An Exciting Online Class is on Your Way

Feb 21, 2018

The term “online” is ruling the world in the present scenario. Everything is going online, and we can get almost every needed element through the internet. You just need to tap few buttons and voila! The desired thing popped right in front of your eyes.

The flexibility and the convenience provided by the online environments allow the mass to embellish new improved skills. The knowledge is now available from the comfort of our homes. Place and time are no more restraining the educational progress.

Integrating the online version in the classroom can be an invigorating experience for both the teachers and the students. More students are required to be enrolled in the online class to be gifted the most exciting learning experience for better knowledge empowerment.


Cultivate extra intercommunication between:

  • Student and students

  • Teacher and students

How does online class help?

Real-time interaction

Students can learn from any corner of the world. Though, there is an underlying issue of the deprivation of one on one interaction with the professor, yet the convenience of time and place has led the online class to step forward.

An instant response may get disturbed because of the unavailability of the instructor at the same time as that of the learner. But, there is always a way out with the integration of the set-up opportunities and the web conferencing applications for the sake of engagement. Group discussions pave the way for resolving doubts online.

Adds creativity

The discussion boards combine creativity for broader participation from all over the world. In a traditional classroom, only the present pupils can join in a particular group discussion, whereas, online class paved the way for the global students to participate together simultaneously for a specific class. The number of members will depend on the interest to join. It can be 3-6 people or more than 100 also.

Gives time to structure the answer

It provides an equal chance to everybody to think appropriately before answering anything online. If doubtful, students can clarify their queries by putting examples and interpret a single concept in various perspectives. The students can be provided with the circumstances of designing the discussion prompt and chaperone the emanating dialogue.

Utilize the social media positively

The effects of social media are already exposed to us. Students contribute a big part in the area of social media sites. Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, Facebook have created whirlwind throughout the globe. These applications have the superpower to accumulate worldwide students through the medium of the online classroom.

The young minds will happily engage and help each other virtually in study matters. Problems can be solved through group initiatives. Feedbacks can be taken, and corrections can be done accordingly. iOS users can contact each other at FaceTime and Google Hangouts.

The students have the freedom to choose

The learners can select the topics as per their interests. The teachers can show the mandatory units, but, simultaneously guide the youngsters to pick the proper order that will empower them. The motivation of the students will be boosted when they will understand their chosen concepts.

Increase the commitment with the non-task interrelationship

Non-task interaction is not segments of direct academic learning. It is preferably an encouraging learning community. Web conferencing and chat sessions consist of non-task interactions. The learners have the facility to create their own study groups. One can make it on the Facebook page or other messaging apps like Slack and Telegram.

Gives opportunities for updating content

One cannot update the latest happened information in a traditional book, but, it is possible in online mediums. Social networking sites have the ‘anytime edition and updation’ provision. Therefore, students can add the extra edge in their answer papers by proving the latest documentation. The students can post their remarks and the discussion on social media networks that they cannot do it in a traditional classroom.

Act as per the feedback

If you wish to judge your knowledge and skills, ask for input from the online learners. If you get the remarks of the various kinds of students, you can differentiate between the pros and cons. The golden chance of interaction comes with the discussion forum.

The teachers can ask for the need for changes from the students’ viewpoints that will best serve the latter’s demands. The students can tell what kind of assignments or curriculum they want. If the suggestions seem legitimate, you can allow the additions and subtractions in the online class.

Constructive production

The criticism of the online learners can be accepted practically to make the interaction of the online teachers and students fruitful. It also permits to streamline different programs as per the learners’ requirements.

The bottom line is the online learning domains can be stretched to the progressive level by more face-to-face interactions. If anyone wishes to craft an online course from the very beginning, take the patronizing section into primary consideration and check how it will underpin the learning goals of the specific course.

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