Group Studies - Do they actually work?

Nov 23, 2019


The benefits of group studies are many and are particularly seen well in college. Let's take a quick look at some of them now.

Reduces scopes of any procrastination

In group studies, procrastination is not an option. Participation’s mandatory for everyone in the group.

Get questions answered in a jiffy

Got a doubt? 

No problem! Raise the question in the group. Somebody might have the answer to your question thereby clearing your doubt on the very spot itself.

Faster Learning

Students learn faster when studying in groups. 

For example,

Some part of your textbook might seem too difficult to you whereas the same matter can be lucid to another guy. He can easily help you out.

Get a new perspective on study materials

When you study in a group, you will be open to new ideas. You'll be able to understand the matter from several perspectives

Learn effective problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are seldom taught in the real world. A study group can help to inculcate effective problem-solving skills in students.

Study groups give you a great opportunity to fill in the void in your study notes

Missed out on any important information during your class lecture? No problem! Your study group can help.

Study groups give you an excellent opportunity to fill in the gaps of your study notes. You’ll be able to compare your own notes with others and evaluate your accuracy and fix errors (if any).



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