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Finding home tutors in Arabian Ranches, Dubai and in other cities in UAE is now easy with MyPrivateTutor. We also help you find tuition classes and coaching centers in Arabian Ranches, Dubai as well as online tutors. Home tuition helps to get higher marks and increase confidence. Use our portal to find the best local tutors, tutorial centers and tuition classes in Arabian Ranches, Dubai.

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Male, 29 Yrs Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)

  • Qualification: BSc Biology & Sport and Nutrition Diploma
  • Location:
    Al Barsha, All Areas +7 More
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BSc Biology & Sport and Nutrition Diploma


I am an experienced tutor with almost ten years of expertise and hold a UAE Private Tutor Work Permit. I've helped a selection of students improve their grades by nurturing their understanding through customised lessons and a warm and patient approach. I have worked in a number of fields, from Sales to my current role in Research. I have experience with students of all ages and also coach sports; I am an avid sportsman.

Tutoring Approach

Targeted, efficient and bespoke; I cater my lessons with the right level of challenge for my pupils. I use an array of tools such as questioning to determine understanding. My calm and patient approach puts students at ease. I use the curriculum rubric and exam board specifications to ensure my lessons are the most beneficial.


Nisha Yadav

Fantastic tutor for both my children - aged 9 and 14. He is able to explain concepts to them clearly and in a gentle manner. My 14 years old is benefiting, especially for GCSE preparation. He always uses past exam paper questions to help my son have the best technique for his GCSE maths and science.


He really helped me with A-Level Biology and I am now at my first choice university. He explained things clearly to my level and was really understanding. He practiced lots of past paper exam questions with me, helping to perfect my technique.

Daevika Yadav

Makes learning accessible and works in ways that suit me. I feel comfortable and secure in my knowledge every session.



Male, 34 Yrs Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Master's in MATHS, B.Sc( maths, physics, chemistry)
  • Location:
    Al Barsha, Al Mamzar +8 More
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Master's in MATHS, B.Sc( maths, physics, chemistry)


Excellent teaching skills with good monitoring ability & highly Supportive attitude focussing on concept based teaching methodology fr worth praising results oriented Approach

Tutoring Approach

Having a flair of mobilizing and giving the motivation to my students. I will go by the syllabus taught to the students and try my level best to make them practice as many questions as possible so that they get familiar with the method.


Anees Ul Mujtaba

Keen observation and conceptual based Teaching..

Mohair Ali

Sir Anees is highly supportive and conceptually strong. He has also a good monitoring ability.

Ch Ahsan

Mr. Anees is an experienced, very much supportive and professional tutor. Just a month later my child started performing better with the leading attitude towards his subject and fellows.



Male, 22 Yrs Pro

4 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Civil Engineering


I've got four years of teaching experience, especially in Math and Science with students from Brazil, Spain, Africa, Europe, India, UAE and Pakistan. My expertise is more into British, American, IB and Indian curriculums. I can do grade 1 till grade 12. Just a bit more info, so you get to know me better, I am a start-up founder unitors.me and I play Badminton and Squash exclusively, I love reading books, especially into personal development like "think a little, change a lot" by Richard Wiseman.

Tutoring Approach

Initially, the first lesson is focused more on getting to know the student more, his/her interests and passion, and then starting off with the basic concepts and evaluating his/her pace of learning, accordingly make a schedule, and then Voilà you take it from there :)



Dedicated, knowledgeable and professional tutor. Vamsi was very helpful and goes at a learning pace that suits your capabilities. Highly recommend for either online or in person tutoring.


Male, 51 Yrs Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

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About Me: Teaching and training is my passion. I love to teach academically weak but motivated students. I feel great pleasure when my students get A* even though before they were struggling to barely pass their exam. My students have mentioned it several times that what I taught them in a few days, other teachers could not teach them in months. Tutoring Experience: I have over 25 years of experience and I have taught hundreds of students. I have taught martial arts, swimming, yoga, physics, chemistry, maths, add maths, accounts and business studies. With all my experience of learning and teaching, I have designed a course in study skills so that studying can become easier and fun for students. I also offer youth development and corporate training. I have taught in UAE also and on Skype I have students from America, Canada and UK. Presently I am running an educational institute where my team and I offer all types of tutoring and training services.

Tutoring Approach

I always try to keep it real. I have noticed that academic subjects have little connection to students’ lives. To keep it real, I explain the concepts by giving them real life examples. I always look for innovative new ways of teaching, I go through the latest developments in education and take the best from these new styles of teaching and use them in my teaching and training sessions. I never try to use the same method for all the students as they are all different from each other. Some students are able to grasp concepts at a quicker pace than others but I never get despair. I know the importance of being patient with my students and spend a considerable amount of time explaining. If I find that my students have problems retaining information, I use memory retention techniques like mind maps, time lines, graphs, diagrams etc which helps them to visualize so that they can synthesis and memorize the large amount of difficult information. At the same time I encourage my students to analyze subjects in a deeper, more analytical manner to enhance their critical thinking. My aim as a tutor is to create in my students, a deep understanding and confidence in answering exam questions and being able to tackle new and unfamiliar problems.



Male, 65 Yrs Pro

More Than 25 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)


B.Sc.(Maths),M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed.


I have more than 25 years experience of teaching Physics in UAE, US and India, covering British, IB, American, SABIS, CBSE and ICSE curriculums and University Foundation Level,IIT-JEE,Medical Entrance etc.

Tutoring Approach

More focus on concepts and then gradually towards the desired level


Shubha Mishra Panwar

His in-depth knowledge of the subject & the flair of imparting that knowledge in the most simplistic way to be easily understood by the students. His practical examples from day to day life used to make the most complicated topics so easy to understand and remember for life.

Laiju Abdulla

He is an excellent teacher and an absolute gentleman.He is very patient and has in-depth knowledge about the subject.


Mr. Mishra is a very nice man and very professional. My daughter is very happy to have him as her Physics tutor.



Male, 36 Yrs Pro

25 Years of Teaching Experience

(34 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Masters in Education, 1st class Honors degree in Mathematical and Comp...
  • Location:
    Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches +8 More
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Masters in Education, 1st class Honors degree in Mathematical and Computational Science. 1st class Honors Degree in H.Dip in Education.


We provide outstanding tutors with a proven track record of bringing success to our students. We provide tuition in the british, American & IB curriculums. We offer tuition in all subjects, both in house or online.  Please view our review section to get a sample of what we can do for you.

Tutoring Approach

We provide A topic by topic logical approach. Study notes provided where necessary.  Sample answers discussed Worksheets provided. Plenty of time for questioning and Identification of common mistakes.  Outstanding teaching and clear guidance. Last year 87% of our A level Maths attendees achieved and A or A*. 84% of our A level Physics attendees achieved and A or A*. 82% of our A level Chemistry attendees achieved and A or A*. 75% of our A level Biology attendees achieved and A or A*.


Nadia Chanandin

Gerard was very responsive and was able to identify areas or weakness and set out a plan to work on my math weakness. He is patient and makes the session enjoyable.

Gerard Finnegan

My son was struggling with maths for a long time, his grades improved massively after just a few sessions and he gained a lot of confidence in the subject. Gerard uses lots of good resources and gives clear explanations. He was also good at keeping me up to date with my sons progress and areas he needed to practice more.


