Is Paraphrasing Tool helpful for Students?

Apr 06, 2022

If you are here, you must be attracted by the title of this post, don’t you? Well, student life is all about stress and test.

Students are always in a lane to secure good grades and good grades are possible only if they attempt well in exams, assignments, and other academic tasks.

And students are always asked to work hard on their assignments because assignments make up half of their grade percentage.

However, the most concerning issue students face in their assignments and other academic writing tasks is plagiarism.

Different universities have a different percentages of plagiarism acceptance however, according to the widely acceptable percentage of plagiarism is below 15%.

In educational institutes, plagiarism is above 15% is considered a crime, and educational committees charge students with legal penalties if their academic work reflects plagiarism of more than 15%.

Therefore, to rescue students from such big issues the paraphrasing tool is considered a helping hand for all academic writing problems.

In the next sections of this post, we will discuss how paraphrasing tools help students with their academic writing tasks.

But before jumping straight to the discussion let's discuss paraphrasing a little!

What is Paraphrasing?

The term ‘Paraphrasing’ refers to stating someone else’s work in your own words to get rid of plagiarism, it is considered the automatic approach for giving a newfound way to already written text.

Though students can do paraphrasing both manually or with the help of a paraphrasing tool. Manually doing paraphrasing is not ideally suggested because it cost students oceans of time.

Reasons: Why Paraphrasing is Helpful for students?

1. Modification of assignments is easy

Students have to go through a lot of assignments every semester and they need to make a lot of modifications before submitting the assignment.

Because it is not likely to make the perfect assignment in one go. Managing and modifying assignments manually is not easy, do you know why?

Suppose you wrote a 10-page long assignment and now you have to brief out some points because you are asked to make an assignment not more than 7 pages, what will you do now?

If you brief the points manually you might skip the important information, therefore, it is suggested to take the help of a paraphrasing tool.

The paraphrasing tool analyzes the whole source text before rewriting it and then rewrites the text in a comprehensive style without missing out on an inch of the main discussion.

Also, if there are some points that you need to add to your assignment directly from the internet, you can use the paraphrasing tool to modify the points in a new way to get rid of plagiarism.

2. Make assignments more versatile by using a wide range of synonyms

If you want your assignments to rule the heart of your teacher, you need to work a little more on your assignment than others.

Do you want to know how?

Well, teachers love to read assignments that are above and beyond the use of regular words. If you make the use of words in a different style you can ensure good grades and win the heart of your teacher.

Use synonyms to replace ordinary English words of your assignment like impact, advantage, and usual. This way, you can provide an illuminate look to your assignment.

Look at the example:

paraphrasing assignments

In this example, you can see how a paraphrasing tool replaces ordinary English words with their synonyms to give more versatility to the text.

Also, the use of synonyms in assignments is a source of learning for students so, isn’t it fun to learn things while practising them in real-time?

3. Save massive time and energy

Manual paraphrasing comes with a lot of troubles like unsatisfactory outcomes, waste of time, and energy. What if you are on a deadline of your assignment submission and you are hit with an emergency?

In that case, manually doing an assignment is a bad idea because you are short on time. Here comes a paraphrasing tool that helps you with instant and satisfying results.

All you have to do is:

  • Open up your laptop or PC
  • Go to Google
  • Search for your assignment topic
  • Explore 2 to 3 sources
  • Collect data
  • Go to your favourite paraphrasing tool
  • Paste the collected data
  • Start the paraphrasing process and done!

It can hardly cost use 30 minutes in performing all these steps and your assignment is ready to submit without any wastage of time and energy, boom!

4. No compromise on assignment quality

Till now, we have discussed how the paraphrasing tool helps with assignment modification, versatility, and saving of time and energy.

What about the quality of your assignment?

If your assignment is lacking high-quality, it is not going to give you good grades. Many students lack at writing high-quality assignments naturally.

And the worst thing is they don’t even bother to improve the quality and, in the end, they face poor grades. But you don’t have to worry anymore, a paraphrasing tool is your go-to option.

A paraphrasing tool is built on an AI-based algorithm that makes sure that the content it produces should not be less than mesmerizing.

With the tool, students can create assignments of different lengths, tones, and styles. Furthermore, the rewriter tool produces content without grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.


If your assignment contains any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, you are already risking the quality of your assignment.

Manually writing assignments without such writing mistakes is not possible for students because not every student is a master of grammar and punctuation marks.

Therefore, we suggest students should take help from a paraphrasing tool in order to improve the quality of their assignments.

Final Verdict

Students are always in a worry about securing good grades by performing well in exams and assignments, they have to submit bulk of assignments every semester.

Manually paraphrasing assignments is not a piece of cake for students as it demands oceans of time and energy, therefore, we suggest students use a paraphrasing tool to do their assignments free of stress.

In the above sections, we shed light on some reasons that can help students to decide whether or not they use paraphrasing tools for their several academic writing purposes.

Hope it helps you, Thank You!

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