5 Best Helpful Tools Every Student Should Know

Nov 24, 2021

Every student's life wheel around writing, whether they are asked to write an assignment, research paper, thesis, or essay.

And in this era, students prefer to do multitask. They manage study and jobs at the same time. But don't you think with loaded academic work, it becomes hard to find time to rest.

A restless mind and body can never bring up the best in a student. To reduce the academic pressure of students, we have come up with a constructive idea.
This article will discuss some fantastic tools that every student must know to do their academic work in less time with less effort.

It is okay to go for shortcuts in life sometimes. Because they say, work smart, not hard. To find out about the tools, hook to the next section of the article.

5 Tools Every Student Must Know in 2021

1. Paraphraser.io

Do you have long assignments due? Don't have enough time to make them? Well, if yes, you are on a suitable tool.

Students consider copying other students' work instead of putting in some effort. It is not the right call. Duplicated or copy work is never appreciated in educational institutes.

It also affects the student's reputation and grades as well. To save yourself from all the stress, consider using the paraphrasing tool.

The tool allows students to create their assignments, thesis, or research work without duplicating content. They have to search for the topic on Google and copy it.
After that, go to the tool and paste the original text on the left input box shown on the tool window. You can also upload the text file from your device to make it paraphrase.

How does the tool work?

The tool works as a rewriter tool with strong artificial intelligence behind its development. It will change the sentence structure of the original text and make it new by replacing words with synonyms.

The tool supports multi-language features as well. Now students can generate text in more than one language by selecting a language from the dropdown menu.

Also, the text generated by the tool is up to the human understanding level, and it also maintains the original context and meaning of sentences.

Once you are done pasting the source text, hit the 'Paraphrase Now' button to start the process. You will see within a few seconds the tool will show the output text in the right white box.

You can copy the output text and use it anywhere you want. You don't even have to worry about the text's uniqueness as the tool generates plagiarism-free content without costing you a penny.

2. Editpad.org

Students are assigned the task to read the case study and summarize it in their own words at some point, if not frequently.

To make their work easy, we have developed another fantastic tool called text summarizer. The tool allows students to generate a summary of long text with a few seconds.

The tool works in a very effective manner. It analyzes the whole source text and generates its summary by considering all the crucial points and heading in the text.
The summary generated by the tool toches the human understanding level, so you don't have to worry about its readability and creditability.

Not just students but professional writers and bloggers can also use this tool to generate short blogs and articles.

How does the tool work?

To use the tool, copy the text you want to summarize and go to the tool via the link attached. Paste the copied text on the left white box with the 'Type or paste your content here to summarize it' caption.

You can upload a file from your device as well. This tool also supports multi-language features. Isn't it amazing? Now you can create a summary of your content in more than one language.

It's an admirable feature for students who study in countries where English is not a language of their educational institutes.

Hit the blue 'Summarize' button to summarize your content. You will the too will take up to just a few seconds to display the output text.

If you are concerned about the fee to use the tool, we have good news for you. The tool is free to use, and you don't have to pay a dime for the tool.

3. Citationmachine.net

When we write a research paper, we should include citations or bibliography in our research work. It's a general format for writing a research paper.

However, it becomes tough to keep track of all the sources while creating citations or bibliographies. Right?

Also, it consumes a lot of time in creating citations on our own. Why not try a shortcut? The citation generator tool makes writing a lot smart and easy.

The tool allows you to generate a citation in four variants. You can for 'APA Citation Generator,' 'Chicago Citation Generator,' 'Harvard Citation Generator,' and 'MLA Citation Generator.'

All of the four variants have a collection of different sources to cite your work. The APA variant covers every possible citation source one can imagine.

The Chicago variant covers all the possible sources found in Chicago style manual. The Harvard variant covers all the sources found in Harvard style.

And the last MLA variant covers all the sources found in the handbook of MLA. So many options, right? So make the best use of this tool.

How does the tool work?

The tool's interface is quite friendly. But it requires an excellent attempt to use the tool. When you go to the tool, you will see two white boxes with two buttons.

One with 'Create Citation' and the other with 'Check Your Paper.' If you want to create a new citation for your text or manage the existing bibliography in your text.
Go for the first one.

Suppose you want to check your text for spelling, grammar, or plagiarism. Go for the second option. Once you hit the first button, you will be directed to a short video.

The video will explain how you can make use of the tool for creating a citation. Follow the steps and perform them in the same manner to create citations.

If you want to check for grammatical errors or plagiarism, hit the second button. You will be directed to another page where the whole process will be described.
Follow the steps for best results.

4. Prepostseo.com

Plagiarism is a central concern area for students whether they are writing an essay or a research paper. The  plagiarism checker tool is free to use with 100% authentic results.

With hundreds of online tools available, it's hard to find the best one. You can rely on this tool without even a single doubt.

Not just students but bloggers and professional writers can also use the tool free of cost to check plagiarism in their articles and blogs.

The tool comes in three different variants. The free variant is for the general public and best for students as they can not afford paid tools. It allows the word limit of 1000 words at a time.

The basic variant of the tool allows the word limit of 1500 words. This variant is also free, but you have to register yourself first before you use the tool.

The premium variant of the tool allows users to run 5000 words at a time. The standard premium variant allows users to run 15000 words at a time.

The company premium variant allows users to run 25000 words at a time. However, the organization variant has no word limit.

How does the tool work?

The tool work in an effortless manner. Go to the tool via the link attached. And copy the text you want to run for plagiarism.

Paste it in the text area shown on the tool window. Hit the green button with the 'Check Plagiarism' caption and wait for a few seconds.

It will compare your source text with all of the online sources available, and if there is any duplicated text in your content, it will alert you by underlining it.

The tool will also show the source where your text is duplicated from. You can remove the plagiarism and re-run it to check if it's free of plagiarism or not.

5. Paperrater.com

Last but not least, the free paper grader tool is another effective tool that students should consider giving a try. The tool check for all the grammatical and spelling errors in your text.

It allows proofread your text and give writing suggestions that will allow your work to boost its creditability.

If you want to check for plagiarism as well, guess what? You can check plagiarism with this tool for free. The feedback it gives is best for newbie bloggers and writers to improve their articles and blogs.

How does the tool work?

Go to the tool window first. Read all the instructions and methods given to use the tool's features. If you want to go for the free use, hit the 'Use Now Free!' button.

Once you hit that button, you will be directed to a page. Copy the source text you want to analyze for grammatical errors or check for plagiarism.

Paste the copied text on the white text area a little below the page. Mark the check box you see and hit the 'Get Report' button or 'Advanced Check' button, according to your requirements, and you are good to go.


If you are a student struggling with academic workload, including assignments, thesis, or research papers, this article will help you a lot.

We have discussed five practical tools to help every student eliminate their workload by completing their work before the due date. Please give it a read and find more about the tools along with their work.

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