How online tutorials prepare you for IIT JEE?

Dec 03, 2014

Gen-Y is undoubtedly the luckiest generation ever. And, seriously, we owe technology quite a lot for being our ‘lucky charm’. For, the ‘Internet’ which can be called the magic wand of technology, has left no stone unturned in simplifying our lives in extraordinary ways. Come on, you know how!

Imagine going twenty years back, if you were able to rewind time. No Internet. No online chatrooms. No ‘e-mails’. No ‘e-books’. And, of course, no online institutes offering distance learning courses. Just thinking about it gives me the jitters. I wonder how our parents survived in the absence of the virtual world. Not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on.

But, today the scenario has undergone a vast transformation. The Internet has turned into a savior for each and everyone, especially students. And, it’s a great news, particularly for IIT JEE aspirants. For, now a large number of online coaching classes are coming to the aide of such examinees.

Nowadays, innumerable IIT JEE candidates are enrolling into these online tutorials, to equip themselves with the best knowledge, for cracking these examinations. Not convinced? I’ll tell you how these online coaching centers can help you:

Flexible learning: Traditional IIT JEE classrooms struggle to customize lectures to match the understanding levels of the students. For, the lecturers must finish the syllabus, which is quite lengthy – and they are constantly under pressure to complete all the topics on time. But, online IIT JEE coaching sessions allow students plenty of time to grasp the fundamental concepts. Since each of us possesses varying levels of clarity so some pupils might require increased time on a particular topic, as compared to another one.

Time saving: Time is precious. And who knows it better than IIT JEE aspirants, struggling with their exam preparation? Most examinees are school students who find it tough to divide their time between school and exam coaching centers. Students attending online IIT JEE sessions, however don’t face this issue. Not only do they save time, but also they are more convenient to students. For, they are not required to physically attend classes. So, a large amount of time is saved which can be utilized in a more productive way.

More economical: Did you know online IIT JEE tutorials are much more pocket-friendly than ordinary ones? What happens if some of you are unable to afford the exorbitant fees of traditional IIT JEE coaching classrooms? Can you really let your ambitions take a backseat? No way! Just join online tuitions to prepare for IIT JEE. And, don’t take any chances. Because, online classes are equipped with video lectures which go a long way in clarifying your doubts and explaining all the necessary concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Math.

Interesting lectures: They say, ‘pictures speak a thousand words’. But I say, videos accomplish much more. Tell me who is not attracted by moving images or graphics, presented in a combination with audio elements? The video lectures in online IIT JEE tutorials make sure students are hooked on, with all their attention. Online lecturers employ simple language while explaining complicated topics of Chemistry, Math or Physics – which make them more interesting to students. Automatically, the learning process becomes fun for the IIT JEE aspirants.

More interactive: Online IIT JEE classroom sessions offer another important advantage, which might not be possible in case of traditional coaching centers. You can interact freely with many other IIT JEE students, if you are a part of online sessions. Sometimes, you find that your fellow classmates can relate to your academic problems better than the lecturer. This happens because the understanding levels of these pupils are similar to those of yours! So, you can get some of your doubts cleared from them, as well. This makes you stronger at the subject.

And, if you are wondering, what about the mock tests? Or practise assignments? Well, then, let me inform you that online centers for IIT JEE will provide you everything that is provided by traditional IIT JEE tutorials. And, if you followed my previous paragraphs – you will know why it is even better, in some aspects!

You will be given practice tests by online IIT JEE coaching sessions, which would help you brush up whatever you learnt. Some online classes also offer extra sessions, or ‘special classes’ to students who need special attention in any subject. Now, I hope I have cleared your misconceptions about online IIT JEE classes, if you had any?

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