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Tolerance and Education

Posted by: Yasmeen Basha. in Class Managment | Date: 26/09/2019

Society is created by groups of individuals who possess different constituent that makes them a human. Every individual is designed with unique characteristics and personalities which differentiate them with others. Those could be like Moral values, attributes, qualities, Intelligence – which are the segments for the betterment of the society that are essential and integral whether it be loy [+]

The Simple Keys to Writing an Essay

Posted by: Salwa Mohammed. in English | Date: 30/07/2019

Whether it is writing an essay about something personal or subjective, such as describing your family, house, or your pet, there are a certain set of rules you need to follow for writing an organized and engaging essay. The following tips can help: Understand the general scope of the topic-what does it talk about? Identify your stance-what is your opinion regarding the particular issue at han [+]

8 things to remember when deciding a Career

Posted by: Salwa Mohammed. in General | Date: 25/07/2019

If you’re at that stage of your life where you’re either in school or college or just finished it, and have no idea what to do next then you’re probably feeling what another billion people are. Choosing what you want to do with your life is one of, if not the hardest decision we have to make as human beings. Of course, when you were a kid, you might have had a goal but most ofte [+]

Why to waste money on ineffective methods like video-courses, online courses, Skype lessons?

Posted by: Tamara Dmytriieva. in Art & Culture | Date: 06/05/2019

These methods today are gaining popularity and the teachers who offer them guarantee their effectiveness. Now, I will try to explain briefly why such learning methods are of little use to those who want to learn how to play guitar well or even other instruments. At a distance the teacher doesn’t have the possibility to check the exact posture of the body, the arms, the hands and he can not [+]

Distribution Practices for the Textile Industry

Posted by: Muhammad Arif. in General | Date: 15/01/2019

Executive Summary In this paper the main focus is to understand the distribution strategy of textile and garments industry and analyze the benefits of choosing different distributions channels over the others. First we analyze the channels selection importance and advantages and then we comment on the selection of these channels among different countries. Like developed countries have the differe [+]

Are Health and Educational Institutions Responsible for Supporting Healthy living?

Posted by: Hamza Selmi. in Class Managment | Date: 04/01/2019

Definitely, it is the health and educational institutions moral responsibility of supporting healthy living. It should be their responsibility for the following reasons. First, health institutions are significant places. They are visited daily by too many categories of people, such as, children, youth and old people and this make the responsibility of supporting healthy living even more serious. A [+]


Posted by: Fatima Nida. in General | Date: 03/01/2019

Education is important medium of acquiring knowledge, Education individual life it guides us to the right path, the world around and education plays a vital role it's very important to be updated An education lays foundation to our bright future It gives us productive member of a civilized society.We learn how to meet overcome obstacles. We learn how to become an integrated value of our culture. [+]

Literary Critique - Creative Writing

Posted by: Shellie Gill. in English | Date: 26/12/2018

Creative writing, a form of writing which involves the creativity of a free mind. However, as students, we all find it difficult at times to convey and lay our creative ideas freely and briefly. Additionally, in educational institutions, creative writing isn’t always appreciated and accepted, and some educational professionals tend to neglect the importance of teaching creative writing to th [+]

Top Universities in Canada

Posted by: Ketan Hathi. in General | Date: 24/12/2018

The Universities of Canada is famous for Good Teaching and research. Canadian universities are increased their  rank among international universities and and institutions worldwide, and they continue to attract the smartest and serious pupil to their highly respected and prestigious degree programmes. To go to some of the best universities in the world for your Bachel [+]

Should animals be used in research?

Posted by: Hamza Selmi. in Science | Date: 21/12/2018

Each year, according to the US government statistics, more than 1 million animals are used, killed, in the US laboratories. This vast number of animals used yearly is for multiple reasons, such as medical lectures, training, and drug testing experiments. Sadly, all animals used for testing, whether experiments succeed or not, will have to be killed when the experiment is over or else, they will ke [+]

10 Important Career Lessons Most People Learn Too Late In Life

Posted by: Olaoluwapo Sonowo. in General | Date: 21/12/2018

Keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone. That’s what a lot of us were taught to believe about work. But is it really the best strategy? I find that people often take this sort of advice to heart — and then learn too late in their careers that there’s more to life (and success) than just keeping busy. I’ve gathered up my top 10 lessons you should take to heart [+]

Fun Ways to Learn Arabic Language

Posted by: Lamis Salloum. in Languages | Date: 20/12/2018

Language forms the basic means of communication; it embodies identity and allows emotions to be exchanged.   Our aim at The Developing Child Centre is to encourage and support children with their learning of the Arabic language through fun and exciting learning opportunities; we integrate materials and games that are suitable for all ages and that meet educational needs accordingly through [+]

Facts about Arabic Language

Posted by: Adnan. in Languages | Date: 31/05/2018

- Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries. - It is the mother tongue of over 300 million people. - Arabic is understood by more than 1.2 billion people across the world. - It is the language of Islam and it is the language of the Holy Quran. - It is one of the six most spoken languages in the World. - It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. There are three [+]

To Tutor or not to tutor

Posted by: Mrs Brobbey. in Exam Preparation | Date: 09/05/2018

This is the dilemma of many parents I encounter much to my surprise. The misconception that tuition is only for struggling students is rife in our region and I have so far not managed to grasp the logic behind this. Parents appear to worry about what others will think when they find out their children are tutored. How it is a problem to admit you are proactive in preempting and preventing I probab [+]

The Community Camel

Posted by: Patrick Mckeown. in Finance | Date: 08/05/2018

The community Camel was invented and patented by Patrick McKeown .The community camel is a self irrigating, extremely low maintenance poly tunnel. I have recognised an opportunity exists to deliver a huge array of low cost organic fruit and vegetables to the mass market. The cost of fruit and vegetables has risen significantly and the problem of “food miles” will increase as oil prices [+]

