6 Activities to help you Learn English fast

Dec 23, 2014

Is English a major stumbling block for you? Do you feel threatened by this language so often that you simply refuse to learn it? I am quite certain most of you would answer in the affirmative! Believe me, the English language is not at all as scary as it seems. Firstly, tell yourself, “Dear English, I will conquer you soon. You might be tough. But I am tougher.”

Remember, learning something new requires a great deal of patience and diligence. So, don’t be surprised if you progress at snail’s pace initially. Yes, it is a fact. So, don’t expect to be fluent in this language at least before six months. Start picking up the basics slowly, but steadily. And before you know it, you would discover a new ‘YOU’.

For beginners, learning English can be a bit challenging. However, don’t panic. Here are some wonderful tips which would go a long way in helping you imbibe English swiftly:

  • Read voraciously: This might sound boring to some of you, but reading is one of the best ways to grasp English. Want to know why? That is simply because reading improves vocabulary. This would automatically make you smarter in English. English comics, novels, newspapers and magazines should always be in your ‘to-read’ list. You can even re-read the books which you have read before. Make sure you make it a regular habit of reading two good newspapers published in English.
  • Watch TV: Yes, you read it right. Who says television is just an idiot box? Keep watching English movies, soaps, news and jokes on TV. And mind you, when I say watch English movies, I strictly mean it. Don’t watch translated English movies. Rather, stick to English films which are shown in English itself. Also, avoid reading the subtitles on the screen. Instead, listen to each dialogue attentively, and try to understand what the actors want to convey. If you encounter words which sound alien to you, try to grasp its meaning by analyzing actions in the film.
  • Use technology: Technology is one of the greatest blessings of the twenty-first century. So feel free to use it to enhance your English skills. Invest your time in downloading English study materials from the Internet. You will find various e-books, blogs and online dictionaries which can teach you English. You can even save your precious time and money by subscribing for online English tutorials. I will give you another interesting idea. Start watching the best YouTube videos online which impart important lessons in English.
  • Make new friends: Yes, you can absorb the nitty-gritties of English better if you make friends with an English-speaking person. Just spend quality time with such people. Chat with them online, or engage in a telephonic conversation with them. Thinking how to find ‘friends’ on the Internet? All you need to do is join English-learning communities in the web. You would be surprised to see how these friends motivate you to communicate in English more often. Exchanging letters with ‘pen friends’ is another great way to improve your English.
  • Listen to music: Are you stressed out after a boring English learning session with your tutor? Squeeze out some time during your weekends and unwind by listening to some English music. You can also watch the videos of English songs from YouTube. Read the translations carefully, and listen to the lyrics. Rewind the video and keep repeating the process till you finally understand the exact meaning of the entire song.

Select your favorite album or band, to keep your interest quotient high. Human brains have been found to be more receptive when we enjoy something. So music lovers, why not learn while you enjoy?

  • Build your vocab: If you aim to enhance your power in the English language, you must direct your efforts towards building a strong vocabulary. First, gift yourself a notebook. Next, make a list of new words you learnt recently in it, including phrases, idioms and interesting proverbs. You must also write their meanings. Don’t forget to go back to your notebook every now and then and glance at the stock of words. Practise it regularly. For writing is the master key to retain things in your memory.

A fun way to build a smart vocabulary is playing games like Scrabble, anagrams, crossword puzzles and MMOs. MMOs are special games which let you play with other people. So you can easily play with other English-speaking people and learn from them.

The unique tips mentioned above would do you a world of good. Besides, self-help guide books, online courses or private tutors can be other options for you. Remember, learning English is not rocket science! All you require is a positive approach towards this subject and an eagerness to learn.

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