard work of understanding the specific needs of his students, and work with them to help achieve their goals. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Posted by: Anshu Rating:
  • Very knowledgeable with IB, punctual and effective.

    Posted by: Mehnaaz Muzzamil Rating:
  • When I first met Mr. Chetan , I thought he would be a really serious person, but as the classes continued, I got along really well with him. What's unique about his teaching method is that he notices the way a student picks up concepts and accordingly teaches the topic. This way it was easy for me to understand concepts quickly. He is a really dedicated person and will not stop until you have understood the topic completely. I took one on one classes for Business Level Statistics with Chetan , and have benefited from the classes. I'm sure other students feel the same about Mr. Chetan too.

    Posted by: Shaikh Mohiddin Rating:
  • His patient & thorough explanation of mathematics & Physics to My daughter was very helpful . He explains the Concept thoroughly so that the child got confident to do things on own

    Posted by: Chetan Rating:
  • I am very pleased with the dedication my daughter is receiving from Palan. He knows a variety of effective teaching and assessment practices and knows how to influence students learning and achievement. My daughter has had good improvement with her IB maths Studies level. I look forward to continuing progress.

    Posted by: Niki Rating:
  • Chetan has been teaching IB HL Maths to my son for the last 1 month. He is punctual , professional knowledgeable and patient. After explaining a concept, he makes the student explain it back to him , this ensures that the concept is clear to the student.

    Posted by: Sachin Rating:
  • He taught every topic from the basics and helped the student to get the clear conception.

    Posted by: Siddhant Jhurani Rating:
  • His involvement with the student is very good and he also provide the fact about the background to the topics studied

    Posted by: Yousuf Baker Rating:
  • I am going through A level Physics with Mr. Palan, and he is very good at teaching the fundamentals, therefore invigorating enjoyment of the subject, making a school, and outside learning a lot easier and much more enjoyable, I would definately recommend him!

    Posted by: Luca Rating:
  • He was teaching Higher level (HL) IB Physics/Chemistry to my child & I found him to be very knowledgeable & friendly & dedicated to his work He was instrumental in improving the confidence of my child for tough higher level subjects and make herself sufficient in subjects.

    Posted by: Chetan Rating:
  • I liked that Mr Palan loves to engage with all his students in the classroom. He makes sure to interact with all his students. His explanations are clear and his teaching method is very effective.

    Posted by: Amal Rating:
  • Mr. Palan taught Mathematics, physics and Chemistry to my son Ayman Ismail during his IGCSE course in 2014 and the IB since last year. He is a brilliant teacher in Maths and all science subjects. My son's scores were low before we knew him, however with the help of Mr. Palan there was a big jump in his scores especially in maths which made him the talk of his teachers and colleagues. Mr. Palan is a very intelligent, dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic tutor. I highly recommend him for Maths and Science subjects.

    Posted by: Venus Ibnawf Rating:
  • He has very friendly but strict & disciplined & dedicated approach to students.He clears concepts of physics/Chem& maths & reviews them with the student again & again& made my daughter Confident in A levels. He is strict but very friendly & makes students very comfortable

    Posted by: Lina Rating:
  • Palan is very organized person. My son likes the way he teaches. The comment my son gave was "Mr. Palan teaches better than my.class sir". Palan is very experienced tutor. His passion is teaching and while doing so he first understands the student in the first session itself. Palan is a very helpful person and I would recommend all parents to send your children to an experienced tutor like Palan.

    Posted by: Joshua Rating:
  • His classes are lively and interesting and Mr. Palan is extremely knowledgeable about the subjects taught.

    Posted by: [email protected] Rating:
  • He is a very good tutor and his interaction with students is excellent.

    Posted by: Rishabh Kumar Rating:
  • Mr Palan has guided my son from being close to the borderline to a position of safe anchorage. He has been supportive, accommodative and inspirational. More than teaching well, he kindles the confidence in his students so that they become self reliant and confident. Highly and heartily recommended.

