10 Advantages of Learning To Play The Piano

Sep 05, 2019

There are plenty of benefits that learning piano can offer you. It goes far ahead of appreciating music or acquiring a new skill. We have listed the top benefits that apply to both children and adults.

The first thing you have to do is to remind yourself that it’s never too late to learn music. You could be unsure about your musical side. However, long-term benefits will give an additional reason to try it.

Benefits of Playing The Piano

Following are the benefits of learning to play the piano, which goes beyond playing an instrument:

1. You respond better to criticism

To make the maximum of this benefit, you must have a quality piano tutor. He will tell you about constructive criticism. When students are young and teachers are an expert, they feel easier to take pieces of advice and give feedbacks.

The process will help you respond to criticism and also learn from it. It goes onto other aspects of life, and you start becoming more alert of every move. Remember, both good and bad comments are good. You only have to take out the positive aspects of them.

2. You can handle stress

Participating in your piano recitals or performing in front of people is a great experience. You get over stage fright and gain confidence. It also makes you prepare well for your performance, so you start becoming more dedicated, disciplined and goal-centric. 

3. You appreciate every comment

After you perform playing piano people will give you compliments and criticisms. You will know how to embrace both and put them to use. Criticisms will make you improve yourself and compliments will be your reward. These make you more acceptable to different situations in life.

4. Increase social participation

Playing in front of a group adds to social skills. You share your talent that expands your network in the in the industry. It gives you wider scope to take your skill to another level. You might soon be able to earn from it. 

5. Stronger hand muscles

Piano improves dexterity in kids and maintains strength in adults. However, you must learn the skill correctly for getting proper benefits and also to know your skills right. Make sure you have professional teachers to guide you through.

6. Improved academics

Learning piano at an early age will improve cognitive skills compared to peers. This could mean better academic score. Piano lessons also relate to higher levels of concentration. Thus, a child can have an overall development.

7. Aurally aware

You might have a good sense of pitch or struggle with it. However, if you play the piano you will improve for the better. Learning the skills related to developing a better sense of pitch, training mind to recognize tones, chords, intervals, and more. These will help you remember your music theories better.

8. Increased patience

Learning any skill needs you have patience. However, music is definitely something that could need more. From pianos to violins, you need to give a lot of effort to excel. Thus, you slowly start having more patience in everything you do.

9. Splits concentration

Learning piano could be frustrating initially. You need to know how to coordinate both the hands and play different notes. However, with practice, it will get easier. It helps you multitask in other assignments, studies, and more.

10. Happier

Music makes us happy and playing an instrument or singing are best ways of self-entertainment. You are bound to be happier when you are learning music. Take it up as a regular hobby and it will reap the best benefits for you.

Age is never a factor, so don’t hesitate because of that. Your child would need an extracurricular to take breaks from studying. As parents, you could also want to learn a new skill. Give it your efforts and it will give back all the positivity.  

If you are still unsure about start piano lessons for your child, you should reconsider the benefits mentioned above. You might want to start off out of joy, but it will provide you more than your expectations. Every good habit gives you more than just one advantage, so make the most of all.

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