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Finding home tutors in Umm Suqeim, Dubai and in other cities in UAE is now easy with MyPrivateTutor. We also help you find tuition classes and coaching centers in Umm Suqeim, Dubai as well as online tutors. Home tuition helps to get higher marks and increase confidence. Use our portal to find the best local tutors, tutorial centers and tuition classes in Umm Suqeim, Dubai.

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Male, 34 Yrs Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Master's in MATHS, B.Sc( maths, physics, chemistry)
  • Location:
    Al Barsha, Al Mamzar +8 More
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Master's in MATHS, B.Sc( maths, physics, chemistry)


Excellent teaching skills with good monitoring ability & highly Supportive attitude focussing on concept based teaching methodology fr worth praising results oriented Approach

Tutoring Approach

Having a flair of mobilizing and giving the motivation to my students. I will go by the syllabus taught to the students and try my level best to make them practice as many questions as possible so that they get familiar with the method.


Anees Ul Mujtaba

Keen observation and conceptual based Teaching..

Mohair Ali

Sir Anees is highly supportive and conceptually strong. He has also a good monitoring ability.

Ch Ahsan

Mr. Anees is an experienced, very much supportive and professional tutor. Just a month later my child started performing better with the leading attitude towards his subject and fellows.



Male, 38 Yrs Pro

16 Years of Teaching Experience

(51 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Bachelors in Maths and.Science Masters in Education
  • Location:
    Abu Hail, Al Khawaneej +8 More
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Bachelors in Maths and.Science Masters in Education


Uplifting mathematical capabilities of students since 10 years

Tutoring Approach

Based upon a student's current level of understanding of a subject. Questions progress from what the student knows, and progresses towards new ideas that I guide the student toward with directed questioning.



Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba is one of those rare teachers who's intention is to make sure that the student understands all the points before the session is over. I personally found Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba very helpful, he taught me all the lessons that showed up in the SAT. Also, he taught me physics which was also very helpful. I highly recommend Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba.

Tracy Caswell

He is really a good tutor who is willing to go that extra mile to support his students, he genuinely cares how they are progressing.

Habib Ullah

Mr Muhammad Mujtaba is a teacher who takes full interest in teaching. Individuals preparing for SAT should take the advantage of his tremendous Math skills. He is really a beast in his field.

Saman Oosama

Muhammad Mujtaba is very Punctual. Puts in extra effort on students. Has many tactics and methods for Maths to suit student's style of learning.

Trudy Dotson

Muhammad Mujtaba works in detail with student. Shows complete dedication and interest towards the improvement of his students.

Saeed Alrais

I believe Muhammad Mujtaba is the best tutor I have had in my life due to the fact that he is always prepared for the future and cares strictly about the student in terms of how much the student learns in a lesson rather then just finishing the time. For example he gave me an extra half n hour just to make sure I learnt the term of functions for free. I strictly believe that this man will help all students in need for any Math course and I highly recommend him to anyone.


I like his enthusiasm while teaching. He knows what he's doing. With Mr.Muhammad, I learnt in one session what my teacher in school had been teaching for one month. He helps me understand Maths in a much simpler fashion.


Muhammad is extremely patient and gives good explanations to all my questions.

Faris Farran

He takes the time to make sure you understand and teaches you in a step by step manner until you understand each and every concept.


Mr Mujtaba has very good knowledge of the subject, nice approach and excellent teaching skills. He was always on time and he was a great help to my child. We were really happy to have him as a tutor.

Maryam Al Fardan

Muhammad Mujtaba gives the students the easiest math techniques and makes sure the student fully understands.

Shazil Mahmood

He has good knowledge about teaching. I recommend him for one on one tutoring.

Levi Matthysen

Muhammad is a brilliant tutor, the best I have ever come across. After taking tuition from several tutors, I have no doubt that Muhammad is the best. He is extremely well prepared, very knowledgeable, and has I wide understanding of many different subject. Additionally, he is fully qualified in my eyes to teach at all levels including university level. This is proven over and over as he continues to teach me, and as a Bachelors of Engineering student my maths and physics does get extremely complicated. Muhammad makes it easy for me and understands how I learn as an individual.


Mr. Mujtaba tutored me for the May 2017 SAT, and was great help. He played a major role in restoring my confidence in my Math abilities. He always gave in 100% effort from his side to ensure that all the lessons were catered to me and my needs, and even stayed extra time some days to make sure I understood a concept or felt better about myself before the SAT. For anyone who needs a tutor who will push them to their full potential, give them all the help they need, and be fully involved in reaching the goal at hand, Mr. Mujtaba is the one to go to.


His teaching style is really good and he is very patient.

Alya Al Nuaimi

Great teaching skills, clear explanation in everything a student gets confused in.

Zoe Napier

He is a brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable, great way of teaching and explaining and very patient and understanding. He went above and beyond to help educate my son for IGCSE maths and I honestly can't praise him enough.

Saman Oosama

He is a very dedicated teacher. His way of explaining is excellent. He motivates the student to do better.


He is really good! He has a teaching method where he is able to teach so much in such a short amount of time. Without him I'd be lost!

Luka Cheshlarov

Great at explaining the fundamentals of math and the unit that I am studying. Helps to put things that seem difficult into an easy to understand perspective and how to solve problems step-by-step.


He is a very good maths tutor. He has helped me to improve a lot. I have been getting higher marks and doing a lot better in school.


I am pretty average when it comes to math, but he finds some way to make it easier for me to understand and it really benefits me in my test.

Inhye Kim

Very professional and teaches in a light hearted manner that is fun for the students but also constructive for learning.

Ishaq Al Abbasi

He teaches fast and shortcut methods which help in exams.