Patient, super knowledgeable and very facilitating. I currently use them for physics, chemistry and mathematics and I am soon to add biology. From day 1 they provided my son with a clear path to making progress and I have been super happy with my sons progress ever since. You really do get what you pay for in this city and so I whole heartly recommend


Best teacher, works great with what I am doing in school and my grade are now getting good too. A bonus is my teachr is happy.

Peter & Mikela

Mikela's business and chemistry tutors are really great. I am very happy with their subject knowledge and they are always ready to go that extra bit in order to give her the understanding she needs. Having previously had only an okay experience with online lessons I was hesitant to commit to more but the caliber of these online lessons make it a no brainer. Absolutely superb tuition. Easy 5 stars

Ishan Patel

I recently completed a zero to hero excel course with Gerard, the course was excellent,,. I was thought everything from the very basics up to visual basic for applications. It is crazy that I can now write my own excel funnctions. This is not an easy task but it is the hardest thing to do in excel and I can actually do it. So thankful for this experience, I am now one of the go to excel people in work. I find myself studying to become even better as completing the course has given me the confidence to explore my possibilities. A big thank you.


Last year my son sat the for chemistry course in october. He needed to get a high grade for his university placement. Sitting this course was the best thing he could have done. His teacher hammad was outstanding. He is an expert. We achieved a grade "A" in A level chemistry which to us is unbelievable and it made us so happy, our youngest is now getting one to one tuition off another teacher clodagh and we could not be happier. Thank you Gerard for helping us.


Tuition during lockdown last year was a concern for us but when we started using this team of tutors our concenrs diminised. Initially we would still have prefereed tuition in our home but as time went by we realised our children were far more engaged in their tuition lessons than they were in thier school lessons. Our tutors were excellent and put us at ease. We were very happy with the overall experience and i would easily recommend this team. Worthy of my time to review.

Erika L

The whole experience was perfect. Online tutoring the way it should be done.


Everything very well. My daughter is very happy. Thank you.


On a recommendation we completed the memory gym course yesterday and I have to say it was mind blowing. I decided to write a review only after seeing our youngest practicing her new memory techniques on the way to school this morning. I highly recommend sitting this course, no idea why this is not being taught in schools.

Emma Lewis

Simlply a superb experience so far. the time taken to perfectly match a tutor to my daughters needs was impressive. We are very happy thus far.


So now my son Magnus is receiving online classes in chemistry, mathematical, physics and biology and the level of attention is perfect. These guys and girls have perfected online lesson delivery. Superb value.


You shuod choose these guys if you want to have a good tutor.


Thanks for everything this year. My friends and I cannot believe our progress in math. We will recomment to others about you.


My husband and I have seen great progress in this first semester. I am hopeful that this progress can be maintained in semister 2 as lukes teacher is currently very impressed. The best compliment I can give is that lukes teacher is recommending Gerard and his team of tutors to his other students who need help. High praise indeed. Thanks soo much


My son struggles with dyslexia and ADHD. Gerard has porvided me with great tutor who gets my son to focus in online lessons in a way that he could not do before. I am thankful for how things are now progressing.

Conor S

I am learning by 3 tutors and they are really the best tutors I have had. I've recently got my math, biology and physics A level mock practice test results. I have went from a C grade in biology to an A, a low D in math to a high percentage B and in a very tricky physics paper I have received the best in class percentage of 87%. I cannot ask for more from my tutors. Also many thanks for your continue hard work with me over the December break.


My daughter has made excellent progress in science and I have no doubt its because of her tutors. Thanks so much guys :)

Shamsa Saleh

Smart flexible and friendly. This is my team of tutors going forward. Wish they provided more tutors for lower school as my online tutors for higher school are so great. Many thanks to you and your great team.


Finding a tutor has been hit and miss so far, but i feel hapy now with Mr. Gerard. I would say overcoming learning difficulties is his speciality, with his online approach being refreshing and engaging.


Hi everyone. I'm not one for doing a review but these teachers are really worth it. I'm very thankful for the help given to my daughter Fiona as it been a weight lifted off my mind to know her education gaps are now been filled in. Very fair prices too and worth every Dirham. You are the best.


We like this teacher very much.

Walid K

My sons confidence is growing in chem and bio. He likes the patient and visual approach of his teacher and we are happy to find his end of year grades for improvement. Very good teacher.


We have just experienced such a positive year for our daughter who was helped in no short way my her incredible tutors. After experiencing her struggling throughout last year this year had to be different for my sanity alone and in truth its been such a breath of fresh air. In order for our daughter to succeed in grade 9 we have just booked her in for next year with the same tutors. delighted and appreciative. I would easily recommend contacting Gerard to find the best solution for you and yours


Our children like this team. They are very smart and helping a lot this year.


Mr. Gerrard is very pleased. We will be back next school year


So my sons school report came today and the difference in this terms grades in math and science is surely from last term. I can only put it down to the hard work he has been doing with his tutors. I can very happily and healthily recommend this tutor. Thank you for everything.


Hello there, I received excellent support from excellent teachers who know their material inside out, I could not have been more happy with how the year progressed, I am entering year 13 next year with so much confidence, Big thank you to everyone.

Kushi R.

Its already a new school year, boy has the summer flown. I feel ready though and very positive about whats to come. I am in grade 13 and my mum has signed up to Gerards team of tutors. The sense of ease that I now feel is amazing. Its obvious a lot of time has went into finding these tutors because I am on a 100% happiness strike rate with my 3 teachers and that has never happened before. thank you for all your continued efforts :)


Easiest method to teach students. 5 star review. Thank you

Miss A

Grerad provided good teachers and continues to be an excellent source of advice to me. He helped me understand my sons confusing school reports which has highlighted to me that there is much important information that my school was not sharing, information that would affect my son over time if left unchecked. thanking you, Anna B


This group of teachers have provided a great service to our family, we really do approve of all that this group does, the teachers are second to none and are definite subject specialists. I am happy to share this very positive review. Thanks team

Abie G

Hi, at first I am not used to doing reviews so here goes :) My boys have made huge strides this year and I am positive it is not a coincidence :) For a change i am looking forward to seeing their january exam results. Thank you so much geard and a special thank you to your team members Sam, Catherine and Sana :)



Male Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Pianist/Composer.
  • Location:
  • Mobile:
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Michele is an exceptional teacher who got all the required skills for tuition, I had piano classes with hem and learned a lot from his extensive knowledge. I highly recommend him for piano tuition.

Danijela Andric

Michele has been a great tutor so far. I am a beginner and specifically wanted to be able to lay a few songs v learning chords and scales. He comes to my home & has been a great tutor. He was able to meet me where I was at in terms of objectives and expectations. He has a patient manner and easy way of teaching that makes the lesson fun while at the same time he pushes and expects progress which I like. Most importantly I feel I am making fast progress and really enjoying the experience. Would not hesitate to recommend Michele.


Male, 35 Yrs Pro

16 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)

  • Qualification: ACCA UK , Certified Accounting Technician , A levels in Physics , Chem...
  • Location:
    Emirates Hills +8 More
  • Whatsapp:
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ACCA UK , Certified Accounting Technician , A levels in Physics , Chemistry , Mathemaitics


I have taught for 16 year at difference Institutes in Dubai as Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics. Apart from that I worked as full time Home tutor in UAE for IB/IGCSE/GCSE of CIE/Edexcel/AQA. I have taught to Students of more than 30 Nationalities face to face and online.I am teaching online since 2009. Very Clear Accent !!

