Know More about Learning Big Data Analytics

Mar 22, 2017

Big data analysis is the current trend for business organizations in this age of information being available freely and its collection is fast and organized. During this process, huge amounts of data are collected and stored. Some of this data is used in the daily business processes, but vast amounts are essentially left unprocessed. This information is known as “big data” and the scientific process of using this data to the benefit of the organization is known as big data analytics.

Through this process, we nay uncover hitherto hidden customer behavior pattern and preferences, unknown relationships between different processes, trends and even predict future outcomes of a certain situation based on past experiences, depending on the business model and available big data. As a subject of education, it is important that learners aspire to master this concept to be equipped with the theories governing big data analysis so that they are in a position to apply it during their professional career.

Need of Mastering Big Data Analytics

With vast of information available with different organizations as a result of all kinds of interactions being recorded and stored in some form or the other, the accumulation of raw, unprocessed data is happening. Along with it, the need of professionals specializing in organizing, analyzing and processing this potential "gold mine" of pertinent business information is increasing exponentially. Whether as a fresher or increasing professional acumen, you will only gain by mastering the scientific theories associated with big data analysis. The results of such exercise are always useful for the concerned organization, in fact, the models can be used for prediction, corporate decision-making, consumer pattern analysis and various other applications, with the right kind of specialized professionals dedicated to this process.

Educational Tools

To master big data analysis, choosing the right tutors is important, as though there is a huge demand for the right kind of professionals; its mastery requires a combination of scholastic ability and proper learning techniques. So, consider joining a full-time course for learning the subject thoroughly and in a focused way. The alternatives are certificate courses to supplement your existing education or learning through online courses. There are many free tutorials on big data available on the Internet; you can always refer to these for knowing its basics. Another practical way to learn the subject is by finding an experienced big data analysis practitioner or scientist and taking tutelage under him or her.

Essential Computing Tools

As with learning any elaborate scientific concept, mastering big data also requires knowledge of certain skills, programming languages and tools. The idea is to master any one of the several tools required for big data analysis and working knowledge of some others to be able to progress in the field. So, focus on any one among Statistical Analysis System (SAS), Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) or the ‘R’ Programming Language and proceed from there. Python is another essential tool for data analysis you must learn; it is widely used currently by data scientists. Hadoop, an open-source program framework based on Java, is also used for crunching huge amounts of data across computer clusters.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Along with these programming tools, you must be able to decipher the origin and nature of data correctly. Data can be spatial, dynamic or temporal; structured or unstructured, its derived inferences and knowledge can differ based on complexity, representation, context, quality, trustworthiness and reliability. The job of big data analytics is to make sense from all these by incorporating human ingenuity, logical thinking by drawing on past results and experiences with similar models. Filtering the information that matters, using quality data and formulating processes are some other essential skills required to be a successful data analysis professional.

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