Seongmin Han

He is very organized, professional, and filled with enthusiasm. Takes off pressure from students by giving out efficient worksheets for homework and having arguably a short class time, which eventually will lead to big improvement to students skills, and cause students to feel that just doing homework is not enough that leads to student doing more work and practice by themselves. He is a very good teacher who explain every little detail in every unit we look into and always check if the student have completely understood the concept, if not he tries to find a way to explain in more simple way. He help me ace math in school by focusing on school math and teaches what we are going to learn in school. Adding to that the real good part of him is that he does not waste time teaching unimportant part. Overall he is a very good tutor and I would recommend him if you are trying to learn math in detail.


I like his teaching strategy. He only stays one hour but in that hour it is very effective.

Mohammed Al Suboosi

The way he explains question that are tricky to something more simpler to make me understand it and answer it more confidently.


The explanation is really good. Highly recommended.

Zaid Sater

Muhammed was extremely patient with my learning, he was a huge support to my confidence in SAT Math through his helpful techniques. I am extremely glad that I got Muhammad as my tutor during these past 3 months he has been a huge help.


Spectacular best teacher I have ever met. He has made me a champion in math. He seems to be an ordinary math teacher but he is a unique one of a kind. He is amazing. I love him.

Sean Hucknall

He goes into everything in-depth and gives useful tips and shortcuts that help my maths considerably.


He is a great math tutor, has an excellent understanding of the topics. He is flexible and understanding but most important he is more than just a math tutor, he has a great knowledge of politics and is able to have enjoyable and in-depth conversations in that topic.

Alia Al Maktoum

He is a really great tutor I was struggling in maths and he helped me so much that I was the best in the class I really recommend him.


A very compassionate teacher who is always willing to repeat and go over the subject many times to make sure that I understand. And the explanations are all very clear and help me to understand so much more. Also, I really appreciate the different tricks and extra notes that sir gives me about answering different questions as they’re very helpful. Overall, he’s a really great teacher who helps me better understand questions, who practices a lot of sums with me and also shows me all the different ways to solve. I really have improved in answering questions now and have done really well in my class tests since I started tuitions👍🏼

Hiba Allam

Muhammad is patient and very adaptable to our children learning abilities. He is always encouraging with the kids. Muhammad is also reliable and flexible.


He is a very understanding tutor, and walks through every step and answers all my questions with clarity. He is also a lovely person who is easy to get along with

Nirav Sahney

He makes sure his students understand concepts and formulas before moving. On which is a very good thing as it’ll be less confusion of problems in the future

Kaylan Khazanehdari

He is a very good tutor. He listens to you and helps you a lot.

Tonia Plumley

Muhammad is an excellent Math teacher and very good at explaining anything I struggle. He breaks down complicated questions well, so I can understand the question and how to solve it.


Always available, tutoring our son in a really professional manner. Very clear explanations. Improvement in results from assessment at school.

Latifa Sultan

Based on my experience with Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba, I can confidently say that he is a great tutor who can help you achieve your academic goals. I have been taking lessons from him for years and I have learned a lot. He is very knowledgeable, patient and has a great teaching style that he can simplify very difficult concepts. He always ensures that I fully understand every concept before moving on. My grades improved and I am grateful for the support I received along the way. If you are looking for a tutor who can help you excel, I highly recommend Mr. Mujtaba.


Muhammad Mujtaba is one the best math tutors anyone can get. His skills are exceptional. He can uplift students mathematically from any level. Highly recommended

Mohammed Alkazem

Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba is a great tutor who can help your understanding of math and can help achieve your academic goals. I have been taking lessons from him for a few months and I have learned a lot. He has helped me become more confident in taking tests and he has been very patient and helpful.

Omar Alhashimi

His teaching ability is amazing. Understood my topics in less than 3 lessons.


Muhammad Mujtaba taught my son SAT Maths. He is a genius the way he teaches math is phenomenal. My son had few weeks to prepare for SAT exam and Muhammad managed to get him fully ready within time. I highly recommend Muhammad for SAT prep.


Extraordinary teaching skills and knowledge. He can uplift a student from any level. Highly recommended.


Very professional and resourceful, always available. Clear explanations has helped me improved.

Abdulla Alzarooni

Mr Mujtaba is the best tutor. He has helped me excel in math and perform very well in exams. With just one lesson I understood a topic, his teaching methods are very effective.

Abdulaziz Tawakul

Mr Muhammad Mujtaba is an amazing teacher. He taught me everything in a few lessons, his teaching method are fast and efficient. He knows how to explain everything well in a way everyone can understand. Best tutor I have had in my life. 10⭐️

Emre Kosegil

Gives the easiest and quickest ways to work out a question.

Zayed Alhashimi

Me Mujtaba helped me in my math exam revision very well. He isn’t your ordinary tutor, he finds his own methods that make it easier and faster to do. Thank You Sir



Male, 65 Yrs Pro

More Than 25 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)


B.Sc.(Maths),M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed.


I have more than 25 years experience of teaching Physics in UAE, US and India, covering British, IB, American, SABIS, CBSE and ICSE curriculums and University Foundation Level,IIT-JEE,Medical Entrance etc.

Tutoring Approach

More focus on concepts and then gradually towards the desired level


Shubha Mishra Panwar

His in-depth knowledge of the subject & the flair of imparting that knowledge in the most simplistic way to be easily understood by the students. His practical examples from day to day life used to make the most complicated topics so easy to understand and remember for life.

Laiju Abdulla

He is an excellent teacher and an absolute gentleman.He is very patient and has in-depth knowledge about the subject.


Mr. Mishra is a very nice man and very professional. My daughter is very happy to have him as her Physics tutor.