Tutoring Approach

Very Patient, Calm and Student friendly way of teaching, that give the student Stress free studying environment. The Student is taught to learn and communicate with confidence.My focus is mainly on understanding of concept with real-time illustration so that the concept stays in students mind with minimum effort.



He is such a generous teacher, with excellence in multiple subjects, he taught my daughter and son for more than 6 years , he never refused them no matter what time they seeked his help.


Stupendous teacher, gives exquisite explanations and refuses to leave any questions unsolved. Lessons are interesting and never boring. He has helped me throughout IB



Male Pro

More Than 25 Years of Teaching Experience

(40 Reviews)

  • Qualification: BE, ECE (Bachelor of Engineering) Cert. CII, UK.
  • Location:
    All Areas, Arabian Ranches +8 More
  • Mobile:
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  • Whatsapp:
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BE, ECE (Bachelor of Engineering) Cert. CII, UK.


I have experience of 26years tutoring VVIPs( UAE Nationals and Expatriates)in UAE , European, US, Canada and all students are in very high posItions, expert in SAT/IB/O/A LEVELS/ GED / GMAT/GRE College Maths/University Maths / CEPA Maths all Board taking challenge to prove to make the student brilliant. Basic Maths for Groups easy technics for lower level in groups/ Group classes/ Flexible timings/ Best results

Tutoring Approach

I just go to student level and appy the methods whatever way they will understand in given time. solving previous question papers very friendly with students and giving feedback to the parents time to time. Student can call any time to get their doubts cleared on monthly basis or subject wise fees possible. Past papers/ Flexible Timings/ Easy Techniques/Time Management


Anzel Spies

I have not had physics at school and Mr Reddy explained the university entry level physics in such a way that I could understand. With his help I managed to improve my marks for both physics and maths with more than 20%. He is very capable and the best tutor I have ever had. Thank you Mr Ramesh!



Layan Shadid

He is the best teacher we have ever experienced, he is punctual, hardworking, knowledgeable in Math, and great personality. For me, we will always call him for my children’s school needs. He is simply the best. Keep up the good work, Ramesh. Good Luck!


Best explanation with basics and easy techniques. The best tutor I have experienced. Logic and subject knowledge was great. Flexible in timings and punctual.


Very good. Find different way to help the students to solve their problems.


He made everything simple for me to understand the topic.


His confidence and approach to work. He builds a relationship with the student and takes the learning form there ahead. Thus it is at a more personal level according to the requirement of the student.


He has passion to teach. Highly recommended to other students.


He is an amazing tutor and friend. He explains Math in the simplest and most straight forward way possible. He makes sure there is no gap in the students knowledge and will happily explain anything again if needed. Thank you Ramesh.


He is dedicated to making you improve.


Patience and teaching skills is really noticeable.

Mohd Bader

I am taking SAT-Math from Mr Ramesh and he has his own notes on the topics and made very easy for me. He explains according to our knowledge on the topic and made everything easy, even regular Maths concepts! Excellent explanation with high respect and punctuality on the schedules!


He is really good at teaching and he knows interesting strategies to harder questions. He makes questions more simpler that they’re perceived


He explains well. Thank you Sir, for your help.

Tomas Varela

Ramesh is a very friendly and knowledgeable person who has challenged me with my Maths and Physics. Although I do not usually struggle with these but Ramesh helps me to understand the contents in depth and much more easily than at school or alone.

Tomas Varela

Ramesh tutors me in Maths and Physics HL for IB and I have found him very useful to achieve the best grades I possibly can. He helps me to understand things that I may have struggled to understand on my own or at school and is very helpful by providing all the resources required for me to thrive.

Khaya N

Punctuality is great. Interactive tuition good and easy techniques for application. I am taking HL IB math and physics with Mr Ramesh.

Martim Varela

Ramesh is a very good tutor, I am learning Maths GCSE and physics GCSE. Since I have been with Ramesh he has helped me a lot with everything, he is very easy to understand and teaches correctly and very well.

Gianluca Lombardi

He has a lot of patient to teach his students.


Ramesh Reddy is an incredible tutor, who has a great understanding of both IB mathematics and IB physics. He is committed to helping his students understand the topics in which they struggle and always has a positive attitude.

Kush Kandhari

Very helpful within his teaching abilities. Just started a few weeks ago and his confidence and work ethic is already paying off on me. Currently doing Higher Level Maths AI at IB and his help has been very helpful so far!

Aisha Almatar

He is really a good instructor in many fields such as math and probability. He is good at differential equations, linear algebra, calculus 1 & 2 and in random signals and theory and probability. Due to COVID-19, we managed to take online classes through an application called zoom, and everything is going well.


Explaining, and give a reply good notes that helped me review in an easy way.

Mohammed Shamaan

The style of his teaching is excellent. Always recommend him.


He is a professional, dedicated and punctual teacher. Patient and willing to assist the student whenever he can.


An adorable teacher that makes everything easy for you, along with that he is very flexible.

Fares Alsaghir

I like his simplicity in everything. He carefully cares about his students and even their families although he hasnt seen them from before. What I mean by simple is that he takes everything to its easiest measures. He smiles all the time even thogh if his or his students day isnt good which provokes the student to keep completing and getting excited all the tim for the proceeding class. And if there is any question he doent know how to solve, he keeps continually on getting the correct answer which allows the student that there is nothing impossible to solve even by luck. I am high-school graduated student and I got 100 in calculus and trigonometry in 11th and 12th grade, but I have not taken most of the material of SAT level 2 subject test at school, so Mr Ramesh, was aiding me the whole month in solving questions during class and and assigning me over 100 questions to solve. I reccomend to take private classes with Mr Ramesh if you are attemting to get a very high score to study outside the country. Mr Ramesh, I will never forget you and you are one of my favourite mathematics teachers, god bless you and thank you so much.


I've always been alright at Maths but struggled with precision and kept making silly mistakes. Ramesh has been vital in improving my ability in maths and has done so through teaching me very easy to learn methods and vigorous practice. He guides me through each question I struggle with, so I don't make the same mistake.

Rita Varela

Ramesh is a very knowledgeable maths and physics teacher with a great approach with teenagers. He's very polite, trustworthy, reliable and always on time. I strongly recommend Ramesh as a tutor. We are an European family and we started with our oldest son in year 12 as he wanted to be challenged in his IB HL Maths and Physics and now all our other 3 children are also working with Ramesh.


When he teaches something I am able to understand.

Biruk Asfaw

I am from DAA school I take classes of math and physics he provides easy and one note friendly nature.

Sophia Wright

I like how Ramesh explains the work in detail. I also like when he makes jokes and stuff like that and Ramesh also really helped me with getting my grades up and being more confident.


Taking his classes is really helpful to me, I am preparing for SAT's and his teaching style and enthusiasm has really pushed me and helped me improve and prepare so I could reach my goal.


Really good teacher, he is really positive about the students success and adapts his teaching to your struggles, with different approaches.

Estelle Nouhra

He is very patient and kind. He makes you want to learn and improve.


