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Jul 27, 2020

Maths is a subject that involves the study of figures, magnitudes, forms, and dimensions, and their relations. It is a branch of science that deals with abstract concepts, commonly known as pure maths, and relate to other science subjects like chemistry, physics, or even engineering which is called applied maths. To be precise it is the study of numbers and logic that are the intrinsic properties to solve mathematical problems. That is why we revise tables, formulas, theorems to find out the logical interpretations of the subject.

There are controversies regarding the foundation of the subject. Some researches believe that it was invented in ancient Greece and some believe that the foundation was in south-east Asia, especially in India. Archimedes, who was a Greek mathematician is widely known as the father of mathematics while the concept of 'zero' was first defined by an Indian mathematician named Brahmagupta in 628 BC.

It is a subject that involves counting, assessing, and defining the structures of matters.

Mathematics is a must subject in any curriculum of schools and children are taught maths from a very tender age and the level of solving problems increases as they go to the higher classes.

Maths is not an easy subject:

Maths could be the easiest subject or it could be a difficult subject for any student. Even the brightest student who has a vigorous knowledge about logic and calculation may perform poorly in the subject. It is not a subject that you commit to your memory. A repeated underperformance, on the other hand, can demotivate a student by staying away from the subject or avoiding it. A feel of brainlessness can bring depression to his or her mind too. Mathematics is a cumulative subject which means the subject needs to attain knowledge step by step. If a student leaves a class temporarily,  he or she might find it difficult to relate or understand the next level of problem-solving methodology. Not understanding basic calculations and the inability to manipulate with sums is a common symptom for students and medically it is called ‘dyscalculia’. Unsuccessful students even move away from the basic concepts of maths that are arithmetic, geometry, or algebra due to the poor understanding of the subject, and that leads to anxiety.

Only a math tutor can help these students to come out of their despicable situations and boldly face the problems they encounter while dealing with maths. A one to one communication with the math tutor can help them understand the basic concept, logic, and problem-solving technique of mathematics.

MyPrivateTutor UAE:

On this website, students can find maths tutors according to their needs and requirements. Online maths tutors help and guide students in difficulties they face while solving any maths problem.

MyPrivateTutor excels in finding out teachers who use multiple approaches to explain the same conception. The site has its database of teachers and recommends them for the students who face various problems while solving maths.

The qualities MyPrivateTutor looks in a Maths teacher who is perfect for you:

1)    The teacher’s math proficiency and awareness: No matter what standard you are in, a student would always look for a teacher who is skillful and cognizant about the subject, so that he or she can fully rely on the teacher while understanding maths. The teacher addresses immediately the problem a student is facing.
2)    The teacher’s ability and quality to assess the student’s needs: An online tutor has the liberty to communicate with the learner on one to one basis that creates a relationship between the two and very quickly the online tutor can assess the student’s needs or the difficulties he or she is facing regarding maths.
3)    The teacher’s interest and fervor for maths: The teacher must be passionate about the subject. Otherwise, if he or she considers it a typical job it does not help the students to face the challenges of mathematics. The teacher’s interest in the subject influence the student to be interested in it too and his or her fervor for the subject accelerates confidence in a student’s mind.
4)    The teacher should be a good communicator: As mentioned earlier, online tutoring is a one to one communication method and more the tutor communicates with the student, more he or she understands the problems which a student faces while solving maths. Communication enhances interdependence and that enriches the transmission of messages.
5)    The teacher must have a good reputation: Testimonials on the teacher’s Facebook page and other social platforms allow a student to learn about the teacher’s reputation. A reputed teacher is always welcome rather than a newcomer who is trying his or her hands in teaching. The reputation of a teacher is essential.
6)    Professionalism: Professionalism is the keyword in any sphere of work and the reputation of the teacher solely depends on his or her professionalism. Online classes are timebound and a student may feel left out if a teacher does not start classes during a declared time. The proficiency of the teacher also depends on the tutorials, worksheets, video lessons that he or she recommends to the students. Planning and execution of the plans make a teacher competent enough to show his or her professionalism.
7)    The teacher must be patient: A student who has opted to take lessons from an online tutor must be facing serious problems in maths and he or she has been struggling for a long period regarding the issue. If a maths tutor does not have the patience for the student to understand and grip a particular problem, then he or she is on the wrong platform.
8)    The teacher’s positivity and encouragement: Instigating positivity and encouragement in a student is essential as when a tutor does that, he or she encourages the student in applying strength to solve problems.
9)    Availability of the teacher: The teacher should be available online. A very busy person who cannot spend time with the students often end up with incomplete classes where students feel left out or flawed for the class.
10)    The teacher’s ability to teach: Knowing a subject and teaching a subject is solely different. That is why brilliant scientists may not be good teachers. A maths teacher must have the ability to teach the subject. His or her knowledge about the subject is secondary to his or her capability to teach the subject.
11)    The teacher’s knowledge of technology: Without having the knowledge of technology that supports the subject and other technical knowhow, a maths teacher can not be proficient enough to teach the subject. Technology is changing every day and the teacher must be aware of those changes so that he or she can incorporate them into the learning process.
12)    The teacher’s wish for a child to attain success as his or her parents would wish: The teacher must build a rapport with the student and looks forward to his or her success as much as the student’s parents do. The teacher should be associated with the necessities of the student so much as if he or she is resolutely concerned about the student’s success.

MyPrivateTutor provides and supervises all of the above-mentioned qualities of a teacher before recommending him or her to you as an online math tutor.

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