11 Best Last Minute Revision Tips before Your Examination

Aug 21, 2014

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Are you feeling nervous? When examination is approaching, numerous students start worrying that very little revision is done till date. Panicking is not going to solve your problem, it is never too late to begin revising your lessons. Here are the top 10 last minute exam tips that you must follow and get started on your revision.

Create the revision timetable

Recent studies reveal that a short twenty to thirty minutes break works best since your level of concentration is quite higher during this time. Take short and frequent breaks that allow you to concentrate while studying.

Do exercise

Exercise or physical activity is essential especially during intensive study session. A small half an hour jog after one day of exam revision may create a big difference to your fitness and wellbeing. Physical activity increases heart rates and allows blood circulate throughout your body at fast rate. It ensures that brain receives more oxygen that actually increases productivity and at the same time reduces stress or fatigue.

Find out a silent space in your house

You desperately require a place where you remain undisturbed for several hours. You can choose a quiet room or even your school library. Few students also prefer to take a seat at their local coffee shop during odd hours with less number of people around. However it does not work well for everyone and people often get easily distracted.

Study in the morning

Try to get up early in the morning and start revising your lessons. Experts believe that you can complete all your planned work right on time if you begin your work early. The more you get closer to evening you will lose your concentration and feel like going outside.

Eat bananas

Make this potassium rich fruit an integral part of your diet and boost your energy level. Do you know what Nadal or Federer do to increase their energy? They go by the courtside to dip into kitbags and have bananas!

Add colors to your lesson

Make use of colors while revising your lessons. Drawing colorful maps may help you memorize the facts. And colorful notes seem to be easier to memorize than the notes written with black or white inks. Go and color your notes now.

Make use of past papers

Find a tutor who can provide the previous years’ papers.  Else, you can search for it on the internet. Many schools in UAE put a lot of emphasis on the examination techniques and your familiarity with the technique before your examination may help you save your time and also allow you to score good marks during the examination.

Reward yourself

Have you heard the common English adage, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’? Do not slog as it will not be of much help for you. Lead a balanced life. Students who make a perfect balance between leisure as well as study becomes the one who wishes to secure top marks. For example, you can treat yourself with your favorite sweets or hang out with your friends after one long productive day of examination revision. Studying hard and enjoying short breaks become your motto.

Use your family and friends

Request your near and dear ones to evaluate you and offer valuable feedback. Why don’t you give your history notes to your brother and ask him to test your capacity? It is a good technique to revise your lesson and also a nice way to take break from hard work.

Make use of summaries

Making summaries is one of the unique ways to memorize loads of information. You can sat down to read your text book and think on your own that you have utilized the time productively. It is not so simple. One of the effective ways to memorize details is to make notes again and again. It may sound boring but it is found out that successful students make at least three sets of similar notes while preparing for examination. It also helps them to memorize the necessary information without much trouble.

Think positive always!

At end of day, it is not just about studying too hard. You have to stay positive in life. Remind yourself that there are many famous people who did not have proper education or perform well in school or university. Your life is not going to end if you do not score good marks in the examination. So get rid of all pressure and stay happy and relaxed.

Follow these last minutes revision tips or tricks and become better prepared during examination.

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