He has applied easier method to teach me how to solve the maths problem which I struggle always.


He can really explain maths well and makes difficult math problems easier to understand and solve, he’s patient and understanding as well. I have learned and improved so much being taught by Ramesh.


His methods are very easy to understand and fast; he is also funny, which makes for a captivating lesson. We have known him for a long time, tutored all my siblings and brought their level up significantly


Mr. Ramesh is a family now. He immediately gives the vibe that he takes the child as his own, and he takes it as a challenge to raise the child. A patient, true teacher who really values the word "teacher". I wish you a long life and good health, Mr Ramesh .

Eleonore Roman

He is Understanding and patient tutor. I am really thankful for his assistance to improve my number.


Male, 26 Yrs Pro

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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B Tech


Are you looking for a dynamic friendly and at the same time results producing young tutor in Dubai/Sharjah for your kids? Drop message for a free demo/trial class ! Guaranteed results/improvement. 7+ years of experience in teaching in India/UAE. Subjects : Maths, Science  Curriculum : UK Curricula, ( GCSE, IGCSE, )

Tutoring Approach

Periodic assessments Daily doubts clearance Tracking the student's progress


Male, 26 Yrs Pro

2 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Postgraduate certificate in Education
  • Location:
    Al Qusais First
  • Mobile:
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  • Whatsapp:
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Postgraduate certificate in Education


During my two years of teaching in the United Kingdom, I supplemented my classroom experience by tutoring children outside of school to prepare them for SATs exams, school entry examinations, and to support their individual learning needs. My teaching spans across primary age groups, including years 2, 3, and 5, which has deepened my understanding of curriculum progression. I prioritize a child-centered approach in all my teaching endeavors, striving to create lasting learning experiences for every child.

Tutoring Approach

All my lessons prioritize progress, employing ongoing assessment to identify and address any misconceptions promptly and effectively. Each session offers children opportunities to explore, engage, and evaluate their learning. By building strong relationships with my students to fully grasp their individual learning needs, my lessons stand out. And of course, we always have a lot of fun along the way!


Male, 46 Yrs Pro

24 Years of Teaching Experience

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24 years experience in dubai . teaching arabic language and quran . also conversation . for children and adults .

Tutoring Approach

I have books I bring them from lebanon to teach arabic language and grammer for beginner . My experience as a teacher has helped me to gain a knowledge of child psychology and I am capable of understanding student’s needs and take measures accordingly. I create a comfortable learning environment for an enhanced level of understanding.


Female, 27 Yrs Pro

6 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Cambridge CELTA, BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • Location:
    Al Nahda First
  • Whatsapp:
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Cambridge CELTA, BSc (Hons) Psychology


I have been teaching for over 6 years and possess extensive experience with students of all ages. I have tutored at both high school and college levels, specializing in GCSE and AS/A levels, and also tutoring for the IB curriculum. I hold a CELTA qualification for teaching English to adults. Peers who have observed my lessons have mentioned that I connect well with my students and present materials in an interesting and digestible way. Give my lessons a try; you won't regret it.

Tutoring Approach

I create engaging and insightful lessons for my students, emphasizing the development of their analytical skills through coursework. My goal is to enable them to apply their knowledge across different subjects and encourage creative and independent thinking. If you're interested, please contact me directly on WhatsApp. If you need someone to vouch for me, let me know, and I will provide the relevant contact details.


Male, 29 Yrs Pro

9 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Qualified Teacher Status, PGCE, NPQML, MSc Psychology, BA English.
  • Location:
    Al Jaddaf


Qualified Teacher Status, PGCE, NPQML, MSc Psychology, BA English.


Over the past 9 years, I have overseen outstanding results at GCSE, IB and A-Level. I am currently a teach here in Dubai, at one of the best premium schools with an Outstanding KHDA rating. My strengths are I bring a calm tutoring approach. I make students feel calm and knowledgeable before their exam so that they have all the confidence to attain their best grades they can. This is through a methodical approach, of practice and using skills such as retrieval practice to consistently maintain information in the brain. Me and the parents of the student, will always come up with a personilised plan in order to work on their individual strengths and weaknesses across our tutoring journey. I suit my needs to work for you, I have over 9 years tutoring experience face to face and remote using software such as teams and Zoom. Remote lessons are brought to life using different software such as nearpod where the student can become engaged, as it becomes an interactive methodical lesson with plenty of check points for understanding. It will be a pleasure to be your tutor, and I am excited to help deliver your results!

Tutoring Approach

My approach is one of personalisation to you. Working together with you, we will identify key area's to improve. All lessons come fully resourced with support sheets, and powerpoints.  I am flexible, as I can also act as a second teacher to follow the curriculum in class, and offer a 'mop up' style lesson using retrieval practice. This enabling to remember the matieral covered in class.  I will differentiate and personalize tasks based on a child’s individual needs in order to get the best outcome. One example of personalization, will be using a differentiated structure strips to meet the same outcome of an exam style question. Together, as a team, we will succeed in gaining the best results.


Male, 30 Yrs Pro

12 Years of Teaching Experience

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B.Com, ACCA, MBA (Finance).


I have total 8 years of teaching experience with cambridge system at O and A Level exam preparation. I have 4 years experience of teaching Professional Certifications: ACCA CIA FIA B.Com MBA.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching Approach is from basic to conceptual and detail understanding, i believe,that first students should learn the basics in very detail and conceptual way, once they learn basics,it will be very easy for them to work on complicated problems at every stage of education BUILD THE BASICS--MAKE THE STUDENT'S FUTURE BRIGHT


Female, 40 Yrs Pro

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  • Qualification: B.Sc
  • Location:
    Arabian Ranches
  • Mobile:
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I hav 8 years experience in teaching several subjects including Quran and Urdu language. I believe in applying knowledge rather than just memorising. I love teaching sciences, in particular Chemistry and Biology. My results are guaranteed because I believe my teaching method are convenient, and student love to learn from me.

Tutoring Approach

I am a very humble and dedicated tutor.



Female, 44 Yrs

25 Years of Teaching Experience

(24 Reviews)


Bachelor of Music Major in Piano


Music has always been my passion. It started very early on in my childhood. ​Learning it at an early age gave me an understanding how it feels and what it takes to play the piano. So for parents with young kids who are about to study, I can promise you, I understand their journey as I have been in their shoes. ​ Having worked with students from different age groups and cultural backgrounds, I bring a depth of professional experience and knowledge to those who are eager to explore their talent in music. As a professional pianist with a bachelor's degree in piano performance, my lessons are based on classical music pedagogy. I offer quality, personalized lessons that deliver results.

Tutoring Approach

I specialize in beginner fundamentals, and know how to reach my students with the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. A strong foundation is key, in fact - it is everything. And I always make it a point to build this for my students. Every student is different - different strokes for different folks, so I am always flexible with my approach. Each lesson I provide is tailored to match the learning circumstances around the student. My lessons are planned accordingly to make the most out of each class, always considering the natural abilities of my students and circumstances around them and what not. Every student will peak according to their own time, I am here to support and guide my students to achieve the maximum of their potential. Most of my students tend to do very well, with great playing results. I can prepare students for ABRSM and Trinity exams if requested but generally use materials from the US for my classes and follow the American standard. Please inquire for more details. I encourage you to try my classes, and you might be surprised with the unexplored talent that's always been in you waiting to be discovered. I look forward to playing the piano with you soon.



