12 Academic Tools and Resources Useful for University Students

May 20, 2019

Tehnology has created a significant impact in each aspect of life. Machinery has overtaken about every inch of this world. Likewise, it has greatly affected the methods of teaching and learning. Modern schools encourage pupils to captivate through technology. Students share their knowledge using devices. They are now avoiding old ways of sticking with textbooks and a desk. It is being observed that learners are engaging more towards innovative techniques to learn, revise and remember. Teachers are also using modern gadgets for developing interest. Instructors utilize them to establish competition between pupils and make education fun and productive.

There is numerous profit kept in consideration while developing such advanced academic tools. Enhancing the interaction between professor and student, improving the learning strategies, adopting new tech are some of the benefits. Here we present 12 of the most profitable and time-saving mediums.

1. Grammarly

Detecting the grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes is useful. This software not only examines the errors but also advises the corrections. It shows the alternatives as well. A learner needs to be confident with their submission. There is an option to select the required language before pasting the text in the respective section. Undergraduates give importance to it because a part of marks depends upon correct language.

2. FreeEssayWriters

A well-written material plays a significant role in educational institutes. Qualification from legitimate universities/colleges will be critical in contrast with unacceptable academies. Reputable institutions have higher requirements from pupils. Many learners find it challenging to meet these demands. To ensure submitting the excellent write-up, understudies are advised to get quality assistance from CrowdWriter.

3. Writing Ocean

Finding distinct educational tools in short duration is a painful act. This forum provides a collection of different academic resources. Undergraduates can efficiently manage to search the best they require for the moment. Hundreds of free tools can easily be reached through it. Links to the latest guides for referencing, punctuations, dictionaries, word density, similarity index and many more will be found here. The finest part is that all the resources are perfectly classified according to their type. It is highly recommended to acquire the assistance from this hub with no cost.

4. Guide 2 Write

For researchers, it is necessary to be aware of the different types of writing style and formatting. Since, in almost each research area, there is a gap between past studies and latest researches. Hence, citation plays an important role to connect these areas significantly. This guide includes all the rules and regulations of numerous writing styles. It has a complete description for referencing several sources in 9 different styles. It supports a lot in manual citation and understanding the techniques of referencing.

5. Australian Master

An assignment is a vital part of educational life. University students have to experience it anyhow. Pretty much, grades are designated for surrendering the excellent composition. Usually, learners prefer not to take a risk and seek the assistance of professionals who can encourage them. Various people either solely or as a group offer such services. AustralianMaster is the most experienced and reliable services around the globe. They support with an essay, thesis, dissertation, and other papers. Their goal is to benefit pupils gaining satisfied quality of the work and attain success in academic careers.

6. Word Count Jet

Almost every assignment, homework, thesis, coursework, or dissertation has a limitation of words. This requirement contains the marks also. Sometimes tutor asked to revise a task because of the insufficient amount of words. This tool presents a quick word counting feasibility. A learner has to copy the script and paste into the text box. It has no limit to calculate the words. More importantly, it allows amending the material being on the same page. Another feature which makes it prominent among the similar gadgets is its capability to check the characters also.

7. Academist Help

Nowadays, societies are aware enough about the importance of education. People love to display the number of degrees and certificates in their portfolio. It is a positive indication of advancement, enhancement of society as well as human abilities, innovation, morals, and social science. AcademistHelp encourages individuals to study more to become a responsible citizen. They assist pupils in research proposals and personal statements, making it easy for them to get admission in educational institutes. Along with that, this mechanism relief in producing different homework, editing, and proofreading.

8. Turnitin

Education is based on understanding and realizing. While scripting the document, a university student is supposed to write whatever he/she has known during the lectures. Teachers demand such paper to let them understand the subject and empower the writing skills. This tool enables an individual to check the amount of similarity in the report. It is being used widely in the world. Most of the institutes ask students to submit the document through it. It detects the cheating and duplication.

9. Object Me

Pupils have a direct relation to the written job. All in their career, they need to make assignments, coursework, thesis, and dissertations. However, the common thing in each of them is composing. If a pupil is good at written skills, he/she can deal with any of the listed types. ObjectMe possesses some fine pieces of blogs and articles. Students need to read these contents to enhance their abilities and be familiar with good sentence structures.

10. Accurate Cite

One of the basic requirements for each written work is a correct citation. Teachers and institutes desire proper referencing in the submitted document. Students usually face difficulty in arranging the details of the sources. However, now it becomes comfortable. AccurateCite enables to create automatic references based on wished style. This website offers five distinct citation ways, i.e., APA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, and MLA. This academic tool is easy and free to use.

11. Educator House

Education has an essential value in the modern world. Teachers, therefore, are regarded as one of the respected profession. So as learners are being valued equally. However, some individual finds it difficult to educate themselves. Students lose hope and somehow are demotivated. There are several methods to encourage them. Articles on EducatorHouse work as among the best tools to boost such individuals. These articles help to understand how beneficial and easy it is to get educated. It also provides them with the ways to manage their educational career.

12. MHR Writer

Understudies often face difficulties in submitting the assignments within a deadline. Mostly the university students are working side by side with studies. They find it difficult to manage all the academic tasks along with a job. If someone is stuck in this situation, there is no need to worry. Use the MHRWriter as an alternate academic tool. According to them, “Educational services help pupil in their homework with the intention to progress the student’s scholastically to the next level.” It is easy to use and trustworthy.

Develop Your Skills

Undergraduates should utilize best from the above listed academic tools and resources for producing a quality composition. However, by no means, we want to demotivate them to develop their skills. It is extremely recommended to learn and enhance the ability to write better and better.

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Stella Lincoln

Stella Lincoln is a psychology professor in a reputable institution of the United States of America. She recently conducted research based on modern technologies and students. Based on her research, she advises students to adopt modern tools during their studies to bring quality and value to their work.

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