Benefits of Online Tutoring for Students in UAE

Aug 22, 2016

For most students requiring academic help outside the classroom, tutoring is the only option. Traditionally, tutors have instructed students in a face-to-face environment, however, today, many students rely on online tutors. Thanks to the evolution of remote access technologies such as Skype and Dropbox, online tutoring has become more interactive and efficient than ever before. But many parents still struggle with the question, “Is online tutoring the right option for my child’s learning?”

The Online Tutoring Industry

According to the market research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the global private tutoring market is poised to surpass $102.8 billion by 2018. With more educational content moving online and the lifelong-learning movement gaining momentum, more users are turning to the web for receiving one-on-one instruction.

Online tutoring sites, which use web-based messaging, video chats, and online whiteboards are generating a lot of interest both from users and investors. Considering the vast growth potential, big names such as AmazonChegg and Pearsonhave also invested in online tutoring businesses.

Online tutoring has great potential in the UAE. A survey of 40,000 parents conducted by the Abu Dhabi Education Council in 2013 showed that almost fifty percent of children in the UAE take private tuitions outside the school. Also, in UAE parents are paying are exorbitant fees for private lessons. Private tuition centres are charging as high as Dh8, 000 as annual fees from students; this is in addition to the hourly fee of the tutor.

In comparison, online tutoring can be a more affordable alternative, giving students in the UAE access to global online tutors.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring offers the following unique benefits:

  • Flexible schedule

Online tutoring enables anytime, anywhere learning. Unlike traditional tutoring, which requires students to attend classes on a scheduled day and time in an overcrowded classroom, online tutoring lets you choose a time slot according to your convenience. Your child does not have to miss out on play time or other activities. Since there is no travelling required, you also save on tuition expenses.

  • Better learning experience

There are variety of online teaching aids available to suit various learning styles. Skype, instant messenger, shared whiteboards, text chat, graphing tools and shared files are some of the tools that help deliver a great learning experience. Also, online tutors can customise their teaching style to the child and his/her learning style. Unlike what happens in a classroom, students get individual attention from the online tutor, which makes the learning better.

  • Affordable tutoring

The most amazing thing about online tutoring is that you get access to qualified tutors at affordable prices. Whether you are seeking lessons in a foreign language or need help with your child’s mathematics curriculum, you can browse through hundreds of tutor profiles, and choose the tutor who has the right kind of tutoring experience and the one you can afford.

  • Help available for all subjects

Looking for a mathematics, science, and English tutor? Can’t find them all in one place? The easiest solution to this problem is online tutoring. You can find tutors for all subjects at My Private Tutor. You can then plan your lessons around your schedule. You don’t need to travel to three different places as all your tutoring needs can be fulfilled at a single location (the web), without your child stepping out of the comfort of the home.

Online tutoring proves even more useful for students who do not have access to trained tutors locally. For example, if you want to learn a foreign language such as Chinese, you may find it difficult to find a tutor locally, but you can find one online easily.

  • Empowering techniques

Online tutoring comes as a boon for shy students as they feel more confident in asking questions in a one-on-one scenario. Because students are sitting at home, they feel more comfortable, and therefore more likely to interact with the tutor. Moreover, with online tutoring, children learn to utilise various online technologies; which is a skill that is becoming increasingly important in the technology-intensive modern world.

  • Expert help

Online tutors come with a wealth of experience and knowledge. You can find homework tutors, academic tutors, and skill tutors. Some of the tutors come with decades of experience and doctorate in the subject. With their expertise, these tutors can help improve your child’s grades, and develop an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Drawbacks of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring comes with its own set of challenges, but none of them is severe enough to undermine its efficacy. One of the biggest disadvantages is the possibility of technical snags such as internet disruption or microphone failure. However, parents can make necessary backup arrangements to ensure that there are no technical difficulties to disrupt the child’s lesson.

Another major limitation can be that the student lacks motivation or is disorganised. Parents can play an active role in ensuring that the child attends the online classes regularly. It is also important for the parents to check that the child is not distracted while attending the online lessons.

Despite these minor limitations, online tutoring is here to stay and is bound to grow. Online learning is a natural result of modern educational needs and technological advancements. It offers many advantages and is an affordable alternative to traditional tutoring. If you are looking for private lessons for your child in any subject, you should consider hiring an online tutor, and the let your child learn from the convenience of home.

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