Male, 43 Yrs Pro

24 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)

  • Qualification: B.Ed Music
  • Location:
    Al Nahda, Al Rashidiya +8 More
  • Whatsapp:
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B.Ed Music


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education, major in Music from Philippine Normal University (certificates have been attested by the UAE embassy) and I have 23 years of teaching and experience. I teach the ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall and Trinity Rock&Pop syllabus (Theory, Piano and Keyboard) up to diploma level (post level 8). I have music teaching experiences in some of the GEMS schools in Dubai from KG, Primary and Secondary schools. ( The Millennium School and Our Own English High School) I came to Dubai in 2007 and I had also taught in many music institutes ( The Music Chamber, Jumeirah Music Centre and Melody Makers) I also give Music Therapy sessions to children and adults with special needs ( autism, ADHD and down syndrome ) On the side, I am also performing as a solo or band pianist and keyboardist.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching philosophy is based on encouraging students to believe in themselves and using real world experiences whenever it is needed.



Albert is very professional to deal with. Great pianist and very respectful in interacting with people. I highly recommend him for his expertise in music

Rajesh S.k.

We met Mr. Albert years ago, he taught my son piano. Unfortunately we had to relocate overseas but I want to say that during the time he was teaching my son, I truly appreciate his professionalism and his skills. My son learned so much from him. Running to his profile here made me remember our life in Dubai. My son will go to the university soon and he still loves.playing piano. I hope you still remember us Albert. Because we still remember you as a great teacher and my son never forgot your teachings. With warm regards, Renuka and Rajesh


Great teacher. Very knowledgeable and reliable. We thank Mr. Albert for his services and dedication.

Emmy L.

Albert is a very skilled pianist and teacher. My daughter improved a lot under his coaching. Very sympathetic and patient. I really appreciate his traditional method of teaching. I highly recommend his service.



Male Pro

21 Years of Teaching Experience

(20 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Masters in Science and Maths (21 years of Experience)
  • Location:
    Any Where In Dubai And Sharjah
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Masters in Science and Maths (21 years of Experience)


I've taught and tutored students of all levels in high school for IGCSE, IB, Edexcel and SABIS  from past 21 years. My main focus is Physics /  Chemistry / Mathematics

Tutoring Approach

In my humble opinion, based on 21 years of tutoring/teaching experience, there really is no universal tutoring approach. Each student represents a set of unique learning capabilities and educational needs. A successful tutor needs to be able to establish a delicate convergence between an individual student's learning capabilities and the volume of materials to be learned, as demanded by the student's school or university curriculum. I believe in comming to the level of student and then start from there rather than taking him to my level straightaway.


Saira Naseem Ahmed

He is an extremely qualified and talented person. His way of teaching and elaborating is so good. I study in Al Diyafah private school. I find him so much helpful and kind in teaching. Today my exam if IGCSE has done. I am so much happy that my physics and chemistry went so good. All the tips that he given me were absolutely clicked. I am looking forward for AS level.


Mr Zubair has been tutoring my daughter for Physics, he has boosted her interest towards the subjects and has also made her more confident with her skills, he is a diligent tutor and is very keen for my daughter to learn and progress. He is a very good and helpful teacher.

Saba Naseem

Zubair Sir is the 'best one' around. His methodology/communication skills/way of teaching are awesome. He made even a bore subjects like Physics/chemistry so interesting to me. I Highly recommend him.He has highly effective way of putting across the information. I am now known as "physics captain"in my school and my grades have improved drastically

Mohammed Alkindi

Zubair knew that my son was a visual learner and tailored all his sessions for physics with many visual props. His preparation and attention to each lesson exceeded our expectations. Within the short time that Zubair worked with my son, he was able to bring his grade up one whole grade. He is committed, punctual and puts a student at total ease. He follows up with homework and is always available for further support. We are truly blessed to have found him I highly recommend Zubair's services.

Vishal Agarwal

Mr Zubair is very punctual, dedicated and effortlessly conveys to students.

Vishal Rudra

Zubair thanks for your guidance to my daughter, she has secured a "A Grade" and all thanks to you. Really appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Vishal Agarwal

He is a very methodical teacher and teaches with a lot of patience. He is really good in helping students to overcome educational gaps and breakdown their obstacles.

Dimple Mahajan

Thanks, Mr Zubair, It was wonderful having you teach my daughter. She has scored A+ and I am extremely thankful to you for your sincere efforts.

Sumit Dooda

His method of explanation is very good wherein he makes sure that student understands him 100%. He is a good mentor.

Haima Marayam.

Mr Zubair is currently tutoring me for Physics and Chemistry and each and every class in past several months has been extremely rewarding and very helpful. The explanations are in depth and he always cross-checks whether the student has understood or not. I have suddenly become more interested in studies and all thanks to Mr Zubair.

Isabella Williams

It has been enriching experience being taught by Mr Zubair. He is simply the best. Thank you very much.

Walucha Smith

All the concepts are cleared in a detailed manner. Efficiently covered the required portion in a short span of time while making sure concepts were well understood. He made the subject much more interesting and was able to deliver the technical details at ease.

Majid Robari

I like Mr Zubair the way he taught me. My grades have improved from C to A. He is very dedicated and punctual.

Roohi Ismail

Mr. Zubair understood my weakness and strengths initially and prepared a road map for me. He gave me homework on daily basis and feedback as well on how well I had done it. Although I am still studying with him and have started performing well in the class tests and hopefully will do well in the final exam as well. Thanks a Ton Mr Zubair. Regards, Roohi Ismail.

Nishant Malik

I took Math, Chemistry and Physics tuition's with him. I received good education from him and concepts were cleared to the core. I would highly recommend Mr Zubair.

Mostafa Al Zubaidi

We took Physics / Maths from Mr. Zubair. My kids were struggling in both the subjects however Mr. Zubair taught them very well and both the kids have managed to score good marks. I am thankful to him.

