Great Ways to Thank Your Teacher

Jan 20, 2017

A teacher’s objective in life is to build a successful student. Teaching is the only profession where one focuses on another than themselves. The career of a teacher is more dependent on their student’s successes than their own. After our parents and elders, our teachers are our first guide. They form an important part of our lives and make impactful changes in us. A good teacher is a friend and our first philosopher. They are the people who make us learn the basic principles of life, monitor our wrong doings, teach us between right and wrong and always accept us for who we are.

The best way to reward a teacher is by being successful. Your teacher puts a significant amount of hard work and dedication in you, so that you may grow up to be a successful person in life. But it is more important to be a good person and remember and thank your teacher for their contribution in your life. Be successful and happy in the work you do it will be a great way to reward your teacher. Acknowledge and accredit your teachers for the successes you have achieved. Remember them through all times. Wish them on every occasion. They would feel an extended part of your family. A teacher nurtures and encourages your dream, so when you end up fulfilling your dreams, a teacher gets rewarded on their own.

Your dedication to excel in your studies, your diligence and good behavior in class, your attention to your teacher's instructions are the best gifts that you can give a teacher. Complete your homework in time and participate in class activities, extracurricular and sports, your teacher will appreciate your efforts more. If you fail or perform poorly apologise to your teacher and do not make excuses for your mistakes. Promise your teacher to work on your problems and bounce back with better scores. There is no better gift than progress. Respect your teacher at all times and speak about her contributions to your parents. When you parents tell your teacher about your praises and how happy the teacher makes you feel, they would extremely proud in having you as a student.

If you are eager to thank your teacher, give them a personalised handwritten note. Do not type it. Your handwriting would reflect your gratitude. Write in alignment and keep your handwriting neat and clean, it will show your seriousness and dedication towards saying thanks to them. Share with them, why you feel mostly thankful about. Share stories or incidents that the teacher has taught you and from where you have learnt and how you have used it in your practical life. It will make them feel proud of the effort they have put on you. If you want to give a group gift, make a scrap book and add personalised messages for your teacher. Add pictures so that they can fondly remember you.

If you want to give a present, try something handmade, like a card or a wristlet. Your teacher will appreciate your time and effort. When you put your own resources to make a thing for your teacher, it makes them feel worthwhile. Money can’t compensate the dedication a teacher puts in you, but your effort can make them feel special. You can also make handmade ornaments, candles or even bake or cook something for them. A small hand knitted gift or a craft to display can also do the trick. If you like painting, express your emotions through art, your teacher is sure to love it.

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