8 Benefits of An Internship And What It Can Do For Your Resume

Jan 13, 2021

For students, writing a resume can be unnerving. Most hiring managers only take six to ten seconds to skim through a single resume. That’s why it’s crucial for students to create a resume that can easily draw employers’ attention and get them selected for an interview.  

When applying for a competitive company, it may not be so easy to get hired. Most especially if you are competing with applicants who have more experience, it may be hard to stand out among the rest. Some employers tend to look for experience over education even when it comes to entry-level jobs.

In order to make you more employable, this may be the right time to get yourself into internship programs to boost your knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Internship

An internship is a structured experience that relates to a student’s desired career or profession. It can either be paid or unpaid since the main purpose of an internship is to get experience. Some students may be unwilling to pursue internships due to long work hours, with no pay. But, the best reward you can get out of internships that is better than money is the knowledge and experience you’ll obtain.

You can apply for an internship while you’re an undergraduate and render hours over the summer or during a semester. You can also choose whether to work full-time or part-time; it depends on the company that you’ve applied to. Through this, your chances of getting hired by your employer will be higher.

Here is a list of benefits that you can get from your internship:

1. Obtain Real Work Experience

The main reason students take an internship is for them to have real work experience. Through an internship, you’ll have an opportunity to witness and experience firsthand what it is like to work in your chosen industry. You will be exposed to a real work setting, taking part in meetings, meeting deadlines for the assigned tasks, and completing assignments for clients. Your internship responsibilities will be pretty much the same as those of regular employees.  

2. Build Your Network

When you’re an intern, one of the most significant benefits is gaining access to a network of professionals in your industry. You’ll be working with managers and employees, and establish relationships with them. You’ll surrounded by the right people who’ll support you and help you learn more about your chosen field. Building connections with your top mentors and key players will be beneficial in your future career advancement, and you can include them someday as your references.

3. Acquire Professional Skills

Once you’re exposed to a real work setting, you will also acquire professional skills. First, you’ll know how to manage your time, especially if you’re working in a fast-paced environment. Furthermore, your communication and interpersonal skills will be enhanced, together with your ability to work in a team and provide solutions to certain issues.

4. Be Able to Do Some Field Experimentation

While some students leave their internship feeling confident about the careers they’ll take, some end up not liking their chosen industries at all. Were you not happy?
Did you not feel motivated or experience that sense of fulfillment while interning for your prospective field?  You may feel these things after your internship, possibly because you’ve found out that your course is not something that you’re passionate about at all.  
Through internships, you can experiment whether you’d love to pursue this specific career or choose a different one. Moreover, once you’ve figured out the type of job you'd really want to pursue during internship, it can help you land the right one when you graduate.

5. Improve Your Self-Confidence

An internship can be a real confidence booster for a student. Once you’ve gained more experience and knowledge during your internship, it will inspire you to work harder in school and take on more challenges outside your comfort zone. This way, you are more guaranteed to succeed in your chosen career and quickly land a job in no time after you graduate.  

6. Learn From Others

As you work with your manager, other employees, and the rest of the team, you are more likely to learn from them as well. You can silently observe how they handle different tasks while managing their time. You’ll also see their diverse methods in handling their jobs, and the ins and outs of different job positions. Through them, you might be able to formulate your own approach when completing tasks, or you can ask for their help to teach you about the right procedures. Everyone you’re working with will be your mentor, and every day will be a learning opportunity, so get the most out of it.

7. Get Professional Feedback

When you’re a student, you receive feedback from your teachers through your exam scores and grades. But, when you’re an intern, you’ll get feedback from the professionals who actually work in the field. Receiving constructive criticism from the managers or supervisors will be very helpful on your part. They can tell you which key points you should work on more, and which area you excel the most. This way, you’ll be inspired to improve the parts you still need to work on and harness the parts you’re already good at.  Their feedback will serve as your guide in improving yourself in the future.

8. Possible Full-Time Position

If your internship is a good experience for both you and the company, there’s a higher possibility that they’ll hire you for a permanent position. Some hiring managers use internships as part of the interview process to determine which interns excel the most and are the best fit for the vacant positions.
When the company willingly offers you a full-time job, you just saved yourself from the time and stress of going around and looking for a company that would hire you. So, make sure to demonstrate your best working attitude and be a goal-oriented young intern throughout the process.

Final Thoughts

Now, you already have an idea on how an internship can be a significant addition to your resume. Gaining knowledge and experience from a real work setting is a perfect way to improve your resume. Not only that, but your experiences make you more competitive, and can possibly make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. The valuable work experiences and learnings you’ll garner in an internship will help you not only build a strong resume, but also increase your chances of getting hired.

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