Best Tips for Students to Boost their Self-Esteem

Best Tips for Students to Boost their Self-Esteem

How often have you made attempts to mingle with the crowd, rather than stand out prominently in it? Found yourself rebelling merely for the sake of it? Unable to establish your assertiveness even though you know that must say ‘no’? If you can relate to any of the above, you might be a victim of low ‘self-esteem’. Beware, for it often threatens to steal your magic away!


Absence of self-esteem is not only observed in many students, but is also proven to adversely impact some of the most renowned personalities. Did you know that Serena Williams, Kate Winslet and Mariah Carey, etc. have all confessed about possessing a low self-worth since their childhood? And yes, they are the same people who are super-successful in their fields now, be it in tennis or Hollywood!

So, I guess you have got your answer. Self-esteem can be induced in us, even if we might not be born with it. Similarly, you can work on yourself, and charge your self-esteem. Increased self-esteem reveals itself through your body language, and how you react to certain situations or even criticism. Students who are blessed with high levels of self-esteem are top academic performers and most importantly, happy people. Let me share the best tips for students to boost their self-esteem:

  • Say no to negative thoughts: Firstly, you must identify negative thoughts that plague your mind. Once you’ve done that, try converting them into positive ideas. If you are incapable of balancing some Chemical equations, tell yourself that you can definitely do it, if you keep trying. Or, work on them after a short break. Don’t permit any kind of negativity to thwart your confidence. Start realizing the immense potential of the mind, dear students. Determination to conquer challenges is an important ingredient for success.
  • Know your strengths: Each student is enriched with one or more talents. Identify your area of talent. A simple way to go about it is knowing your passion, or your area of interest. Is it dance, theatre, music or arts that thrill you? If you are aware of your strength, you can improve your creativity in that particular field. Your talent acts as a unique platform that helps you express yourself and network with like-minded people with similar interests. And soon you start feeling great about yourself.
  • Share your lessons with parents: Had a tough time concentrating in your History class in school? Think Math always gets in the way of your success? Share your thoughts about academic lessons with your parents. Parents form a strong support base for children and guide them beautifully through the most complex problems. No wonder, some schools have started devising new ways to involve parents inside classrooms. It lets parents know about their child’s academic progress. Also, students perform better when they derive motivation from their parents.
  • Accept your fears: Who said self-confident people have overcome all their fears? I personally feel that it is partly true. Fear is a natural phenomenon that affects mankind. You might fear the idea of public speaking, or presenting your view in a debate. Or, giving your first presentation in your classroom. Instead of pretending that you’re fearless, learn to accept your fears. And start being comfortable with them. You can never clear your Math exams successfully, if you keep putting off your Calculus homework.
  • Never compare yourself to others: We often make the mistake of comparing ourselves to others who seem to be ‘better’, or ‘more intelligent’ than us! But when you are comparing yourself, you are ignoring your own qualities, some of which might be lacking in many others. Are the five fingers of your hand exactly of the same size? The same holds true in case of humans, each of you differ from each other. Recognize what makes you different from your peers or competitors and try to improve it.
  • Identify your insecurities: Ashamed of your obesity? Or those stubborn pimples? Nursing an inferiority complex due to any of the one I mentioned? Confront it, and write it down on a piece of paper. Once you’re done, tear the it and get rid of them forever. Another good idea is to burn the torn-up pieces before you throw them away. Writing them down already makes you feel better. And you almost feel slightly relaxed when you have managed to discard the paper containing their names!
  • Make exercise your habit: Physical exercise is known to improve blood circulation, tone up muscles thereby making us healthier. Happier. Therefore every student must include Yoga in their daily routine. Some of you might prefer a brisk walk in the morning, or jogging. But whatever you do, never miss out on meditation. Several schools across the world have started emphasizing on meditation as part of the school curriculum. It acts as a great stress reliever and ushers in a ‘feel good factor’ as well!
  • Dedicate time to yourself: Don’t forget to devote quality time to yourself. Do it even if you might be preparing for your board exams. Or gearing up for a competitive exam, make sure that you squeeze out some ‘me time’ for yourself. Start by taking care of your personal hygiene. Wash regularly and keep your hair neat. Follow a balanced diet and invest time for engaging in your hobbies. Unless you start loving yourself, you cannot expect others to appreciate you. Groom yourself well.
  • Set realistic goals: Do you aim to complete practicing 100 Math problems per day and end up hardly with 65 solved ones? I bet it makes you irritated. So you promise yourself that you would certainly reach your target the next day. Unfortunately, once more you fail to achieve your goal. Why not adjust your goals to make them more practical? Reduce your daily Math target to 50 sums. But be determined to reach this target. Don’t compromise. This checks you from over-straining your nerves.
  • Have patience: Dear students, you must bear in mind that a heightened self-esteem doesn’t grow overnight. To enhance it, first you must inject the desire for it into your thought process. Dream of it and make it your goal. Now, it is time to prove your perseverance. Try out something new, if you feel it might positively impact your self-confidence. Self-esteem would follow it, certainly. But, understand that everything takes time. Be patient and maintain a positive approach.

Self-esteem of a student can be perceived through his interaction with his teachers and peers, class-performance and his interest for participation in extra-curricular activities. It is also conveyed through the way he carries himself, walks and talks. If a student is unable to focus on her priorities, he is also said to have low self-esteem issues. And it can have serious impacts on his professional life as well, later on. So teachers must motivate students to develop their self-esteem, right from their childhood, and guide them in doing so in every possible way. I hope the tips I mentioned can help you in your journey of blooming into a confident and smart human being! Wishing you all the very best, dear students.

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