Don't Worry About the Upcoming Exams: Get Ready With the Smart Tips

Jan 02, 2018

We know that studying hard throughout the year is the passport to good grades. But, when the exam is just knocking the door, we have to welcome it via smart study.

When there is lack of ample time for the last time preparation, take a moment and think before you jump into conclusion. You have to push yourself, and no one is going to do it on your behalf.

Don’t study to remember. Study to understand. Otherwise, there is every possibility to forget what you have prepared.

You have read, write and memorize all the year round. Now, it’s the time for the final touch up that will polish your knowledge. You don’t have to get under dark eye circles for getting the aspired marks. Instead, if you plan wisely and develop right study habits, no one can beat you. Remember that your final grades are going to decide who you will be in future.

What is the magic potion for the adequate preparation?

  • Know the test format

Prepare as per the exam style like essay type, multiple choice, viva, mapping, diagram, etc.

  • Get previous years’ study materials and question papers

You will be relevant to the designs and type of probable questions from the previous years’ notes and question papers. It will help you to prepare for the coming exam. Solve the problems you find in the gathered documents. Take help from the teachers.

  • Comparison is the thief of happiness

Never look how your friend is getting ready for the exam. Everyone is unique and has individual capacity to learn. What others are doing efficiently may seem desperate for you and vice versa. Study as per your convenient manner.

  • Don’t try to mug up at the last moment

It’s impossible to remember each line of the textbooks. Therefore, draw a clear image of the critical things in your mind like dates, facts, faces, names, etc. Try to visualize what you have read.

  • Don’t limit your study

Never assume what is going to come in the question paper. Study the whole syllabus. You never know when the twists will attack you.

  • Study the difficult chapters first

The tough topics are to be studied and understood before you move to the easier ones. You can smoothly grasp the uncomplicated ones in less time, but you need more problem solving, doubt clearing and time in the hard chapters.

  • Special know-how:

  • Change of environment

Everybody knows that studying in a quiet and clean place is better. But, I would suggest you try the change of locations frequently even to a noisy one so that your brain gets habituated in recollecting the studied information in any zone. It will help you in the exam hall. You won’t go blank by the change of area, people and the ambiance.

It may not please you, but keeping your mobile phones and video games remote aside till the exam gets over. Then, you will get ample time to play with these things. There is no harm in not posting your updates on social network sites for few days. No virtual friend will give your exam. It’s you who has to pass.

  • Don’t keep anything left for the last time

It’s very dangerous to left topics and problems for the last minute to solve. It will make you more stressful and overloaded. If you somehow fail to manage at the right time prior the test, and the same question comes in the paper, you have to regret. So, it’s better to sort out everything ahead of time if you want to go natural and win.

  • Sine qua non:

  • Have a break

You need to eat well, sleep properly and take small breaks in between study. It will help you in long-term retention of the gathered knowledge. Listen to music, dance, exercise, play sports, instruments, draw, meditate, do martial arts, photography, etc. You can directly go out for a walk and enjoy nature. Don’t stretch a single study session beyond an hour. Drink plenty of water.

What will you do on the exam day before the starting bell ring?

  • Don’t forget your breakfast

Refueling your body in the morning with complex carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients help you in improving concentration and memory.

  • Don’t go late

Arrive at your exam arena with plenty of time in hand. Otherwise, you will get added worries about being late.

  • Avoid useless gossip

Don’t talk to negative minded people who demotivate you. It’s better to remain calm and quiet and focus on the coming test.

  • Be confident

Remember your hard works and arrangements to enhance your confidence that is going to help you in the exam.

Take few deep breaths, refresh your mind, read the instructions carefully, and start preparing for your exam by giving your 100 %. All the best.

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