    Posted by: Raunak Laha Rating:
  • Palan is teaching grade 9 CBSE curriculum Math and Science. He has good teaching technique and motivates the student. I reckon Palan is good option for private tuition.

    Posted by: Munir Rating:
  • He is sincere and devoted teacher, attentive on students need. Affordable tuition fees and friendly

    Posted by: Bilkis Rating:
  • Palan is a very Charismatic gentleman. He is kind and hardworking. He always encourages my daughter to believe in herself. My daughter has gained much confidence in Maths and currently she is in her final year of IB diploma. He knows what he is teaching and that portrays dedication.

    Posted by: Madeline Rating:
  • Mr Palan is an excellent teacher. He is poised and calm whilst explaining the concept. It is conspicuous that he is an experienced tutor and personally I am benefited immensely from his knowledge.

    Posted by: Paul Rating:
  • He knows his subject very well. He has helped my son to gain confidence and pushed him to do his best.

    Posted by: Maya Rating:
  • Mr Palan is an excellent teacher. I personally have been benefitted immensely from him. It is evident that Mr Palan is an experienced teacher and the way he interacts with his students is great. He taught me SAT1 subjects and I am greatly appeased.

    Posted by: Paulos Aron Rating:
  • Chetan is well a spoken, calm and patient tutor with good knowledge about the subject matter. Chetan has taken care to understand my child's needs and work on improving his confidence in Math.

    Posted by: Mario Rating:
  • Mr. Palan Teaches My Daughter Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology of Year 7 British Curriculum. He is a very good Tutor and my daughter has been greatly benefited from him. He is very knowledgeable and explains the concepts very well.

    Posted by: Indira Rating:
  • He is regular and teaches with dedication. He ensures that my children have understood whatever he has taught before moving to the next topic. He is lively and makes learning fun.

    Posted by: Suma Velekat Rating:
  • I am an IB Physics student in grade 11 and I had been struggling with the subject. Mr. Palan came to tutor me and his guidance was really helpful. He was very patient and took the time to explain everything word by word. He would make sure I understood what he was explaining by asking me questions and by asking me to re-explain everything to him.

    Posted by: Tala Talj Rating:
  • The way he teaches the concepts really makes sense and is easy to grasp. Palan has always had belief and really drives you to get the best grades possible.

    Posted by: Josh Bagnall Rating:
  • Mr. Palan has extensive subject knowledge on the Edexcel A level Mathematics course. Sir is currently assisting me in my Year 13 course and has helped me achieve an A* in my mock exam after 5 months of tutoring.

    Posted by: Ramya Iyer Rating:
  • Mr. Palan has a unique teaching style which challenges you to know more than what a school textbook provides. He asks certain types of questions that will make you think on another level, with a different perspective, about a topic or concept.

    Posted by: Kashif Taiyebi Rating:
  • Mr Palan has taught me A-Level Mathematics and Physics in a way which I found quite unique. His teaching style challeneges the way a student thinks about a certain concept, and helps students to think of the concept or problem from different perspectives. Through this method, my understanding of 'difficult to grasp' concepts and ideas greatly increased.

    Posted by: Kashif Taiyebi Rating:
  • He has the ability to apply difficult lessons to real life situations in order to make the subject easy to understand.

    Posted by: Connor Rating:
  • Palan has greatly helped to push my grades up.

    Posted by: Josh Rating:
  • Mr. Chetan has been a huge help. He has supported my child in IB Math and Physics for two years. His methodical approach to not only teaching students the subject matter but also fostering the intuition to learn beyond has certainly helped in achieving the target grades.

