GRE Vocabulary Flashcards: 70 More Words To Remember

Aug 30, 2018

In one of our previous GRE flashcard posts, we highlighted 90 classic English words to improve your overall GRE verbal vocabulary.

In this post, we are going to add to that list. So let’s begin.

1. Inchoate

just begun and so not fully formed or developed

2. Profligacy

recklessly wasteful; wildly extravagant, profligate behavior

3. Sui Generis

being the only example of its kind, unique

4. Austerity

severe and morally strict; the quality of being austere, having no pleasures or comforts

5. Profligate

using money, resources, etc., in a way that wastes them

6. Demarche

step or manoeuvre in political or diplomatic affairs

7. Opprobrium

harsh criticism, contempt

8. Apostates

a person who abandons a belief or principle

9. Solipsistic

the theory that the self is all that can be known to exist

10. Obduracy

refusing to change in any way

11. Internecine

causing destruction to both sides

12. Soporific

causing sleep

13. Kristallnacht

German, night of (broken) glass:

14. Peripatetic

going from place to place

15. Nascent

beginning to exist, not fully developed

16. Desultory

going from one thing to another, without a definite plan or purpose

17. Redoubtable

deserving to be feared and respected

18. Hubris

excessive pride

19. Mirabile Dictu

wonderful to relate

20. Crèches

a place where babies are looked after while their parents work, shop, etc.

21. Apoplectic

sudden loss of the ability to feel or move; adj: suffering from apoplexy; easily made angry

22. Overhaul

to examine carefully and thoroughly and make any necessary changes or repairs; to come from behind and pass them

23. Ersatz

used as a poor-quality substitute for something else, inferior to an original item

24. Obstreperous

very noisy or difficult to control

25. Jejune

too simple, naïve; dull, lacking nourishment

26. Omertà

rule or code that prohibits speaking or revealing information, generally relates to activities of organized crime; sub; the Mafia

27. Putative

generally supposed to be the thing specified

28. Manichean

A believer in Manichaeism – an ancient Iranian Gnostic religion

29. Canard

a false report or rumour, aerofoil designs on certain airplanes

30. Ubiquitous

seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time

31. Atavistic

relating to the behavior of one’s ancestors in the distant past

32. Renminbi

another name for the Chinese Yuan, official currency of People’s Republic of China

33. Sanguine

hopeful, optimistic

34. Antediluvian

very old-fashioned

35. Cynosure

object or someone who serves as a focal point of attention and admiration, something that serves to guide

36. Alacrity

eagerness or enthusiasm

37. Epistemic

cognitive, relating to learning, or involving knowledge

38. Egregious

exceptional, outstanding

39. Incendiary

designed to set something on fire, tending to create public disturbances or violence

40. Chimera

an imaginary creature composed of the parts of several different animals, wild or impossible idea

41. Laconic

using few words

42. Polemicist

person skilled in art of writing or speech, arguing cases forcefully

43. Comity

mutual civility; amity, an atmosphere of social harmony, the policy whereby one religious sect refrains from proselytizing the members of another sect

44. Provenance

the place that something originally came from

45. Sclerotic

condition in which soft tissue in the body becomes abnormally hard

46. Prescient

knowing or appearing to know about things before they happen

47. Hegemony

control and leadership, by one country over others

48. Verisimilitude

the appearance of being true or real

49. Feckless

not able to manage things properly or look after oneself, not responsible enough

50. Abject

of the most contemptible kind

51. Aberration

a state or condition markedly different from the norm

52. Abjure

formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief

53. Abnegation

the denial and rejection of a doctrine or belief

54. Abrogate

revoke formally

55. Abscond

run away, often taking something or somebody along

56. Abstruse

difficult to penetrate

57. Accede

yield to another's wish or opinion

58. Accost

approach and speak to someone aggressively or insistently

59. Accretion

an increase by natural growth or addition

60. Acumen

shrewdness shown by keen insight

61. Adamant

impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason

62. Admonish

scold or reprimand; take to task

63. Adumbrate

describe roughly or give the main points or summary of

64. Adverse

in an opposing direction

65. Advocate

a person who pleads for a person, cause, or idea

66. Affluent

having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value

67. Aggrandize

embellish; increase the scope, power, or importance of

68. Alacrity

liveliness and eagerness

69. Alias

a name that has been assumed temporarily

70. Amorphous

having no definite form or distinct shape

All the best for your GRE examination!

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