05 Best Calculators to find the HCF and LCM

May 03, 2021

Have you ever wished to learn how to do math? Isn't it possible to learn mathematics online? We look at several websites that can help you learn anything from elementary concepts to university-level subjects like calculus.

Learning online has become a popular method of gaining access to technical information. These online tools include understanding mathematical principles, simple guides, and problem-solving opportunities, among other things.

This article will show you five such websites which will help you in finding the HCF and LCM. Let's Begin!

Best Calculators to find the HCF and LCM

With this set of engaging secondary mathematics tools, you can quickly learn the highest common factor and lowest common multiple.

What are HCF and LCM?

HCF stands for Highest Common Factor in mathematics. Some numbers can find to be common when determining the variables of two or more numbers. The HCF is the most fantastic element discovered from the common factors. Hence, it's often referred to as the greatest common factor.

The following are the two most popular methods for determining the HCF of a set of numbers:

  • Division Method
  • Prime Factorization Method

The LCM of any two numbers is the value that is equally divisible by the two numbers. The Least Common Multiple is the complete form of LCM. The Least Common Divisor is another name for it (LCD).

Finding the lowest common multiple between multiple numbers can be done in a variety of ways. Some of the methods are listed further down.

  • Cake Method
  • Division Method
  • Listing Multiples
  • Prime Factorization

However, some best online tools are available for finding the HCF and LCM. So let's have a look.

1. Lcm-calculator.com

Manual methods take longer to find the least common multiple (factors) than an online LCM calculator. This calculator will assist you in locating the LCM of two or more numbers with just a single press.

The LCM calculator is free to use, and the LCM can calculate in a variety of ways. This tool will also demonstrate how to solve LCM.

How does it work?

1.    Write the number to be split by a comma in the first input box.
2.    Choose Calculation Method from the drop-down list.
3.    Click the Calculate button.

2. Calculatorschool.com
The HCF calculator is a multi-purpose method that calculates the highest and lowest common factors of two numbers simultaneously.

To find the HCF and LCM simultaneously, only one input value needs to add to this tool. HCF GCD, GCF are all the same thing. All of these names refer to the same process.

Using this HCF finder calculator, you can quickly find HCF and LCM without performing lengthy calculations.

You can go to the other section if you want to learn the handbook before using the highest common factor calculator.

We analyzed feedback from various sources and found that this domain has a high percentage of constructive feedback. In addition, Calculatorschool.com appears to be a well-managed and highly secure resource, as shown by many positive reviews.

3. Calculator Soup.com

Calculator Soup is an entirely free online calculator. For the specified data values, use the calculator in this section to find HCF and LCM.

It is an excellent tool for schoolwork. The site is free of bugs, which makes it easier for someone to use. It is something I would suggest to someone who wants to get the solutions of HCF and LCM.

4. Meracalculator.com

Another good online tool for finding the HCF and LCM is meracalculator.com. It is a trustworthy website that provides calculators for a variety of academic disciplines.

It is favored by college students as well as those pursuing advanced degrees.

This website has a well-organized interface, with calculators organized by academic discipline. If you're searching for a physics calculator, for example, there's an icon for that.

When you press it, you'll see all of the resources that will create for similar topics. It's a decent option for those interested in pursuing a professional degree in math, economics, or another area.

This website's HCF calculator is a valuable GCF finder that determines the greatest (highest) commonality of the given numbers.

5. Getcalc.com

The GCF Calculator on getcalc.com is an online simple math feature tool for finding the most significant positive integer (highest or greatest common factor) that divides each number in a set of two or more integers.


  • For two numbers or integers, find the GCF.
  • For three or maybe more numbers, it finds the HCF.
  • Create step-by-step solutions to GCF worksheet problems.


Students will find math very difficult, so some tools will help me clear the math problem—something similar tools give in this article will solve the HCF and LCM math problems. I hope you like this article and share it with others.

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