Bayan Sayed

My kids were taught by him and I have witnessed dramatic change in their academics. They are much more focused and have been getting good grades since. Thanks Zubair for your efforts.

Aimee Smith

Zubair has a very good method of teaching. He is very intuitive / hardworking and capable teacher. My kid has improved a lot under his mentor ship.

Adrian Cha

We have been taking Zubairz Clases from last 2 years now and he has taught my kids for grade 10, and 11 for science . There has been a huge improvement in the grades. We owe a lot to Zubair. Thank You Very Much For Your Sincere Efforts.

Yasir Ali

Zubair is a very hard working and a methodical teacher.



Male Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Pianist/Composer.
  • Location:
  • Mobile:
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Michele is an exceptional teacher who got all the required skills for tuition, I had piano classes with hem and learned a lot from his extensive knowledge. I highly recommend him for piano tuition.

Danijela Andric

Michele has been a great tutor so far. I am a beginner and specifically wanted to be able to lay a few songs v learning chords and scales. He comes to my home & has been a great tutor. He was able to meet me where I was at in terms of objectives and expectations. He has a patient manner and easy way of teaching that makes the lesson fun while at the same time he pushes and expects progress which I like. Most importantly I feel I am making fast progress and really enjoying the experience. Would not hesitate to recommend Michele.


Female, 39 Yrs Pro

15 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Honours BA in Montessori Education and a Higher Diploma in Arts in Pri...
  • Location:
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Honours BA in Montessori Education and a Higher Diploma in Arts in Primary Education.


I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with 15 years of experience in a variety of schools and settings. I have extensive experience in teaching children in the early years, helping them to build a language platform and a mathematical foundation for learning. During this time, it is crucial for them to acquire specific skills in both English and math to understand their world and progress successfully in the future. I also have vast experience working with children who have special educational needs. I am knowledgeable and confident in creating individual educational plans for each child. Every child understands the world in a unique way. I am caring and sensitive towards children and I believe it is important to form a special bond with them to have a positive learning experience.

Tutoring Approach

It is vital to get to know the child prior to beginning the lessons with the aim of assessing his/her abilities. I usually use the first meeting as a 'getting to know you' session. This will involve engaging, fun activities to allow the child to feel at ease upon the initial introduction. Of course, these tasks will be of an educational nature and learning will take place. Next, I will create a learning plan and discuss it with the parents to ensure all parties are satisfied with the content. My teaching style is enthusiastic, creative, and energetic. I try to incorporate the child's interests when planning a lesson as it keeps them focused throughout. I allow short 'brain breaks' after a heavy task and I also offer rewards and incentives to keep the child motivated. These may include fun or active tasks. Finally, once a new topic has been completed, I will carry out a short assessment. This ensures that the lessons are monitored, and the results will be discussed with the parents. Overall, the child should look forward to our sessions and enjoy them. Learning will only take place if the interactions are of a warm and positive nature.


Male, 38 Yrs Pro

3 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: B.Sc Physics
  • Location:
    Dubai Sports City
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B.Sc Physics


3 years of teachning experience. Bachelors in Physics

Tutoring Approach

3 years of teachning experience. Bachelors in Physics



Female, 32 Yrs Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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B.Sc. in Physics


I am a qualified and experienced teacher for Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics too. I am a trainee assistant lecture. I have 6 months experience of teaching university First-year students in Physics. I also have teaching experience in international School in Sri Lanka. My students have achieved High-Rank places in Science and Maths in IB, IGCSE, EDEXCEL and National schemes.

Tutoring Approach

I am committed to providing students with a dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can grow and develop with ethics. I am familiar with the IGCSE, Secondary school curriculum and I thrive on keeping on top of the latest resources and developments within the teaching industry. I seek to encourage students to enjoy extra-curricular activities and study groups, which I believe instils them with a self-directed lifelong learning. While teaching at university first-year students, I played an essential role in developing and conducting research studies with my students.


Male, 46 Yrs Pro

24 Years of Teaching Experience

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24 years experience in dubai . teaching arabic language and quran . also conversation . for children and adults .

Tutoring Approach

I have books I bring them from lebanon to teach arabic language and grammer for beginner . My experience as a teacher has helped me to gain a knowledge of child psychology and I am capable of understanding student’s needs and take measures accordingly. I create a comfortable learning environment for an enhanced level of understanding.


Male, 43 Yrs Pro

25 Years of Teaching Experience

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Grade 8 Rockschool E.Guitar


I have 25 years experience of teaching Music in Dubai. I take one-to-one lesson. Dhs.1400/- for 8 lessons.

Tutoring Approach

I am patient and understanding.



Female, 57 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


BA, MA in English Literature, PGCE


I have over ten years of teaching experience in English language and literature. My earlier career in the service industry, both as cabin crew with British Airways and in media and sales (Khaleej Times), has also borne favourably on my teaching as it helped me develop excellent management and communication skills. Am a qualified teacher holding a BA and MA in English Literature from University of London. I have had a high rate of success with my students and have a wide range of experience in various curricula. For instance, have extensive experience teaching GCSE and IGCSE from various exam boadrs (AQA, CIE, Edexcel); as well as assisting IB students with their coursework, extended essays and IOAs. Have tutored students from American School of Dubai, Universal Americal School and Deira International School, thus have knowledge of AP (Advanced Placement) curriculum as well. Besides facilitating students with their ongoing studies, I have also helped them prepare for the college and university application process, for example, writing a strong personal statement and enhancing their student profile.  In addition to English Literature, I have had the opportunity to teach drama and Media Studies to high school/ secondary students thus have a working knowledge of these subjects as well.  I have also taught Academic English to Business and Engineering students at a Scottish University in Dubai, so am familiar with business English and its requirements. Besides this, I am able to help with IELTs preparation and English Language exams from the British Council.   