    Posted by: Sarita Rodrigues Rating:
  • In 2012 when we moved to Dubai from India, my daughter was in year 10. She was at that time studying her O levels at a reputed school in Dubai. Since Mathematics was not one of her favorite subjects we were looking for a Tutor who could help her with Mathematics. On the recommendation of a friend whose son was being tutored by Mr. Chetan Palan we hired him. In his first interaction with my daughter he understood her deep rooted fear for Math and diligently worked with her keeping her shortcomings in mind. With his continuous motivation and his way of constantly challenging her to do well, she did extremely well in her IGCSE and scored A+. All thanks to Mr. Chetan!!!! He continued teaching her through IB1 and IB2 till 2016. He would not only help her with Mathematics but at times with biology and physics too. With his support she did well in her IB2 too. We are very grateful to Mr. Chetan for his dedicated and sincere efforts in the field of teaching!

    Posted by: Lata Kulur Rating:
  • Accommodated my daughter last minute for very difficult topics in physics A levels Cambridge. Taught them quite well. Would recommend him to all. A very good tutor! Thanks for tutoring my daughter!

    Posted by: Sukaina Virani Rating:
  • Tuition sessions with Mr Palan for forthcoming GSCE's in Chemistry and Physics have greatly helped my son over the last couple of months. Mr Palan has helped him fully understand areas of the subjects which he was finding it difficult to learn. I highly recommend Mr Palan for his thorough and patient approach, friendly manner and understanding whenever we have needed to reschedule classes.

    Posted by: Zoe Napier Rating:
  • I am a student of 22 years of age and doing my IGCSE's. I have been out of education for over 6 years. Mr Chetan helped me with an extensive and unique intensive course with accounting and physics his English is very good and also his methods of teaching.

    Posted by: Momin Hassan Rating:
  • He is a very patient, committed and dedicated teacher. He made the concepts very clear to me.

    Posted by: Samyukta Menon Rating:
  • I really liked his dedication towards his students. He makes sure you understand the concept and how to solve questions related to that.

    Posted by: Bhavya Rating:
  • My son being a grade 11 student, need guidance and bit of moral boosting along with his maths lessons. I appreciate the way Mr Pawan takes a personal interest in his over all well being.

    Posted by: Farha Shahid Rating:
  • Mr. Palan taught me and my sister Chemistry and Mathematics (SAT and AP level). He is very patient and has good knowledge of the subjects.

    Posted by: Avan Rating:
  • He is a very helpful tutor, makes sure that the Child has got her doubts cleared & has an attitude of never giving up on student's doubts. He made sure that my daughter understood all the concepts in Physics/Chem/Mathematics in IB HL & followed it up with lots of Numerical s /practice questions. He would make sure that she understood the concepts by making her explain the same.

    Posted by: Leena Rating:
  • I studied Maths & Chemistry for A/AS level with him. He makes the subjects of mathematics/Chemistry very interesting & developed & increased my interest in them. He made sure that I understood the subjects completely & made sure that I did all practice questions & answered them in time.

    Posted by: Vaibhavi Palan Rating:
  • He taught IGCSE physics & is currently teaching HL physics for IB1 Diploma. He explains Physics concepts very well with suitable examples. He teaches very well.

    Posted by: Ridhan Shabir Rating:
  • Mr Palan is very understanding and caring. He cares well about his students and is very cooperative. He is a very patient person. He makes the subjects interesting by using real-life situations.

    Posted by: Sara Rating:
  • Mr Palan is an extremely patient and detail oriented tutor. His manner and his way of teaching we found is extremely beneficial to our son in his final A level of physics. He explains until the child has grasped the lesson and is thorough with the basics which are crucial in laying the foundation for higher studies.

    Posted by: Ruzvin Elavia Rating:
  • I am studying A & AS level maths with him. His explanations of concepts for AS level and A-level maths, mechanics and statistics are very good He gives a lot of examples & helps in solving past papers until I get clarified.

    Posted by: Micol D\'souza Rating:
  • I took lessons from Chetan Palan for the last 8 months for IB math and IB higher level chemistry and every lesson has helped me improve significantly in both my subjects. My math mark improved from a 3 to a 6 and my chemistry has gone from a 4 to almost a 6.

