Is There An Inherent Link Between Concentration And Martial Arts?

Jul 24, 2018

To gain mastery, you must unite the qualities of spirit, strength, technique and the ability to take the initiative.”

This sentence is applicable in every sphere of human life. We must string our strength, spirituality, intelligence, understanding, techniques, rationality and logic to become a real living soul.

So why don’t we start incorporating these excellences in your children from the very beginning?

It is said that a person can master fine arts for a healthy body and mind for living life courageously, energetically and uniquely as per her or his desires. If there is no focus on the activities we learn or do, we won’t reach our goals.

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Zig Ziglar was right in saying:-“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hours days.” Only the focused people grow.

Let us accept the fact that children struggle very hard to concentrate. The question is “WHY”?

Several potential reasons work behind the impatience and distraction of your children. Collecting some of them:-

  • Inappropriate education

As it is a learned skill, we must take culpability to make the kids grasp the ability to centralize.

  • Lack of sleep

Children are growing and developing physically and mentally. They are experiencing new things every single day. They need to sleep and take enough rest to calm the nerves and retain all the lost energy spent in the whole day. Make a daily routine to send your kids to bed per diem at the same time.

  • Technological issue

Overloaded techno- minds of your children are a significant cause for inattentiveness. We live in a world dominated by the superiority of gadgetry enginery. Our future generation is opened to the lights of computer, mobile and television screen most of the time that causes a diversion from the natural vitality.

  • Lack of exercises

The studies say that children who do not exercise suffer from the concentration issue. Even for the kids with ADHD, physical and mental training is vital. It increases the memory capacity and retention ability. Healthy and fit kids are happy, and glad kids can focus quickly on their aims.

  • Adverse environment

Noisy place, parental conflicts, family fights, etc. can create negative effects in a child’s mind leading to aggressiveness and lack of concentration.

So why don’t you take your child to a martial arts class?

A study done in 1994 has stormed the world with its revelation that martial arts can improve the ‘at-risk youth’s’ behavioral patterns.

You may think that throwing kicks and punches while shouting ‘kiai’ is very easy. It's something deep. The fighter has to make sure to hit the right spot on the chest, stomach, head, and sides avoiding the sensitive points of the opponent. Again after the hits, the player has to pull back correctly on time.

Again, one needs to control each movement so that the kicks and punches do not hurt the fellow karateka badly. Control is led by precision and focus. Then, the fighters also check and defend the blows coming wildly from the opposite side towards them. If the person isn’t attentive, he will get the shot right at the body, and the opponent will score.

When the combatants are engaged in a friendly fight, it becomes tough not to hit others very hard. Therefore, the sensei teaches the students to centralize the minds to pull the punches or the kicks and gently touch the helmets and guards of the rivals.

Katas or shadow fightings have both the quick and slow stances. Power, breathing, and accuracy are the prime factors of the attitudes. You cannot go through the motions rapidly just to finish the memorized moves.

Martial arts channelize through proper breathing techniques, sometimes holding the breath for a specific time and releasing it from the mouth with the next step. The inner energy will transmit via the sound ‘ki,' ‘chi’ or ‘kiai’ or silent complete exhale through the mouth while maintaining eye contact with that of the opponent. These techniques help the learners to focus on putting power behind the shots.

Self-discipline is the teacher of concentration

Martial art is the ideal way to teach the young souls self-discipline that proceeds to strong focus.

Kids suffering from attention deficits are usually punished in schools and by parents, and hence, they form a poor self-image. The karate or judo trainer search for the students’ strengths rather than looking what they are doing. They motivate the children to use the efficacy for achieving greatness.

An example- The NY Martial Arts Academy builds the teaching methods that work for individualism rather than finding the simple maneuver. Specialized approaches are taken to increase the focus level of each student for nurturing their self-worth and confidence.

The complete compilation of physical activities from head to toe in a martial bravery class strengthens the brain’s neural pathways and supports the young humans in practicing self-control. The various methodical and tactful movements prosper the coordination and mould the physical strength.

Kids who are hyperactive may fail to participate in conventional sports, but martial art is for everybody irrespective of gender and age and physical or psychological disability. Get your kids to a martial arts class and let them learn self-protection and achieve the power of concentration and win in life before it’s too late.

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