Tutoring Approach

I adopt a holitic approach to my lessons and teach my student the way knowledge works, for instance, they must first equip themselves with a thorough understanding of the assessment criteria before they learn to speak or write with more sophistication. Of course, this input would depend on each individual student and their requirement. Before exams we practice many exam papers to fully prepare the student for the paper. I test their understanding during and after the lesson and set reasobable amount of homework to consolidate their skills.My aim is to boost my student's confidence and make them independent learners. I work closely with parents (when applicable) to enlist their help in their child's tutoring. 



She teaches her students valuable skills of how to make use of the English language and apply it to all kinds of writing. She is very knowledgeable about the exam course.



Female, 44 Yrs

18 Years of Teaching Experience

(15 Reviews)

  • Qualification: CELTA, Business English Teaching Qualification, B.A Degree, M.A Degree...
  • Location:
    Al Barsha, Dubai Marine +7 More
  • Whatsapp:
    Request a Callback


CELTA, Business English Teaching Qualification, B.A Degree, M.A Degree in Education (in Progress) . IELTS, OET and ELPAC Specialist.


As an  IELTS, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC (all levels) OET examiner, TOEFL and Young Learners specialist, I have had a vast amount of experience (18 years), teaching all levels, ages and abilities in guidance with UK Curriculum KS1 & 2 (English, Maths, Geography, History & Science)  Cambridge, IELTS and TOEFL frameworks, including over 10 years teaching young learners & over 14 years for IELTS KET & PET, FCE, CAE, TOEFL.  I also have a certificate in Business English and have applied more than 10 years. Designing and delivering exciting and interesting courses to groups and individuals. Preparing students for their exams. Conversation classes and full immersion.  I have spent many hours tutoring special need students (dyxlexia & ADHD).  I also provide a service in which I prepare University students to write their dissertations, business people in writing reports, plans and proposals,enabling them to write and structure their assignments in a professional and gramatically correct manner. I have also obtained many years of experience of teaching KEY Stage 1 &2 English to students, both English and American curriculum, helping students improve their grammar, creative writing and literature analysis.  

Tutoring Approach

I aim to provide a solid grounding in the subjects while paying close attention to the needs of the individual. An initial meeting establishes the student’s needs and the direction tuition should take. Then we begin work on a programme of study which focuses on filling gaps in knowledge and addressing any areas of weakness. Often, this involves many teaching techniques – the kinds of things that tend not to happen in a busy classroom. I set regular homework  – the quantity varying with how much time the student has – and give feedback the following session.      


Charlotte Morris

Charlotte makes her students feel relaxed within their learning environment, she is patient and supportive and has a wealth of experience.


The classes with her are very entertaining. She is very nice.

Robin Gédin

Charlotte is assiduous and efficient. She explain very well the grammar and rules in the English language. Whenever I've asked questions she answered very quickly with a lot of motivation. Her own level of academic English has brought a high quality to my writings and helped me to reach the top grades that I was not able to get before. She was very sensitive and attentive to my approach of English and work. As a french native speaker, I was able to understand her corrections because she explained very pedagogically what was wrong. She helped me to choose titles and hooks for my writings from her own culture and experience.

Sergio Meroni

She is always smiling, very smart and she immediately understood my learning requirements.


I would like to share my experience with Charlotte. Firstly, she is a highly qualified specialist with a huge working experience in the UK, Spain and the UAE. Secondly, appropriate teaching techniques as well as modern materials are used by the teacher to enhance leaning and enrich knowledge of the students. Moreover, Charlotte demonstrates enthusiasm in teaching every day. In addition, I would like to add that she is an open-minded, warm-hearted and a very kind person, which, in my opinion, is very important characteristics of a teacher.

Marcos Saboya

Charlotte is an amazing and committed tutor. She has been doing a brilliant work and she is getting over my expectations. Now, I feel way more confident for interviews.


Actually, Charlotte is amazing! Very professional, She helped me prepare several interviews acting in a professional manner. She knew exactly how to help me improve my English speaking and writing within an hour! She gave me all the relevant clues to answer the interviewers. I felt more comfortable thanks to her and had no problem reacting and discussing during the entire interview!

Ryoko Mizohata

She is an amazing teacher! She is so friendly and makes me relax when I speak in English. She checked my weak point first and gave me my own program. I who had been taking 10 month group lessons, feel her privatel lesson is best way to improve my English.

Mohammed Kathim Lami

I went to Charlotte for Academic Ielts Writing courses. she has provided me with great tips and added alot of helpful techniques that will definitly improve my writing skills and get me a score of 7 or above. I also took some speaking and reading courses with her. she has great personality and always ready to help. I highly recommend her for Ielts.


Efficient and to the point. Highly qualified and is able to teach large chunks of information into easily remembered and recalled blocks.


Raised IELTS score from 5 to 6.5 in 4 months! Helped with confidence for speaking in a beautiful learning environment with well-developed materials. She has 15 years of teaching and examining experience.

Ekaterina Pryakhina

Charlotte is an excellent tutor for English language. She is an amiable person that made me feel comfortable from my first class. She helped me to refresh all the essential grammar for IELTS exam, provided with different material to improve my vocabulary and advised me on written mistakes. Only after two months of her teaching lessons I improved my writing level by one point. Charlotte also gave me tips on advancing my reading and comprehension. Furthermore, she explained the marking criteria of IELTS exam that allowed me to focus on the points that I needed to focus on. Her guidance has allowed me to gain confidence for the IELTS test.

Farnoush Barani

She has lots of experience in terms of teaching in many aspects of English language and her efforts to achieve your goal is wonderful. The practice that she gave me was fantastic and she understood your weakness. Also, I could say that she is so kind and friendly.