    Posted by: Sebastian Larsson Rating:
  • He is very methodical & perseverant teacher . He helped my daughter with ACT subjects & IB maths for final Diploma He clarifies the concepts very well & helps with lot s of numericals & past papers

    Posted by: Salma Hareb Rating:
  • Mr.Chetan palan taught my daughter IB MATHS & helped in ACT preparation. He explains concepts very well & clears all doubts in a very nice & patient way .

    Posted by: Salma Hareb Rating:
  • He's very good , he gives more examples to understand , he explain in different ways.

    Posted by: Hessa Elhajri Rating:
  • Palan was helping my son with GCSE PHYSICS & inspite of very short time before my son's exams, Palan made sure, that my son cleared all his concepts & made him practice a lot of question papers. This made my son very confident in higher level physics & got him interested in the subject.

    Posted by: Angelos Valakis Rating:
  • He was extremely helpful and explained things clearly.

    Posted by: Sujata Rating:
  • Mr palan is a very dedicated and competent tutor. He helped me with grade 12 American curriculum physics and cleared my doubts and helped me solve lots of questions /Papers.

    Posted by: Ahmad Rekabi Rating:
  • We engaged Palan to help my daughter prepare for the SAT and to tutor in a calculus course. He was an excellent tutor, patient and knowledgeable. She felt she really improved in both subjects over the course of the summer.

    Posted by: Scott Rating:
  • He was teaching me University level Chemistry & Maths. He is very patient and Cleared all my doubts & trained me to logically think about the solutions to the questions and made my basics stronger. This helped me to be self confident in these subjects at that time.

    Posted by: Jad Rating:
  • Mr Palan offers a wide range of subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Business, and Economics for all sorts of recognized curriculums. Overall, I found mr Palan not only a good teacher in the sense that the student feels at ease with material, but also further develops confidence due to his wide knowledge of the specific test formats and strategies that are key factors to acing any standardized examination.

    Posted by: Zuhra Fatima Fatima Rating:
  • Extremely knowledgeable in the subject, he helped me to improve my performance significantly. Also, he has helped me to understand the subject despite the narrow scope of syllabus. Studying ISC Mathamatics in grade 12.

    Posted by: Sudev Sudheer Rating:
  • Mr Palan is a very caring and hard-working tutor, he cares about the student future and mindset and tries his best to suit the student's different situations perfectly. He taught be A-levels physics and Maths as I'm a university foundation student.

    Posted by: Reem Rating:
  • Teaching approach and explaining topic is very good.

    Posted by: Sachin Rating:
  • Good teaching staff.

    Posted by: Asim Burud Rating:
  • Mr. Palma has a lot of tutoring experience in Dubai. He is very well aware of the curiculam for A levels. He is presently tutoring my son in multiple subjects and is a very good tutor. He puts in a lot of effort and time in teaching my son and makes sure he understands the subject completely before moving on to the next topics. He focus on doing practice papers and giving homework . Mr. Palan gives my son the independence to do the school work and the practice papers under his supervision. Sergio has become more confidant in the subjects he is weak in. Mr. Palan encourages my son to communicate and speak out his difficulties in topics he is weak in. He takes interest in my son's progress .He follows up with me to check on my son's progress in school. I am satisfied with his dedication and effort He puts in for my son. Mimi

    Posted by: Mimi Rating:
  • Good explanation and teaching skills Pushes to make me work harder Learnt maths A and AS level mathematics and statistics. Also teaching IGCSE Science and Math subjects.

    Posted by: Samyukta Velakat Rating:
  • Explains complicated aspects of AS and A level Physics very well and makes them simple to understand. Helped me improve my grades immensely.

