Top 5 Apps to Learn Science Online

Apr 03, 2021

Parents these days are commonly seen to complain about the mobile addiction of their children. Mobile addiction of the students is something worthy of the attention of the parents, but mobile can work as a great learning tool for the candidates as well. Now the question is how? The answer is - with the smartphone apps.

Yes, the education apps can help the students to learn the subjects with ease. The science learning apps can be mentioned in this regard. Here we have found the top 5 science apps for the students to assist them in their online science learning:



the researchers of University of Maryland, Columbia University, and the Smithsonian have jointly developed this Android and iOS app to help the students. 
This app is all about the life cycle of plants and by using this app, the students can view the different concepts of botany on the smartphone. This app includes a very interesting feature like in-depth information about the tree (family, scientific name, specifications, and pictures of parts) and space for the students to have their own collection of leaves.

With this app, the students can complete environmental projects easily. Also, this app is extremely useful for the learners to classify the plants based on different characteristics. Plus, the students who are willing to take botany as a subject for their higher study, should consider this subject. 

Earth Now


Earth Now is an app developed by and it teaches the students about earth science. This app includes a number of interesting features that can make anyone interested in the subject. This app is also available on both Android and iOS. 

As this app is developed by Nasa, this app consists of a number of lively representations of earth’s rotation, solar system, and satellites. This app is excellent for learning weather science too. Here, the candidates can get a weekly report to study. Along with this an explanation of oxygen level, Ozone Level, Carbon dioxide level, and others. Plus, vapor, temperature, soil, moisture, and salinity levels are also explained really well in this app. 

Physics Calculator - Calculators & Formulas

Physics calculator - calculators & formulas

This app is developed by Anas Abubakar and it is an app meant for simple to complex calculations of physics. This app holds a variety of calculating methods and the users just need to put the digits to obtain the answer. 

In case the candidates are stuck in their homework, they can surely get the assistance of this app. 

Global Change 

Global Change

AUT Ventures Limited developed this app to make the students concerned about the environment in general. This app focuses on global issues like carbon monoxide level, carbon dioxide level with emphasis on the level of pollution. 

Not just the problems, this app indicates the solutions too. This app is also a great learning help for the students, especially during environmental projects. 

Chemist – Virtual Chem Lab

CHEMIST - Virtual Chem Lab

This app is exclusively developed by THIX for enthusiastic learners who want to exp[erience the chemistry lab activities at their home. This app includes a huge variety of chemicals and apparatuses just like a physical chemist lab.

To enhance the experience of the students, this app gives an option to measure the temperature before the experiment. 


Any Android user or iOS user can install these apps to make productive use of smartphones among their kids. The fact is mobiles have become an unavoidable part of our lives. So, our target is to utilize the use of smartphones for education purposes, and these science learning apps will help exactly in this matter. 
For a better learning of different science concepts, the students can get personalized tuition from experienced and qualified science tutors. To get a tutor today, contact us now. 


Education apps are great resources for the students - the top 5 apps to learn science help the students to understand different concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology in a better way. So, use these apps and learn science in the best possible way. 


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