Charlotte is such a lovely and friendly person. She is also a very patient and knowledgable teacher. She has helped me improve my writing and prepared me for IELTS. There were many times when she offered more of her time without charging me extra. She cared more about my progress than money making and that’s rare to find especially with tutoring. I would definitely recommend her!

Ekaterina Leshukova

My daughter has classes with Charlotte almost for year, each lesson she prepares different interesting topics, 4 days in a week they have English, Maths, Geography and History. You can see it right away, Charlotte loves her job, she really does it with love. Very positive, full of energy, easy person. Finds connection from the first minutes of communication. My daughter improved her English, even though she didn't even speak a year ago. Thanks to Charlotte, we easily transferred from a Russian school to a British one. The program that they are studying now for a year ahead, and it comes to her very smooth. We are really very lucky to know her.


Female, 38 Yrs

16 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)



Master of Music Royal Welsh college of Music and Drama


I am passionate of teaching piano and the love of music to my students of all ages. My lessons are tailored to the students needs and style of learning ,with flexibility on the genre of pieces that they can play.

Tutoring Approach

Lessons are planned with the technical needs that have to be covered in mind , as well as the overall ambition of a year’s achievement. My lessons are different as with my students I can reach the desired result at the end of the year, through different ways of learning /teaching.


Sander Verboom

Maria has been teaching our two daughters (6 and 8) to play the piano and she has been a wonderful instructor. She is clear and structured in her teaching, a very positive and encouraging personality, and always looking for opportunities to turn newly learned skills into happy musical moments. The girls are progressing well under her supervision and we are very grateful to have her as our piano teacher.


Female, 35 Yrs

13 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)


BSc. in Physics, MSc. in Meteorology


- MSc. In Meterology, Climatology and Atmoshperic Physics  BSc. In Physics  11 years experience in Secondary and High School students  

Tutoring Approach

You can have private tuitions in your place  . You can also have group lessons up to 3 students per class in my place/online for better prices. Due to situation classes are also provided online .


Iman Kalfane

She is extremely helpful and under her guidance, I could easily understand the lessons that I could not understand before. Thanks to her. She is a really good Tutor and I do recommend her!!

Iman Kalfane

She is a great teacher as she has the ability to explain complex concepts in an easy way. After all the sessions with her, my grades in Maths and Physics have gone up !! I do recommend her !!! Best teacher !!

Yasmine Eladib

Miss Asimina was always willing to re-explain topics in several different ways till she ensured i perfectly understood. She was also always willing to schedule times for our lessons that were convenient for the two of us.



Male, 28 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(12 Reviews)


Bachelors in Electronics Engineering


My Education: BSc Electronics Engineering (2013), A Levels (2009), O Levels (2006) Experience: I have been teaching since 2009 (10+ years). Experts in: O Levels, A Levels, SAT, IB, US Board, IGCSE, AS/AL (Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA). Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics Success rate: O Level: 90%, A Levels: 85%, SAT: 100% The success rate for tutorials: UK, IB, US boards: grade D improves to grade B. Grade B improves to Grade A or A*

Tutoring Approach

First of all, asses the student in the first two lectures and then set up a study plan to improve the core concepts. After that, I explain the concepts and solve some exam related question by myself for the student. At the third step, the student solves the assessment problem related to the concepts. At the final stage, I make the student solve the past papers so he/she could get the actual exam idea.



He is smart and helpful. I rate him 10/10. Highly recommended.


He is smart and helpful and he helped me in the assignment and quizzes and final exams. I got A grade. I am so happy.


He’s literally the best tutor ever, he helped me through my assignments, quizzes and finals. I’m so grateful I found him. He’s so sweet and nice too. We also made and offer because I couldn’t afford expensive prices and he gave me reasonable prices🙏🏻 He helped me through calculus physics and physics lab. The hardest courses, and I still got full marks.

Adil Sawad

A very professional teacher who knows what he’s doing. Never degrades a student and makes sure he/she understands the concepts well. He has helped me a lot in my assignments and quizzes. I have learned a lot from this individual and I would highly recommend everyone to give him a try as he is very talented in his work.

Natalie Awad

He helped me with my SAT Math exam. He has comprehensive knowledge of all the concepts and the style of his teaching so amazing that it took me very short time to learn the concepts. I got 780 marks in SAT Math only due to his efforts in teaching me.

Mukhtar Alawiyat

He helped me in my SAT Math exam. Before that I had no idea how to approach the questions but the way he taught me made it very simple. We practiced all SAT practice tests and every question was on his fingertips. I am pretty sure that I will nail my exam. I highly recommend him. Great tutor!


He is a great tutor and mentor. He helped me in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for my GCSE curriculum. Highly recommended.


Amazing response and addressed all my questions in such a way that I understood in the first attempt. Highly recommended.


I would like to thanks this guy because he helped me a lot in my IB Physics and Maths exam and due to him I was able to understand all the exam-related questions and solved them quite easily. Thanks a lot, Shehroz.


I like the way he makes complex questions so easy to understand that I was never able to do in school. I study in American School of Dubai and we have pretty challenging Mathematics curriculum but the way he helped me throughout my year amazing. I highly recommend him for Mathematics.

George Smith

He is an amazing tutor. He helped my daughter in IB Math SL and she has improved a lot since then. I highly appreciate his efforts and recommend him in my social circle.

Saif Alshorafa

Very skilled, delivers information very fast, helped me in every Science and math subject, can help in SAT, IGCSE, AP, and IB up to any level, always prepared, highly suggested to others.




