Get the Magic Techniques to Write an Assignment Accurately

Feb 02, 2018

Who is our nation’s future?


What is the most vital aspect that will uphold the society’s backbone vigorously?


Education is the passport of the well-groomed humanity.

The most substantial weapon for changing the world- Education

Assignments play a significant role in the completion of a degree. Mostly, included in the high school, college and university courses, assignments are mandatory to achieve the dream grades and be the aspired professional. Without the submission of assignments, the grade sheet remains incomplete.

Writing an assignment is not a matter of joke, preferably, it is one of the wittiest, trickiest and toughest procedures that make the students stressful. Many learners fail to get considerable marks due to poor assignments.

Therefore, students must oblige by the right tools and techniques to accomplish the task of creating first class assignments.

Let us organize a model assignment into three sections:


Shreds of evidence

Critical Thinking

1. Brief knowledge of the subject matter

Without understanding what you are going to research, you can’t start an assignment. Gather sufficient information from online and offline sources. Study them in details.

Reminder: Read extensively from the library, website, Wikipedia, etc. Evaluate them congruously considering the pertinence, availability, and authority. Organize them systematically.

2. A planning

Plan before you begin an important task. Similarly, provide enough attention and time to get the desired perfection and quality of the given assignment.

Focus on:

Aim of the assignment

The principal issues

The magnitude

The chief areas to be considered

Now, during preparation, you need to do:

  • Read the assigned question carefully and rewrite it in your convenient words.

  • Read all the sub-questions

  • Go through the marking grid carefully

  • Make a draft

  • Provide main headings

  • Use bullets in case of the major points

  • Use content words and not the full sentences while writing the headings

Reminder: Every assignment must involve multiple headings and subheadings. Keep them short and consistent with the main topic and relevant to the next titles.

Now, think about the demands of each sub head. Gather the evidence for backups.

Take help from these sources:


Module expedients

  • Then, make a list of the entire reference works.

  • Take help of the professor in case of the formatting like Harvard, MLA, APA, Vancouver, etc.

  • You have to write supportive sentences for summarizing the references and the evidence under every claim. Put the authors’ name and year.

  • Mention few points about the shreds of evidence’ limitations

Reminder: Look at the sentence construction which must be logical and easy to understand. Don’t deviate from the central theme. Check the spelling and grammatical errors. Avoid plagiarism. Use the abbreviations and punctuations very carefully.

How to ink the “Introduction” part?

An introduction is always the most important section as it creates the first impression and briefs the whole underlying content of the assignment. Write it in such a way that the reader can smoothly get the subject matter and also become curious.

You can pen down some unanswered questions that are rightly detailed in the following divisions. The subsections must be relevant and logical to the pivotal introduction. Structure the case study minutely without any reasoning gap.

Give a brief background including the discussion of the entire assignment. Point the aim and purposes, structure, organization, methodology, etc. in a couple of paragraphs in the background section.

3. Structure:


The assignment’s outline must contain the main points of discussion that will organize the propositions, save time, divide the word count accurately for each module and manage the literature searches methodically.

Mid part or body:

Progression of the ideas is vital between the following paragraphs that will let the reviewer get the arguments. Each point must be explored separately in different sections.

Reminder: Avoid using ‘You’ or ‘I’ to make the writing impersonal and unbiased. You can put down your viewpoint in the inference by mentioning- “In my opinion,” “As per my perspective,” etc.

5. Include examples:

You must give examples of the demonstration of the SWOT analysis of the assignment. Articulate tables, statistics, diagrams, figures, charts, etc. Give proper heading to each of them.

6. Bibliography:

Give the list of genuine and authentic sources in a tabular form that you have used in your assignment.

7. Conclusion:

Your conclusion must be compelling. Focus on:

  • Context and aim of the given task

  • Concise summary of the leading points

  • Final comments and its future suggestions

8. Referencing:

  • Harvard or Vancouver- Use in both referencing and bibliography

  • Mention all the reports, web pages, books, journals, etc.

A must lookout before submitting the assignment:

• The words must not go far above or below the assigned instruction.

• In academic appointments, numbering and bullets are preferred for deliberation.

• Check whether each question has been answered correctly.

• Sources of proofs

• Reference for all the figures and tables

• Separate reference section at the assignment's end

• Edit from Grammarly or Turnitin for plagiarism, grammar, and spell check

• Cover sheet for the course

• A word-perfect file name: Surname, Code of the Course, Submission date, etc.

• Proofread

Follow the instructions seriously and stop worrying about writing the flawless assignment.

Best wishes to you.

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