Frances was referred to me by a colleague whose daughter she taught piano in the past. I really appreciate that she is able to stimulate interest in my daughter to learn the piano. I am also very pleased with the progress I am seeing with my child on a weekly basis - as far as I remember it didn't took very long before I started to hear my daughter play. Frances is very good with children, she is a cool teacher and is also very generous with her time which I appreciate very much.

Amirah Isaacs

Frances is very professional and I have seen such a huge improvement with my 8 years old daughter in such a short period of time. She is very reliable and I would highly recommend her.


I am writing this review to express my appreciation for Ms. Frances. She's been teaching my 10 years old daughter for almost a year now and I am extremely pleased with her progress and my daughter has been playing so well. I am so happy to have met Frances, my daughter was studying with a center for almost 2 years and didn't progress as well. I highly recommend Ms Frances. She connected so well with my daughter - she is truly one of those mentors who can leave a print in their student. Thank you Frances.

Ken Woo

I had a couple of trial lessons with other teachers before I met Ms Fran. I attended a Conservatory of Music myself, and so from the get go, I knew immediately she had to be my child's teacher. Her teaching method is simply amazing - I can't say so much good about her effectiveness as a teacher, it's been more than 2 years now and we are extremely pleased to have met her. I highly recommend Ms Fran, she's a wonderful teacher who can inspire a student.

Shermi Careem

I am very happy to have found Miss Frances to teach my children piano. After I spoke to her the first time, I knew she’s the teacher I was looking for. My children are 6 and 8 years of age, and she is very good with children. They’ve been taking lessons from her only few months And I am very impressed with the improvement the’ve Made in a very short period. She is very passionate about piano and an inspiration to anyone. She is very professional and an excellent teacher and my kids love her. I highly recommend her .


Frances is awesome. I love the way she explains the lessons, even as a beginner I was able to get a strong grasp on the lessons because she's able to articulate and explain things clearly. I am an adult beginner, and was pleasantly surprised that it's still not too late or impossible to learn. I highly recommend her. She's very professional and such a genuinely patient teacher - even with mistakes she knows how to make me feel I am still doing great :)


Our home is filled with beautiful Christmas melodies! And this is because of Frances - we are grateful to have met you, for sharing your talent so generously to my children, music is now an important part of our home. Frances has been teaching my children for over 2 years now and I am extremely impressed with the progress they've made. Really awesome teacher who my kids adore. She's the real deal - great teaching skills that deliver results! Frances is a true gem we are so fortunate to have found.


I highly recommend Frances as a teacher. She has great abilities as a teacher. My daughter has improved a lot under her mentorship. I've not seen these feedback from her students previously until she asked me to write mine. And I can't agree more with everyone here - she is truly commendable for her skills and really just her patience. I feel she has this unique ability to understand her student which is very helpful in the learning process.

Sathish Kumar

I am 40 years old and I thought i am too old to learn Piano. I tried a few online classes but it wasn't very helpful for a beginner like me. I was checking for Tutors in Dubai and got Frances's contact details from My Private Tutor. At the end of the first session, I felt I can manage to learn and after a few sessions my confidence grew in leaps and bounds. First things first, Frances is a great teacher! She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She keeps her lesson effective, engaging and precisely planned. I highly recommend Ms. Frances for anyone who loves Piano. She is simply the best tutor you could ask for.

Ricardo Llama

I started online classes in April, I wanted to do something productive during the lockdown. I self taught myself on the piano but I thought it was a great time to get started on learning it the right way. I am an adult learner in my 30's and was pleasantly surprised to realize it's never too late to learn. Frances is a great teacher, she seems very experienced in dealing with students - I say that because of her extraordinary ability to speed up my progress - and I tried a few sessions with a couple of music centers in Dubai and the difference is night and day between her and the teachers I encountered previously. I highly recommend lessons with her - hopefully when the situation is better we can do one on one classes Frances. She is a delight to interact with, always positive and very charming indeed. Muchas Gracias.

Jenna Ma

Frances is a great piano instructor. She provides superior service and I have been very happy with how my son has progressed with her. She is a fun teacher to my kid but at the same time she is able to impose discipline. I totally agree with the structure she keeps in place, and she is really an effective teacher, I highly recommend her.

Hazem Darwish

Ms. Frances is a great piano instructor. We were very lucky to have her teaching my son. She is very talented and professional. She teaches with love and passion. Her way is the most effective with my son. The progress I see is so impressive. I highly recommend her. Wish her all the best.

La Fk

Frances is an excellent tutor, I am glad I found her. She is very structured and knows her craft. Her teaching style is the right balance between being challenging enough to make progress, and achievable enough to stay motivated. As an adult beginner the piano was is quite intimidating and the road ahead is long, but Frances is encouraging and make the process of learning exciting. I really enjoy my sessions with her, it helps to have homework between each session, and all of the exercises she gives all serve a purpose. I tried lessons at a famous music institute with a few instructors and I am certain that Frances is a much more experienced and knowledgeable teacher that the previous tutors I had, but she is still very patient and positive with a beginner student like me. I highly recommend her if you’re committed to learning the piano and want a solid basis.

Carol Pereira

It's our pleasure to meet Ms Frances. My daughter is 9 yrs old and I have noticed great progress since she started teaching her. My daughter was with Meloldica for a few months prior and not seeing much improvement there, we decided to try a private tutor and see if something might change. Just after a few lessons with Ms Frances we can already see the difference and we truly appreciate her efforts. Ms Frances is a highly qualified teacher, very knowledgeable in music and I can really see how she can motivate a child which is another great thing about her.

Eunice Kong

Very responsible and patient, also with very strong knowledge background! I learnt a lot from her! Highly recommended!


My 6 year old daughter was able to pick up fairly quickly due to Frances. Frances is friendly and very professional. My daughter is looks forward for her piano lessons. She is patient and thorough at her work. Definitely recommend her.

Royce W.

I am in my mid 40's but studied for a few year back in the day when I was a child and recently decided to pick up the piano again. For starters, Frances is an excellent tutor. I am very impressed with the effectiveness of her teaching method / skills. She is very structured with her lessons but at the same time she has a certain way of moving away from that structure which makes her classes really effective. I am really impressed with how I am progressing and would therefore highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano. If you are looking for professional piano classes, Frances is the teacher for you. She will teach more than what is in the books and will share practical skills that will deliver playing results. Thank you Frances.


Very professional and a pleasure to be around with. I'm an adult student (in my late 30's) - and starting this journey at a later stage in life can feel intimidating at first. But Frances is very enjoyable to be around with and kept me at ease in this entire process. She's very knowledgeable and I can really feel the experience she carries with her. I highly recommend her to anyone who's committed to learn - Frances is very structured and wastes no time to help a student progress. She's a great communicator and is able to articulate the topics in detail which really helps. Classes are always enjoyable and she makes me look forward to them. Cheers Frances!