12 Years of Teaching Experience

(10 Reviews)


Doctor of Education (University of Bath), Master of Education (Middlesex University), BSc in Business and Management (Northumbria University, UK), CIPD (UK)


I have got over 12 years of experience in teaching IGCSE/GCE and GCSE Edexcel and Cambridge O/Level's and A/Level students for the subjects Business Studies, Accounting and Economics. I have experience in teaching University level for accountancy, economics and business management

Tutoring Approach

I will be responsible for training students to sit their exams including comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and extensive revision prior to the exams. Simple learning methods and techniques to approach past papers will also be covered. I have experience in teaching local students and students of many other nationalities too.   Furthermore, I undertake to assist students with assigments and essay writing for bachelors and masters level. Tuitions also conducted in residence in Muhaisnah 4.



Fathima is a very good tutor teacher for my daughter and clearly she explain the lesson which my daughter understand it very well

Muhammad Aamir

Fatima is currently teaching my son Economics and Business Studies (BS) for IGCSE (O/L) during the past 6 months. In addition she is teaching my friend's son BS. Her art of teaching and getting the message across in a simpler form with lot of examples to the students is commendable. She carries a lot of experience teaching at well recognized schools. Based on my son's feedback and considering his improvement during this short period is excellent. He is enjoying learning the above subjects now, which was not the case prior to 6 months. Moreover, her punctuality and utilization of the time during the tuition period is excellent. I would highly recommend her to any parent who is looking for a dedicated teacher. Thank you, Saeed


Ms. Fathima is a really amazing tutor. She helped me prepare for my Business Studies and Economics IGCSE's during the past 2/3 weeks. I had no sort of preparation before she came and the exams were very very close. I was a last minute student. I actually started studying some papers two and four days before the actual test, but she helped me get proper training with the limited time that I had. I was able to sit all the exams confidently, and I believe that I preformed amazing on the tests thanks to her teaching and support. she doesn't just teach the material, shes not just a teacher, she gives you academic support, as well as emotional support before the exam. she can identify your problem areas and weaknesses and then find a solution, like making short cut for something. she always explains any topics i have doubts on perfectly, and if i'm ever confused she repeats it or uses a different explanation/approach so that i can understand in the end. She is always punctual and never late to ANY of the lessons. She is very friendly, smart, and understanding ; she truly cares about her students. I've had a couple tutors for other subjects before, but none of them have been like Fathima. I recommend her to everyone who needs help with the subjects she teaches. She has excellent knowledge and understanding of them. She also taught one of my friends after I recommended her, and she was very pleased with the lesson.


She taught me Accounting in an easy manner. She was very qualified and made me understand the subject very well. She explains each concept in a simple way giving real life examples. She also provides tricks to solve the Financial Accounting problems. I got an 'A' in the subject. I recommend her strongly for anyone having trouble in understanding the basics of Accounting.


The main thing which I liked about Ms Fathima is that she explains each concept in a simple manner by providing real life examples. Another thing which I liked about her is that she gives various tricks to solve the Financial Accounting problems. For that, I got a high grade in my course.

Naureen Salim

Mrs Fathima is really good in explaining and I understand really well in class. She gives really good guidance and tells us exactly how to get our grades and she also gives past papers accordingly which really helps me understand the topic even more.

Fatma Al Shamsi

She is a very good tutor. She is very good at explaining concepts.

Shahab Khaled

Mrs Fathima has been teaching my daughter CIE IGCSE Business Studies. She is truly an experienced teacher and has excellent way of teaching the subject. She covers each topic in detail and with tips that help in an organised and effective writing. We could see improvement in my daughter's and expect lots to come as she continues to take lessons from Mrs Fathima.


Ms Fathima is currently teaching me business to prepare for my igcses this summer. She has a good teaching approach as she helped me understand topics by simplifying the context and with good examples.

Usaima Asim

She is a very friendly tutor. She has a clear understanding of what the students need and try to help them accordingly. She always motivate the students!


Male, 38 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)

  • Qualification: Bachelor in Engineering, MS.
  • Location:
    Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches +2 More
  • Mobile:
    Request a Callback


Bachelor in Engineering, MS.


I have taught for 12+ years at difference Cambridge system schools and institutes as a Mathematics teacher.. Apart from that, I worked as a home tutor for A LEVELS, IGCSE, IB, EDEXCEL and K12 curriculums. I have also taught online (Skype) to students of various nationalities across the world.

Tutoring Approach

I have Membership of Interactive Mathematics Softwares that enables the students to practice without getting bored. I have 500+ worksheet that are specially designed slow learners. I have 200+ Assessment Papers to check the performance of student periodically throughout the academics year.


Elisa Burns

Mr Abdul is very humble and well verse with the methods students need. My son Lucas got great help to improve his understanding and grades.


Male, 29 Yrs

6 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)




A well Qualified Professional, DoingMBA having Teaching experience of 6years and experience of handling different age groups and Grades I personally also own an coaching institute back in home Landand have anexperience to cover all subjects (major subject Mathematics) from school to university level. I dont believe in providing my students only knowledge of their books but also develop them into an overall personality with right guidance. I take Indian, Pakistani and British curriculum as well.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in teaching while coming at the understanding level of student so that they can grab the things in more quick and easy way.



He is well experienced in mathematics and science subjects. Beside that he is very much supportive and always ready to understand the student problems to solved it perfectly.



Male, 25 Yrs

4 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)




I specialize in teaching mathematics on any level. From primary to secondary levels. I have actually taken the IGCSE and A-Levels mathematics and scored A* and A on the tests and I am willing to help any one with the desire to do better in mathematics on any testing platform.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in understanding from the basics. I use the simplest forms of problems to teach the basic techniques for solving problems. This techniques can then be applied to more complex problems.



Victor is one of the best teachers you will find out there, he is understanding and will go at your pace, till you understand the whole material, incredible at teaching maths and will definitely help you get the grades you need.

Mohit Singh

He has detailed knowledge of the subject that he teaches.


