How to Study Abroad in the US?

Aug 13, 2020

Any foreigner between the ages of 17 and 35 with secondary education has a good chance of going to a US university. The age limit is controversial - there are many students over 35 in the States, but you are unlikely to get an F1 visa after that age.

In the meantime, an F1 visa is the right to stay in the United States for the entire period of study and about a year after it to find a job and change your visa status to something more permanent, and eventually become a US resident.

Moreover, you have to get an A+ essay to enter a university you prefer. In case, you don’t know how to do it, find an essay writing service such as to help you. An essay writing service is a website where you get all the necessary writing assistance during your studies.

What Documents Are Needed?

Admission to a US university takes a year and a half with the preparation of documents, even with the help of an online essay writing service. This process is, by and large, complicated only by language. Some universities ask for a vaccination certificate. To study in the USA, of course, you need a passport.

To apply, you need:

  • Fill out a questionnaire on the university website (before there were still paper ones, but this goes back to antiquity);
  • Translate into English a document with school grades (or university grades, if you have already studied at a university). This can be done with the help of an essay writing service such as;
  • Get three to four recommendations from professionals in your profile. Also, essay writing services can become helpful here;
  • Pass the TOEFL exam in English and other entrance exams;
  • Write an essay about your goals and ambitions. This is an important task, so it is better to let a professional essay writing service do it;
  • Prove that you have something to pay for your education (or justify the need for a scholarship). A scholarship essay can work if you order it from the top essay writing services;
  • Pay for the examination of documents (about $50, although it depends on the university).

All this is done remotely, you only send documents to the necessary universities, and then they notify you of their decision.

It is necessary to submit documents, including an essay from a top rated essay writing service such as to universities at the beginning of winter, in the first period of submission. There are two such periods. Early Decision / Action is the application deadline for the institution you want most, and Regular Decision is the second application deadline for everyone else.

By sending documents in the first period to the main university, you agree not to send them to others. Applicants submitting their applications in the first period do better, so it is wise to apply earlier.

Exams are taken in the summer, and you still have autumn to collect recommendations, essays from a reliable essay writing service, and prepare documents for delivery. Also, at the very beginning, you have to choose a university, and this is a long process. Thus, you start to find out, write off with universities, organize everything in March-April, and by next March-April, if everything is good, you will know about admission.

When you are enrolled, you need to open an F1 visa, for which, in addition to the letter of admission that can be ordered from good essay writing services, you also need your grades and confirmation that you have money to pay for tuition for all years.

How to Choose a University in the USA?

The most popular educational institutions such as MIT, Harvard, and Princeton enroll no more than 5% of those foreigners who want to enroll in them. There is no need to deceive about this, and if you are already entering the United States, choose several multi-level educational institutions, not only the TOP-10.

There is also such a moment - a university or a college. Anyway, a trustworthy essay writing service will help you go through it. A two-year college gives you an associate's degree (like a high school diploma). The four-year college provides a bachelor's degree. The University grants bachelor's, specialist's, master's degrees and beyond. Colleges are part of the higher education system.

Often after college, students go to university for a master's degree and write a master’s academic paper with the help of professional essay writing service. If you already have a degree in your home country, for example, a bachelor's degree, you need to go through the degree comparison procedure so that you can find the appropriate level of education according to the American system, and then you can enter the next step of higher education in the United States.

Good luck!

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