Dr.foroogh Al Khadhri

I am an adult a student I am pediatric dentist. I studied piano in my childhood for many years as well as during my medicine course. But then I stop for almost 20 years. Now I decided to start over again I’m very impressed with her teaching method it’s completely different than what I’ve learned. It’s very professional, fun and I’m very impressed with my improvement and progress in short period of time. I am glad that I found her ❤️

Juvielleth Palamarchuck

Thank you so much Frances for helping to me to learn playing piano. I started piano lesson a year ago as a beginner with not much knowledge about the complexity of playing piano. But my piano teacher Ms. Frances is very enthusiast to teach and with her excellent skills and expertise to connect with student is very remarkable and one of her best qualities. She is excellent on finding a way of how to connect and interact with me specially when I encountered difficult key notes and she illustrate it how the difficult one for me will become easy to understand through demonstrations, learning piano require cognitive flexibility, patience time and practice. As the beginner it wasn't that easy at first, but my teacher assessed my challenges and found a way to make it more interactive and the result is very rewarding. Ms. Frances has excellent qualification and background in music and she is very professional. I highly recommend her.


We are a German family and Frances has been the piano teacher for two of our children since about two years. She is all you could possibly wish for in a piano teacher - a truly talented pianist herself and at the same time a wonderful teacher: loving, patient, and demanding in a very positive way. Our children have made amazing progress that keeps on surprising us and others who get to hear them play. I wish I had had a teacher like Frances when I was little - it would have meant that learning to play the piano can actually be fun. As you can tell, we love Frances dearly and absolutely recommend her.


After few failed attempts with other tutors in Dubai, I finally feel immensely fortunate to have found Ms. Frances as my 7 year old son’s piano teacher. I have evidently seen a boost in my son’s confidence, positivity and interest in playing the piano in the past 12 months. I am amazed how my son picked up pace with the basics in a short span. During every class, Ms. Frances has been more than patient and genuinely committed towards bringing the best out of my son. She is exceptional in adapting to his temperament and learning inclination. I have complete trust in her method and creative approach based on the remarkable results I have witnessed. I look forward towards a long term collaboration in cultivating a positive impact on my son’s musical journey. Thanks to her unwavering support and encouragement. I can boldly say she is one of the best home tutors in Dubai for learning piano and would recommend anyone.

Moses Antony

After few failed attempts with other tutors in Dubai, I finally feel immensely fortunate to have found Ms. Frances as my 7 year old son’s piano teacher. I have evidently seen a boost in my son’s confidence, positivity and interest in playing the piano in the past 12 months. I am amazed how my son picked up pace with the basics in a short span. During every class, Ms. Frances has been more than patient and genuinely committed towards bringing the best out of my son. She is exceptional in adapting to his temperament and learning inclination. I have complete trust in her method and creative approach based on the remarkable results I have witnessed. I look forward towards a long term collaboration in cultivating a positive impact on my son’s musical journey. Thanks to her unwavering support and encouragement. I can boldly say she is one of the best home tutors in Dubai for learning piano and would recommend anyone.

Jeanette D.

As an adult student with no previous formal training whatsoever, I am very impressed with how I progressed from my classes with Frances - just beyond my expectations and so I am very grateful I found her. I understand how important a good teacher is to learn such a skill - and I am certain Frainces is not just a good one, but a really "great" teacher. She definitely knows what she's doing (whether that's being a pianist or being a teacher) and just as important, she seems to have a unique ability in understanding the student. Frances is very professional, very straightforward - she has the right balance of being structured and being fun. She takes the time to explain all the details and is always willing to answer whatever questions I have, no matter how silly sometimes :) I really enjoy our sessions and I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the right way.


Male, 27 Yrs

4 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Post Graduation & BEd In Physics


CBSE, British and US Curriculum tutoring experience.

Tutoring Approach

Classes should be in a proper and systematic way. Periodic evaluation is guaranteed. The way of teaching is changing according to the student nature and ability.


Ali Thahir

Nice presentation and amazing commitment. Thank you for your support.



Female, 44 Yrs

13 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)




I am a professional chemistry tutor. I reside in London, UK and provide tutoring online.  Over 10 years of online tutoring and teaching experience, helping student of all levels from all over the world. have over 10 years of experience, teaching students on both sides of the Atlantic. Having lived and worked in both US and UK I have a strong knowledge of both curriculums. I have tutored students in GCSE level chemistry, A-level chemistry, AP chemistry, IB-level and college level chemistry. I am well familiar with the curriculum of all the major UK boards, such as AQA, ORD, Edexcel and CIE. I am able to prepare students for AP chemistry exam and SAT chemistry.

Tutoring Approach

I see my job as to provide the missing ingredients from the educational experience. For some students, the lecture or the book simply does not make sense. I will explain the concept in as many different ways as needed until the student gets it. For some students more practice problems are needed and I am happy to provide as many problems as needed and guide the student through a solution. We are all different and learn in different fashions. I see my job as to find the right way and to unlock that potential that I see in every student who comes to me.


Anna Levenshus

I needed to find a chemistry tutor for my daughter as chemistry teaching at her school was not great. She needed to get an A in A level chemistry but only achieved the equivalent of a D at the end of year 12. She worked with Anna over year 13 and turned the D into an A in her A level and is off to medical school next month. She found Anna to be a great tutor who was very knowledgeable and explained things very well using a different approach if she didn`t get it first time. With Anna`s help my daughter understood the concepts and I am sure that is why she achieved the grade that she did. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna.

Gill Harding

My son took AP Chemistry this year and had no idea what he was getting into. One month into the school year, and it was clear that he was lost and his grades showed it. With just a few sessions, Anna was able to distill my son’s extremely challenging AP content into their basic and fundamental elements, and then she built everything piece by piece with the utmost clarity in order for my son to be able to naturally internalize the nuances that are neither taught at school or present in the text book. My son’s last test score was among the highest in his AP class. Professionalism at its best."

Raj Chawla

My daughter was tutored by Anna for her Chemistry IB advanced level. She found Anna enormously helpful in the led up to her exams. Anna has helped her develop confidence in her ability to answer exam questions and together they have focused on areas she has found difficult. Anna has made herself available in these crucial few weeks as often as needed and we are very happy with the tutoring she has received.​"

Raj Pandya

Anna was my tutor for the university course in organic chemistry. Anna was patient and explained difficult chemistry concepts with clarity. She also provided unique test taking strategies coupled with examples of classic test questions to practice and go-over after our lesson. In many ways, I feel she was my professor because after hearing the lecture in class, she would break down the material in a more practical sense and show me how to apply the theory to upcoming exam questions. When I first started studying chemistry, I did not enjoy it, but after working with Anna and having more confidence in the classroom, I started to enjoy the subject and fully engage. I highly recommend Anna for any chemistry course.



Female, 40 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(7 Reviews)


BA, LLM, CELTA, MA Education (currently studying)


An Irish national currently based in the UAE, I hold a double major undergraduate degree in European Studies and German, and a Master in International Law.  I have a decade of experience in the education industry, teaching ESL, debate, history and politics in schools and by private tuition. I have an accredited TESOL qualification and am currently studying an MA Education. I am an enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to raising my students to their highest potential. 

Tutoring Approach

I plan my lessons specifically around the needs and learning styles of my students. I focus on method as well as knowledge, especially for writing or exam preparation.



A very dedicated person, helpful and I enjoy her lessons.


Very patient and enthusiastic. Has several plans specified to each individual's needs. Has great experience. Always on time with with many resources ready.


