Individual Vs. Group Tuitions: How to Decide

May 16, 2022

Parents use to argue whether private tuition or group tuition is better for their children. Both type of tuition has much to offer according to students requirements. Remember all subjects are required lots of practices with basic understanding.

Group tuition given by the tutor/s to more to the 3 – 15/20 students and explain the key factors of the topics in a specific subject with group discussion and encourage students for group work.

Whereas Private tuition is often know for 1 to 1 coaching where student get full attention from the tutor, who monitor student's weakness, progress etc.


Every student has different capacity to gather a knowledge from the same subject according to their learning needs. We will suggest you, do some research what is your child’s learning preferences, then let him or her decide which system will be suitable for himself or herself.

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