GRE Quantitative Reasoning Preparation Tips from Experts

May 05, 2021

Millions of students take GRE to get qualified for MBA, MS, and other courses from entire world. Among the 3 sections of GRE, quantitative reasoning appears to be one of the most challenging sections for almost everyone. GRE quant holds 170 points and to secure a place in the top universities, a minimum score of 150 is needed. According to the experts, some tricks are essential to secure such a high score. 

Before looking towards the GRE quant tricks, we need to know the main components of GRE quant. In GRE quant section, questions from algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis are listed. Find out the experts’ tips to ace each component easily.

Plan Your Exam

For an important exam like GRE, it is very important to plan your exam. The sample questions of GRE are available on the internet and the students can get an idea of the question from that. 

The test-takers are advised to take the test and understand how much time each type of question takes. Not all the questions will take equal time - some will take much time and some can be solved easily. 

The students need to figure out the exact time taken by each question type. Now, they need to plan their exam accordingly. During the real exam, they first need to focus on the questions that take the least time. The toughest ones should be left for the end. 

planning the exam

Beware of the Traps

Some questions of GR quant are set in such a way that the candidates believe that they don’t need to calculate it - they know ye answer. Beware! It is a trap! GRE will not include such an easy question. 

Sometimes, an answer option may seem the most fitting, and the test-taker marks that answer without much calculation. This is also a trap!

Mark the answer only if you are sure of it. Though GRE does not have negative marking, yet, a wrong answer means you are one step behind your dream score. 

Avoid Silly Mistakes

No matter how concerned you are, you can make mistakes. For this, we advice the students to mark the answer after rechecking it. 

It is often observed that the test-takers have followed the correct method but marked a wrong answer on the screen. This is not at all expected. Before marking the answer, they need to check their answers carefully. 

writing from screen

Represent the Problem Clearly On the Scratch Paper

To avoid silly mistakes, the candidates need to represent the given question flawlessly on scratch paper. Especially during the data analysis questions, the candidates are prone to copy the values or words mistakenly. As a result, entire analysis went wrong. 

Test-takers need to be extra careful while using the scratch paper: they need to represent the problem flawlessly in it. Next, they need to specifically mark the answer obtained after checking the scratch paper.

Option Test 

In case, you are unable to answer a question with different methods, use answer testing. Use the answers in place of the blank or question mark to resolve the calculation. It may give you the correct answer. 

Master The Art of Leaving A Question 

GRE is not a very easy exam! Having a global exam is not a matter of joke. The makers intentionally make the questions of GRE complicated. Also, they sometimes include the answer option pretty close to each other to confuse the candidates. 

At this point, experts have advised the test-takers to set time restrictions for them. For example, theft can try o solve the question for a maximum of 5-7 minutes - not more than that. This is because spacing more than 5-7 minutes on one question will increase the possibility of leaving some questions unattended. The possibility of obtaining a dream score will be reduced. 

So, no matter, how comfortable you are in that question type, leave that if it takes too much time. 

Taking mock tests

Avoid Math Anxiety 

Students, even after being comfortable in math, become anxious before GRE. Yes, GRE is such an exam, that needs extensive practice. To avoid math anxiety, it is important to study other subjects in between. 

Final Words

To conclude, practice is the key to success for any exam and for GRE it is equally applicable. So, take full-length GRE as many you can. 

If you have a target of 150 or higher score in GRE quant, thorough practice will not be enough. You have to include these tips while practicing too. To learn more such tips, you can get in touch with world-class GRE tutors. You can register with MyPrivateTutor for this. 


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