Siobhan is a kind and humble person. She is a perfect tutor and helped me a lot with university level politics and history, as well as in my writing skills. I really enjoyed having sessions with her and benefited to the max.


Siobhan is a wonderful Tutor. I am grateful for all the help she has provided me with both of my subjects English and History. In the past year I have learnt more with her than I have with my teachers in school. She has taught me how to brain storm an essay question and research the topic and develop a thesis question. she even taught me the way to proof read my work for spelling and grammar errors and the correct way to cite the references used. Thank you


Siobhan is a wonderful Tutor. I am forever grateful for all the help she has provided me with both of my subjects English and History. In the past year I have learnt more with her than i have with my teachers in school. She has taught me how to brain storm an essay question and research the topic and develop a thesis question. she even taught me the way to proof read my work for spelling and grammar errors and the correct way to cite the references used. Thank you


Engaging, focused and results driven. She was Very keen to see improvement on my child progress on English from E grade to C grade level within few months.

Dalya Tabari

Siobhan is a dedicated, passionate and creative tutor. She has spent the last 18 months tutoring my teenage sons (grade 10 & 11). She was really able to establish a connection with him and helped him achieve his best in both AP Human Geography & AP Microeconomics. Thank you Siobhan!


Male, 39 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


BA Hons Law with French and PGCE


I am a trilingual, native French, I teach Spanish and can offer Italian enrichment. I have extensive experience teaching secondary/high school languages and able to assist with exam preparation. I have worked in a UK school for several years and have also tutored students from primary right through to post 16. I can also assist with Primary/ Secondary Maths English and Science. French speaking families: I can also help with English grammar or if your child is attending the LYCEE Francais and studying subjects in English. References available 100% satified and happy families :-)

Tutoring Approach

I like to build a good rapport with my students to make them feel comfortable and try and make lessons fun and engaging. I like to use technology to support learning and am able to offer lots of ways to help develop confidence. I like to focus on areas of weakness and I provide helpful strategies to help students make improvements and ultimately make progress. I have been in the UAE since 2017 and I thrive being immersed in a multicultural society. I like to engage students in meaningful learning and ensure they feel like they have something to take away from each lesson. If you are looking to boost your academic performance, business edge or even just for leisure, I can tailor lessons to suit your requirements.


Alia Al Badi

James is a great instructor, organized and friendly. His teaching skills are good. We were able to express ourselves in French in a couple of months. He would progressively build up each lesson, when he introduces a new topic, he would simplify it and find creative ways to make it interesting. He is always fun to chat with and a thoughtful instructor.



Female, 42 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)

  • Qualification: MA Human Resource Management, BA Primary Education with English, Cambr...
  • Location:
    Al Barari, Al Barsha +8 More
  • Whatsapp:
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MA Human Resource Management, BA Primary Education with English, Cambridge CELTA (Teaching English as a Second Language), QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)


I am a UK qualified teacher with 15 years teaching experience. I have taught in UK Primary schools and colleges and I have experience teaching English as a Second Language, exam preparation and Creative Writing to children and adults in the UK, KSA, Qatar and UAE. I also have experience teaching House Maids, helping them with specific work related knowledge, skills and vocabulary. I have a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management in addition to my teaching qualifications and have Corporate Training experience (Oil and Gas, Business). Please contact me via W0h5a8t5s 7A6p0p070 or email if you would like to discuss your needs. Kind regards, Lucy.

Tutoring Approach

I try to help students to be inquisitive learners, whilst providing full support. I have a warm and friendly approach to teaching, to make the experience enjoyable, but I am also very professional.



Lucy had taught me to improve my writing skills to get higher score in IELTS and indeed I did. I would like to thank her so much for her hard effort.



Male, 28 Yrs

14 Years of Teaching Experience

(12 Reviews)


Bachelors in Electronics Engineering


My Education: BSc Electronics Engineering (2013), A Levels (2009), O Levels (2006) Experience: I have been teaching since 2009 (10+ years). Experts in: O Levels, A Levels, SAT, IB, US Board, IGCSE, AS/AL (Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA). Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics Success rate: O Level: 90%, A Levels: 85%, SAT: 100% The success rate for tutorials: UK, IB, US boards: grade D improves to grade B. Grade B improves to Grade A or A*

Tutoring Approach

My flow of lessons work in a very comprehensive, engaging and smarter way. I start off with diagnosis of the major issues with students both mentally and academically, then I plan a responsove and result oriented strategy to help them resolve their issues as quickly as possible. For example, in Mathematical problems, I let my students do some tasks by himself then asses their understanding level of the problem. I, then solve a couple or more similar problems infront of him and poiint out the issues where he was struggling. At the end I let them solve a handful of independent similar exercises and gauge their performance based on those results. This techniques works for 90% of the students. Extra support and guidance is always available for the rest of them.



He is smart and helpful. I rate him 10/10. Highly recommended.


He is smart and helpful and he helped me in the assignment and quizzes and final exams. I got A grade. I am so happy.


He’s literally the best tutor ever, he helped me through my assignments, quizzes and finals. I’m so grateful I found him. He’s so sweet and nice too. We also made and offer because I couldn’t afford expensive prices and he gave me reasonable prices🙏🏻 He helped me through calculus physics and physics lab. The hardest courses, and I still got full marks.

Adil Sawad

A very professional teacher who knows what he’s doing. Never degrades a student and makes sure he/she understands the concepts well. He has helped me a lot in my assignments and quizzes. I have learned a lot from this individual and I would highly recommend everyone to give him a try as he is very talented in his work.

Natalie Awad

He helped me with my SAT Math exam. He has comprehensive knowledge of all the concepts and the style of his teaching so amazing that it took me very short time to learn the concepts. I got 780 marks in SAT Math only due to his efforts in teaching me.

Mukhtar Alawiyat

He helped me in my SAT Math exam. Before that I had no idea how to approach the questions but the way he taught me made it very simple. We practiced all SAT practice tests and every question was on his fingertips. I am pretty sure that I will nail my exam. I highly recommend him. Great tutor!


He is a great tutor and mentor. He helped me in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for my GCSE curriculum. Highly recommended.


Amazing response and addressed all my questions in such a way that I understood in the first attempt. Highly recommended.


I would like to thanks this guy because he helped me a lot in my IB Physics and Maths exam and due to him I was able to understand all the exam-related questions and solved them quite easily. Thanks a lot, Shehroz.


I like the way he makes complex questions so easy to understand that I was never able to do in school. I study in American School of Dubai and we have pretty challenging Mathematics curriculum but the way he helped me throughout my year amazing. I highly recommend him for Mathematics.

George Smith

He is an amazing tutor. He helped my daughter in IB Math SL and she has improved a lot since then. I highly appreciate his efforts and recommend him in my social circle.

Saif Alshorafa

Very skilled, delivers information very fast, helped me in every Science and math subject, can help in SAT, IGCSE, AP, and IB up to any level, always prepared, highly suggested to others.