Male, 30 Yrs

5 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


B. Tech (Electronics and Communication


I am an electronics engineer from india by education and have given tuitions during my stay in india for close to 5 years. ignore the rates given on the website, If you wish to study, just get in touch and I'm sure we can work some thing out.



He knows the electronics very well.


Female, 27 Yrs

7 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Degree in English and Creative Writing


I have over 7 years of tutoring experience and ran my own tutoring business in the U.S. I specialize in the IB, AP, and IGCSE/GCSE curriculums and guide students in their Extended Essays, English language and literature coursework, as well as exam preparation for all curriculums. My students have scored top marks and been accepted to top universities globally. I have experience tutoring students of various ages in a wide range of subjects with a focus on English, writing, and editing. I also specialize in test prep (SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE) and college preparation, as well as applications (personal statements and essays and guidance with filling out applications). 

Tutoring Approach

My approach is holistic and based entirely on the individual needs of each student. I tailor lessons and activities to combine students' personal interests with their academic needs to make learning enjoyable. I specialize in motivation and alternative methods of learning such as increasing students' self-esteem in an academic setting, and creating an engaging learning environment. Additionally, I teach study skills and organization with an emphasis on planning, creating study guides, and learning more efficient ways to retain information.


Talat Ali

Highly skilled and experienced tutor. Her subject knowledge and friendly behaviour is a plus point.



Male, 29 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Secondary Mathematics PGCE, BSc Management Science


I have 8 years of experience teaching Mathematics including 5 years as an examiner. I am a specialist in GCSE, IGCSE, A- Level and IB Standard Level. (10-18 year olds) 

Tutoring Approach

I tutor to students needs and have various approaches to suit all kinds of learners


Mohammad Mahdi Datoo

He is Extremely helpful, very intelligent, and has great teaching methods which improves the work efficiency. Mr Bloom is understanding, and his way of finding out equations make life a lot more easier in comparison to other teaching manners.



Male, 30 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

(15 Reviews)


Master in Mathematics / MSBA Business


I have over 8 years experience of teaching Mathematics to students of different backgrounds. Hands on experience in teaching mathematical concepts to young students, to create their interest in subject of mathematics, improve their mental math by creating a friendly environment with the student. I have in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced mathematics with a specialization.

Tutoring Approach

I believe in teaching with practical assignments and practice to develop mathematical understanding for students from basics to higher level. The plus point of my teaching which most student like is I provide them many ways of solving question so it is easy for them to understand solve hard questions.



My 3 Children started with sir zeeshan a year ago. my children were too weak in maths, but now MAshallah they are going great, their abilities has been approved my lil girl always say sir in simply best. he made me learn math with different games and stuff Thanks sir


I would say Sir zeeshan is simply the best of all excellent command on maths subject, learned alot. my basic are now boost up thanks Sir


Zeeshan has 100% command over his subject. he is one of best tutor I ever got. He is awesome.


He is an awesome teacher and I loved his teaching a lot.


He has good communication and excellent command over the subject. My both sons were very weak and they end up with 90+ in their finals we are happy.


Best teacher I ever had. This is my 3rd year of learning from Zeeshan sir. He has excellent teaching skills and is a highly resourceful teacher. I have scored A+ in his subjects.


Thanks a lot Sir. I have scored an A. Thanks for your help. You are a very resourceful person.

Muhammad Danial

I like Mr Zeeshan Teaching Skill a lot. He helped me a lot in my maths subject and helped to score B+ from D.

Majid Yousuf Binkaram Al Farsi

Mr Zeeshan has assessed me during our first few classes. Throughout the classes, he saw my strength and my weaknesses and helped me work my weak spots and improve my strength to the best point. He keeps me posted about my progress and he may sometimes pushes me to my limits but he knows that it's to my own good. He is an amazing and experienced tutor that I will surely recommend him to my friends and family who need help.

Majid Yousuf Binkaram Al Farsi

Mr.Zeeshan examines the person he tutors and he analyze their weaknesses and their strengths and he works with person on them by providing them with a strategic plan that meets the students needs effectively. He understands what the students are going through and he helps them and tutor them efficiently in so many ways. The best thing is he examines the student on what he has tutored and he will check their understanding of the topic, if it's correct he moves on with other topics. However if it's not correct he will directly repeat the topic again till the student understands and then he moves on. He creates a friendly environment around the students, so they can feel safe to ask any question that pops on their mind about the topic.

Khalid Bin Nahyan

One of the Best teachers I could find for my son and daughter for their secondary mathematics. Nice teacher and good command over the subject, as my children, improved a lot in Mathematics.


Thanks alot Sir. Scored B in my last mock exams. Your method helped to improve. I got from D to B. Hopefully will score A in my GCSE.


One of the best maths teacher I got so far. He uses the best way to explain questions. Sir brushed my previous concepts which were too much rusty and probably forgotten.


Most dedicated time punctual. My children are learning from him for the last 3 years. My oldest son score A* in his GCSE. Thanks a lot for all your help.

Muhammad Danial

Highly skilled for IGCSE and GCSE mathematics. I will recommend to everyone. Sir has quite unique and best method of teaching and helps a lot to learn new tricks on simple calculators. Sir has quite busy schedule but he always get time for his students. Thanks a lot.


Male, 30 Yrs

13 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)

  • Qualification: Teaching PGCE mathematics
  • Location:
    Sports City
  • Whatsapp:
    Request a Callback


Teaching PGCE mathematics


I have been teaching the British curriculum GCSE and a level mathematics and further mathematics for 13 years. I have a lot of experience with pushing students above and beyond their perceived ability and always get good or excellent results from my students


Veronica Giussani

Highly recommended! The first one with I've really understood something in math. Really professional. I had improved my overall grades in Math (First year of university, Calculus I with Business applications) and I’ve successfully passed the course.

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Students can improve their knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

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