How to Motivate Students to Face Exams?

Jan 04, 2018

Exam is like a battle field for the present generation. They get over stressed and over burdened with the fear of failing and ruining the future.

The parents and the competitive society pressurize the students to such an extent that it reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi’s call “Do or Die”. Good marks are important but not at the cost of the children’s health and emotions.

Therefore, it is advisable to the guardians not to torture the exam goers. Keep your eyes on their studies so that they don’t get distracted from them. The fear phobia is the main culprit for the child’s underperformance in the final day. Again, the average rankers get automatically depressed by thinking that no matter what they can’t reach to the level of the toppers.

But, if you try hard and in a smart way, you can truly succeed in achieving the dream grades.

1. Make a timetable

Create your own schedule. You are the best person to understand your drawbacks and strengths. Do back calculation starting from the given exam date. Keep enough time for each subject and some spare time for revision. Your timetable must be realistic. Stick by it at any cost.

2. Prepare a chart

You have learned how to make a chart. Similarly, design a chart with the difficult chapters’ unit first and gradually move towards the easier ones. Align the sequence as per the priority. You can always modify as per your requirements.

3. Make short term targets

If you look at the ocean you will see no end. But, if you take a look at the small pond, you can easily view the other bank and swim there. Identically, if you make short term goals or a day’s target, you can complete the mission effectively. While making the chart, break down the topics into smaller units and set each day for one. Do it for all the subjects. In this way, you can finish the syllabus properly.

Suppose your exam is on 6th January, 2018 and you have 10 days left.

Your chart can be like this:

4. Subjects mixture

You are dealing with lots of subjects. Don’t get confused. Study a single subject in the morning, one in the afternoon and another in the evening. Don’t keep on studying one subject throughout the day. You can keep the same trace on all the subjects. You won’t feel bored.

5. Always take notes

It is proved since ages that good students take notes while listening to the lectures or studying by themselves. They highlight the important points. Bullets are usually used, and simple and short sentences are written. You can take note in the form of a table or a picture. These notes will act as compact book helping you with all the necessary points during the revision time. You don’t have to read the whole textbooks before the exam.

6. Take breaks

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” Remember this phrase? Same applies in your case too. If you go on drowning in your study books throughout the day without any recreation, your brain will simply deny room for more chapters. Take rest, listen to good music, watch movies, play games in between your tough study schedules. Your eating and cleaning activities are included in the breaks.

7. Don’t miss your sleep

Students tend to dodge the most vital thing that charges the body and sets the body clock correctly. Take a nap in the afternoon for recharging your brain and resting your eyes. It’s optional. But, don’t lessen 8 hours of sleep during the night. I would like to advise not to remain awake late into the night. Instead, you can wake up in the early morning and cope up with the left out chapters.

8. Don’t compare your schedule with your friends

Everybody is unique and has a different way of studying. Some grab fast, while some take more time. Some mug up the lessons, while, others write them to remember. Some may feel Literature is easier, whereas, some may feel Science is simpler. Therefore, focus on your schedule and timetable. Don’t follow or copy others.

9. Eat properly

A healthy and balanced diet packed with essential nutrients will help you to retain your health. Shun junk and sugar-coated packaged food. Following all the suggestions as mentioned earlier, you must not shy away from discussing your doubts with the teachers. Don’t wait for the last few weeks to complete your syllabus. Study wisely throughout the year.

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