Female, 39 Yrs

18 Years of Teaching Experience

(13 Reviews)



Bachelor of Music in Performance (University of Toronto), Master of Arts (University of Warwick)


*** Please note that lessons are offered online and in my studio in Al Furjan area at this time***   Professional pianist and teacher with experience in North America and the Middle East. I completed my Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from the University of Toronto, and Masters from the University of Warwick. With 16 years of teaching experience and more than 18 years of performance experience as a soloist, I received training from some of the world's top award winning classical musicians and mentors, and performed in numerous events and competitions. I taught in music schools and privately, and have been running my own private piano studio since 2012.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching style is very detailed and at the same time I strive to make lessons fun and enjoyable for both children and adults. Having a solid foundation enables a student to achieve without limit. I like to challenge students and also motivate and guide them to reach their potential. I break down difficult work into small steps, which makes learning more effective. I am interested in focusing on music literacy, music theory and mindful practicing for a fully rounded music education. Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and practice/do the work assigned in order to experience progress, a slow and steady process that requires consistent and focused practice. Lessons are personalized to each student's learning style and goal (some do it for fun while other want to enter the exam route). I prepare students for the UK's ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall's exam systems for all grades, and provide two student recitals per year in order to give them the opportunity to perform. I teach from beginner to advanced levels, and have experience teaching all ages (I have taught students from 4 to 65+ years old). I have experience and a special interest in teaching students with special needs and working with their parents to achieve the desired goals. My students have received stellar results in their exams (most pass with Distinction on a regular basis) and their parents have reported improved confidence and school performance due to their music learning. I recently started integrating mindful practice in my teaching in order to have helpful techniques for practicing piano and performing in front of an audience. Students face difficulty in focusing while practicing or performing in front of others (as well as when doing other things that require attention). Focus and the ability to pay attention are key skills that help improve practice results, and also help with everyday life achievements for everyone. I have a hectic schedule in Dubai, therefore lesson slots will be booked on a first come, first serve basis and my lesson policies (see "Policies" section) will be strictly applied.


Ashley Yang

Zein is a wonderful piano teacher and has great patience for students with all age groups. She is strict with the curriculum and always encourage her students to reach their potential. All my three kids love her!


Zein is an excellent teacher. She is patient and nice with children and always finds a way to connect with them even with the hardest kind of them. She taught my 3 children whom one of them is a special needs child and with Zein courses she bloomed and even performed in a concert which was organized by the incredible Zein. Thank you Zein for every thing.


Zein is a wonderfully encouraging piano teacher for my nine-year-old daughter who has recently taken her Trinity Grade 1 exam. She is patient, considerate and nurturing and my daughter has certainly gained in confidence since switching from a different piano teacher.

Kate Hendrick

Zein is an extremely professional and friendly tutor. My son had never played the piano before and from his first lesson with Zein he felt encouraged, enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are very thankful to Zein for making his piano experience fun, engaging and challenging when it needs to be. Our son has progressed extremely well and continues to enjoy his piano playing.

Rashed Alnuaimi

The ease of instruction and communication. The level of comfort I felt being taught by her.

Mohamed Mansoury

Adapting the class to the skill and the type of student she had. Switching between different exercise methods to work on weaknesses.

Andreea Badulescu

Ms Zein is a very dear person to our hearts. There are two years already since she is working with my two children (13 years old daughter and 10 years old son) helping them improve their piano knowledge. In all this time, she showed dedication to her work, patience and care, and a special warmth that allowed her to build a relationship of trust with the kids. If you are searching for a devoted and competent teacher for your child, then I am strongly recommending Ms. Zein.

Geoff Dickinson

Zein is an excellent tutor. She is a very talented pianist with tremendous musical knowledge. She helped my son who is studying Music at University with both piano and Music theory. Zein is very patient, explains things really well, and inspires her students. We are so happy we found Zein and are delighted to recommend her. My son will definitely want to work with Zein again in the future during holiday breaks from University. Zein definitely helped my son with his degree skills and he will return to University as a stronger and more advanced student.


Zein is a very dedicated teacher. She is professional and passionate about music, which show clearly during her sessions. My 7 year old daughter loves when Zein shares information about music and piano as an instrument. Her teaching style is simple and clear, especially for kids. We started the lessons more than a year a ago, when my daughter was almost 6, which is relatively a young age for piano. It was challenging at first, however the progress, commitment and the passion my daughter has for piano today is simply because of Zein.

Razan Seikaly

Zein is a very composed and serious teacher that has a very special way with kids. What I love most about Zein is that she doesn’t only focus on teaching piano as a musical instrument but also focuses a lot on proper posture and finger movement! She is a well-rounded tutor!


I've been a student of Zein's for the past 2+ Years now at 3 times per week, and it's been a great experience! Starting from scratch as an adult learner is always tough but her learning style, technique and respect towards each persons learning potential makes the lessons enjoyable and highly productive. She is easy going and open to questions and doesn't make you feel self conscious about any difficulties you might have. I would say i'm very happy with the progress iv'e made with Zein so far and i can tell from my playing in front of other people! I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into the piano, with our without prior knowledge about the instrument to have a chat with her!

Diala Ramahi

Zein is a wonderful and talented instructor. She is very patient and caring when working with her students. She is a knowledgeable and energetic teacher who imparts good techniques and at the same time instills a lifelong appreciation of music. Zein specializes in piano and tailors lessons to fit the students needs. My 11 year daughter had almost lost interest but when Zein started teaching her she managed to restore her interest and confidence in playing the piano. She is amazing with children and creates an environment that is friendly and inspiring for them

Yasmine Hesham

Zein is a fantastic teacher who literally saved the day for both my girls who had a not so great experience with a previous teacher. I was extremely worried that my eldest would lose interest in piano, but zein quickly understood how to handle her and with zein she aced her grade 3 Trinity College exam with a top score. Zein is patient, extremely organized, provides detailed and thorough feedback post every session and sets very clear expectations for the following session. Her piano studio is welcoming and quiet and equipped with a top notch standing piano. Zein understand the Trinity College curriculum and worked very hard with my daughter to set her up for success. She's very technology savvy and continued to tutor my daughter seamlessly during Quarantine time and prepared her well for grade 3 exam. I can't recommend zein more to anyone, I wish we met her earlier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can students improve their knowledge?

Students can improve their knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

  • Practicing solutions regularly.
  • Understand the underlying concepts/formulas clearly.
  • Solving additional exercises.
  • Sharing a positive attitude about the subject.

How can tutors help students improve their score and skills?

There are many ways students can improve their skills. But experienced tutors in Dubai can help to:

  • Build confidence in the student.
  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedure.
  • Provide authentic problems that increase students’ drive to engage with the subject.
  • Share a positive attitude about the subject.

How many private tutors are available in Dubai to teach?

We have a massive database of verified and experienced tutors in Dubai. You can view their profiles with their qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates and availability. Post your requirement for free to find the best tutors in Dubai.

What is the tuition fee charged by home tutors in Dubai?

Tuition fees of tutors in Dubai depend on a number of factors like tutoring hours, experience and qualifications. You can find out the tutor from our list as per your estimated fee with your preferred location.

Do home tutors in Dubai provide training for competitive examinations?

Yes, most of them do. However, we would request you to discuss the same with the tutor of your choice for clarification of any extra hours, fees, etc.

What's the normal duration of tuition classes hosted by tutors in Dubai?

Usually, tutors on MyPrivateTutor conduct a session for 1 to 2 hours a day. But it can vary depending on the arrangements made between the student and the tutor at the time of hiring.

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