    Posted by: Mark Rating:
  • Mr. Chetan is absolutely professional and a gem of a person, infact we were so fortunate to get him on board to teach A level Physics for my daughter. He is an excellent communicator, very depth subject knowledge, knows exactly what the student knows and what they don’t understand, very strong in conceptix, really focused and commitment, very genuine, encourage and motivate the student and the list goes on... even thou we took his service very close to her exams, he did more than his best and my daughter wrote her first year paper very well. Undoubtedly it will be our pleasure to continue his service for the next academic year as well. Hats off to his service to the student community in building their future. We wish him all success and may God bless him and his family for many many years to come and may all his dreams and wishes come true. Thanks Mr. Chetan for your valuable contribution to the students and will remain a very important person in my daughter success story. God bless.

    Posted by: Robert Rating:
  • Mr Palan is an amazing teacher, I really recommend him for anyone. I had my igcse yesterday and thank god with my progression in the last 2 weeks with mr Palan it paid off, he is really a kind and hard working teacher and he will always try his best. Mr Palan is the best teacher I had so I recommend everyone to go with him.

    Posted by: Sara Rating:
  • Very encouraging and supportive of my child’s learning and very patient and drastic improved her understanding and grades

    Posted by: Kholood Rating:
  • Mr Chetan Palan explains concepts of IB Physics in a very clear & perfect way. It has helped me to understand & clear my doubts in a very nice way. He explains it patiently & with lots of examples.

    Posted by: Jiayi Song Rating:
  • His ability to identify learning methods that work within my sons strengths, which builds confidence in him. Palan's attitude and genuine care for his students well being as well as balancing studies and relaxation. He has certainly helped my son tremendously.

    Posted by: Roger Hart Rating:
  • Mr. Chetan Palan is very dedicated to teaching. He teaches me IB PHYSICS. He makes sure I understand physics concepts very well & follows up with examples of numericals & practical life. He makes Physics very interesting & easy to follow.

    Posted by: Jiayi Song Rating:
  • The way he explains and he gives simple examples that students can answer.

    Posted by: Rami Rating:
  • Sir Palan is a very motivating and amazing teacher. He is very concerned about my grades and puts his maximum effort to unleash my full potential. The way of teaching Mr Palma follows is very easy and fun to catch up with. Thank you

    Posted by: Abdurrahman Rating:
  • Mr. Palan is teaching my daughter for the past one and a half months. He is a very supportive teacher and makes sure that my daughter understands all concepts in Physics properly. Previously, my daughter did not show much interest in learning Physics; but now, with Mr. Palan’s kind effort, she is gaining some confidence and gradually developing a liking towards the subject.

    Posted by: Ranjini Rating:

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Male, 45 Yrs

20 Years of Teaching Experience

M.Sc. Chemistry...

  • Area: All Areas
  • Teaches: Economics, Mathematics, Accounts, Psychology, Physiology
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


M.Sc. Chemistry

Tutoring Approach

Importance of teaching is to create subject interest. Special coaching for Physics, Chemistry & Maths for “O” Level, A level and IB, AS, A2 students of Dubai. Highly familiar with IGCSE, GCSE, GCE, EDEXCEL and  SABIS curriculam.  Special Coaching for SAT. Special Vacation Classes and Recap Classes. Classes provided by 22 years experienced teacher (M.SC. Chemistry).


  • He is a very good tutor. He has an excellent subject knowledge.

    Posted by: Alna Rating:

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Female, 47 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

BSc, MSc, PGCE Biology....

  • Area: Jumeirah Village (JVC)
  • Teaches: Biology, Environmental Scinece
  • Curriculum: British & International Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / IGCS...


BSc, MSc, PGCE Biology.


English biologist, qualified teacher and Head of Science in an outstanding, prestigious school. BSc in Marine Biology and Ecology. MSc in Climate Change. Extensive experience teaching Biology at GCSE level, A-Level and IB. General science at KS3. 10+ year tutor, with many testimonials from successful students and parents, which I am happy to share if needed. My particular strength is enabling students to develop exam technique and building confidence in the sciences.