The 3 Steps of Essay Writing

Posted by: Luis Freire. in Languages | Date: 08/05/2018

Students who undergo tutoring in a college English course are under pressure to comprehend a reading, interpret a related inquiry to that reading, and produce an individually written response in return for a grade. This alone may not be sufficient cause for a mental block, but consider that students often have math, science, and other course requirements to deal with simultaneously.Although most i [+]

Tourism: A brief discussion

Posted by: Muhammad Arif. in Travel and Tourism | Date: 11/08/2017

  Defining tourism is not a straightforward matter, as it is an unpredictable industry made up of a wide range of organizations, the basic subject being that they give items and administrations to visitors. The most generally acknowledged meaning of tourism is that gave by the World Tourism Association: “Tourism embodies the exercises of persons flying out to and staying in spots outs [+]

Are you a low performer in French? Read this

Posted by: Radhika Murali. in Languages | Date: 25/01/2017

With gratitude to new generation academic curricula, today’s students have a wide access and reach to learning a foreign language at school level. Some studious students consider this as an opportunity while others like me who were low performers consider it as an extra baggage in their academic journey. I studied French in Grade 9 & 10. My board exams were approaching and like every ot [+]

Being Good at Chemistry Means Asking Yourself the Right Questions

Posted by: Nathan Mitchell. in Science | Date: 29/11/2016

  When I tell people I teach chemistry for a living, I get a number of responses.  Some of the more common ones:  “Oh, I hated chemistry in high school.”  “You must be smart.”  “I had a bad teacher.”  Oftentimes whether someone likes or hates the subject depends on the teachers they’ve had.  I’d like to think t [+]

Yoga & Music

Posted by: Musicoholic Mala. in Health | Date: 29/11/2016

Have you ever noticed the music yoga teachers play in class? We know intuitively that music affects our emotions. It hits us deeply, unconsciously,  elevating us, calling forth an old memory, or even causing us to squeeze on the gas pedal a little harder. Neurologist Oliver Sacks, in his book Musicophilia, explains that the parts of our brains that understand music are intertwined with our l [+]

Music And Plants - How To Use Music To Improve Plant Growth

Posted by: Musicoholic Mala. in Hobbies | Date: 29/11/2016

The right sounds can produce tremendous improvements in growth, and the wrong sounds can do just the opposite. Plants are more aware of their surroundings than we think, probably much more so than us!Here, I just want to give you a taste of what some researchers have observed with respect to plants and music, and sound and plants. This has direct implications for organic gardening. Music And Plan [+]

How Much Is Your Word Worth? A Sneak Peek at Google AdWords

Posted by: Sarim Naveed. in Digital Marketing | Date: 29/11/2016

Google Adwords! Certainly not a topic that would make for an animated conversation at a dinner table, unless, of course, you had more than a few geeks present!Well, as strange as it may seem, the foregoing may no longer be a true statement. As more and more previously “Cybershy” entrepreneurs are joining the ranks of such Internet mainstays as E-bay, Amazon and the like, it is likely t [+]

The Realms Of Sherlock In RMC

Posted by: Sarim Naveed. in Class Managment | Date: 29/11/2016

  "whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Astute, impertinent and canny in his perception. Whimsical and scintillating in his character. Capricious and incalculable in his frame of mind. Theoretical and intuitive in his thoughts. Shrewd, animadvert and impugn in his judgment. Bewitching and tantalizing in his speculation. Captivating and irresistible in his look [+]

Guide for Studying Abroad in the USA

Posted by: Carla. in Exam Preparation | Date: 29/11/2016

  An Easy Guide for Studying Abroad in the USA by Carla Botha The USA is currently ranked as one of the top academic countries in the world and in 2015 an estimated total of 974,926 international students from all across the world were studying in the United States. Why Study in the USA? For most students, the incentive to study abroad in the US means a way to gain a quali [+]


Posted by: Carla. in Islamic Education | Date: 29/11/2016

  To have gentiles is to be noble and kind of heart. To show compassion towards people who might cross your life path while you are on your pilgrimage. It is also to have a kind and noble spirit and heart – to have pity on others when pity and kindness is needed. In The Canterbury Tales we meet various characters that are going on a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is usually a holy trip taken [+]

Are You Unconsciously Missing The Tricks Of Talent

Posted by: Muhammad Raheeq Manzoor. in Hobbies | Date: 07/04/2016

When I was about 13, I joined a band and one of the songs we were trying toaccomplish was Blink 182’s ‘All the Small Things’. My buddy Rich, who had beenplaying for a couple of years longer, taught me the main riff. He used a plectrum(pick) to play it. Having learned on the Classical guitar and with little experienceusing a pick, I found the riff extremely challenging because it [+]

Modesty In Islam

Posted by: Hasnain Ahmed. in Islamic Education | Date: 19/02/2016

Modesty plays a vital role in character building. It restrains a man from behaving in an undesirable manner. It also acts as a shield against immoralities. It holds the key to piety. It is related by Zaid bin Talha that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Every religion has a distinctive quality and the distinctive quality of Islam is modesty” The Hadith shows that in every fai [+]

Gestational Diabetes

Posted by: Heba Abou Diab. in Medical | Date: 11/02/2016

  Gestational diabetes  --  diabetes  that develops during  pregnancy  -- is a growing health concern worldwide, affecting 4% of pregnant women. Increased levels of pregnancy hormones interfere with your body's ability to manage blood sugar leading to "insulin resistance." Usually, your  pancreas  ( organ producing insulin) is able to compensate for insul [+]

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