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Oct 19, 2020

With the advent of technology, we now can order food, apparel and much more from online shopping retailers, so why not books? Digital books are a great way to enhance your learning process with attractive and engaging content. E-books are easy to access and can be used infinitely on any compatible device.

Another advantage of buying e-books online is that they are considerably cheaper than printed editions and can easily be added to your Kindle or other reading accounts. One amazing way to order e-books and save on all online purchases is none other than Amazon. You can use Amazon UAE Coupons to get up to 55% off on book sets, up to 40% off on self-help and literature books, 20% off on Economics related books and more.

E-books help students to actively interact with several multimedia formats and give an improved learning experience. You can use some of the following sites to buy educational


Using the Amazon books site and the Kindle app you can shop for education e-books at affordable costs and build your digital library. The site has educational e-books in categories like arts, business, economics, computers, health, history, law, medicine, study guides etc. that are available in different languages and a variety of formats. With Amazon UAE Coupons you can save 15% on first order, get 70% rebate on textbooks and guides (including categories like studying and workshop, test preparation, reference and more). Not only this, the best-sellers can be grabbed at 30% as well. You can access the e-books on the Kindle device or download the Kindle app or any other device to read digital books.

Al Manhal

Al Manhal online website stores more than ninety thousand titles from popular publishers. The website has educational books in more than 10 subjects including social sciences, history, geography, business and economics, science and technology, educational science, law, media and communication, classical literature etc.
You can also obtain full-text publications with contextual linking. The obtained material can be highlighted, bookmarked or shared easily with citations. Users can subscribe to different membership plans to access educational books easily. New users at Al Manhal can register on the website with their email id to redeem a 10% discount on any book or get up to 50% discount on select categories and products.

Magrudy’s bookstore

Formerly a toys and school supplies seller, Magrudy’s approached the book arena by selling children’s books and later other categories were added gradually. Today they are popularly known for distributing educational and books from other genres, even at wholesale quantities.

They also encourage local communities to inculcate reading habits by forming book clubs, working with schools and organising events where authors are invited. In addition to books, you can also buy a range of toys, cards, arts and crafts materials, school uniforms, stationery etc.

You can order books in bulk to get discounts or register on their website with your email id to get updates about products, offers and discounts. You can even get your hands on their bestsellers starting from AED 43 and benefit from offers including 50% discount on summer sale.

Pioneers bookshop

One of the leading educational book distributors in UAE, Pioneers Bookshop stores a huge range of books ranging from school level to university studies. They also provide educational resources and technological solutions for teachers and students.

The other categories and products available here include high-quality student books, workbooks, reading materials, classroom displays, visual media tools, audio and video CDs or DVDs and online support resources in native and foreign languages.

All the course books, reference books and supplementary resources align with international standards and can be accessed on a variety of devices.You can check the website or follow social media pages to know more information about beneficial offers.

The Bookshop Library Est.

The Bookshop Library Est. is a popular one-stop-shop destination to get books, stationery, school items like bags and accessories, toys etc. The store also provides facilities like gift wrapping services and sells gift accessories, copy center services like scanning, blueprint, lamination, book binding, photocopying and more. The categories of educational books include arts, business and finance, computer, geography, general knowledge, history, medical, science and Encyclopedia, self-development, technical books and more.

You can get discounts on new arrivals, bestsellers, popular fictional book series or use a price filter to order books in a specific range. You can even get free delivery on orders above AED 250 as well.

In addition to online stores, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education has an online portal that allows teachers and students to access electronic material related to their curriculum. This includes, digital copies of school books for all subjects, learning resources, digital reading applications that can be downloaded or accessed for an unlimited period of time.

All online retailers provide coupons and offers that allow users to benefit from exciting discounts and redeem incredible savings. So now all students, researchers, teachers and academicians use online resources to build a massive digital library and learn anytime, anywhere!

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