Tutoring Approach

My style of teaching is to tailor support to the student, in order to develop confidence and mastery, as well as exam technique. I work well with all kinds of learner and have a good understanding and strong background in supporting students with additional needs. I am friendly, understanding and fun and use visual aids to support learning. I enable my students to become confident in their own ability, as well as in the content and techniques, which enables them to the reach for the top.

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M. Sc Maths B.Ed Computer...

  • Area: All Dubai, Areas
  • Teaches: Mathematics, Maths, Mathematics, GMAT, GRE, SAT
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


M. Sc Maths B.Ed Computer Courses


I have 15 years of Teaching experience of A and O levels in the international schools as well as Universities also.

Tutoring Approach

To prepare the students for the Final/board examination and admission in the international schools and universities.

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Male, 32 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

Architecture & interior d...

  • Area: Al Barsha
  • Teaches: Engineering, Architecture, Arts, Interior Design, Design Thinking, Pr...


Architecture & interior design


I could provide 3ds max course, photoshop & AutoCAD for architects & interior design.

Tutoring Approach

All design and presentation techniques for architecture & Interior design.My experience has been that one-to-one personal tuition has a unique value to students because of the ability to resolve the student's personal barriers to learning in a way that lays the foundations for a deep and long-lasting understanding of the subject.

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Female, 37 Yrs

12 Years of Teaching Experience

Master degree Sorbonne-Pa...

  • Area: Al Barsha, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Sports City, Internet City, Jumeir...


Master degree Sorbonne-Paris


French native speaker, senior experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry within 12 years. Skilled, language teaching, higher education, tutoring for DELF, TEF, TCF... exams, IB, IGCSE... curriculums, Professional with a master degree FLE from Sorbonne University Paris, Bachelor degree in ESL + TESOL. Very passionate, friendly, professional, perfectionist, organized and punctual. Speak 3 languages: French, Arabic and English.

Tutoring Approach

I teach in a funny way to make the student at ease, I don't use the school method but adapt my approach according to the student need, level, expectations.

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Male, 42 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

Masters in Business Admin...

  • Area: Bur Dubai
  • Teaches: Business, Accounts, Accounting, Business Studies, Mathematics
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


Masters in Business Administration


I have 15 years of teaching UK and American curriculum with a result oriented approach. I have completed Masters in Business Administration.

Tutoring Approach

Exam based, student focused technique with a guarantee

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20 Years of Teaching Experience

MBA, Bachelor Degree in E...

  • Area: Bur Dubai
  • Teaches: Business, Economics, Business Studies, Marketing, Strategic Plannin...
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


MBA, Bachelor Degree in Economics, Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, Master Degree in Marketing.


I have 15 years experience of teaching Economics at A Level, IB, AP curriculum. I am a Freshman and have taught Economics at school and university level. I am currently employed as a Marketing Trainer for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Programs. I can also help students on the advanced placement exams for the American pre-university awards.

Tutoring Approach

Course notes Past paper solving E-larning Revision of key topics Exam technique Solving multiple choice questions (MCQs) The most important factor is patience, practice and prepartion. In particular the British syllabus requires regular practice of essay type questions and building up the ability to express comprehensive answers in a coherent manner.

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Male, 39 Yrs

12 Years of Teaching Experience

M.Sc. & M.Phil. Chemistry...

  • Area: Tecom & Near By
  • Teaches: Biology, Maths, Mathematics
  • Curriculum: British & American Curriculum (O-Level / A-Level / AP)


M.Sc. & M.Phil. Chemistry with Masters in Education


I have completed M.Sc and M.Phil in Chemistrywith Masters in Education  and have teaching experience of more then 12 years.

Tutoring Approach

I feel my primary Objective is to help students believe they can learn anything, if they are willing to put in the time and effort to learn. My teaching philosophy involves planting the seeds of change (critical thought, information analysis, etc.) to help students blossom and pollinate their minds, in their various communities, disciplines, and work forces. My Aim is to provide effective teaching by clearing & building up the concepts of students and to teach according to Aims and Objectives of the Syllabus.

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