Know The 7 Styles Of Learning And Find Out Which One Suits You The Best

Aug 22, 2019

It’s universally known today that different students possess different learning styles. Some might learn well through visual means, some through auditory means and some through kinesthetic (tactile) means.

So, as you can see, the learning styles are varied. But which one suits you the best? Is it tactile or visual? Or do you think the auditory mode is your cup of tea?

We will try to answer all these questions below.

KNOW The different styles of learning

There are seven learning styles in general. And these are:

  • Visual

Just like the name suggests, it is a visual form of learning. Students use diagrams, charts, illustrations, etc. to learn something new.

  • Physical

Can also be termed as a form of “learning through activity.” 

These include things like drawing diagrams, using real world objects for learning (like stacking up coins to learn to count) and so on.

  • Auditory

Students who prefer sounds for their lessons.

These include the use of music, rhythms recordings (in the form of audiobooks), limericks, etc. for learning. 

  • Conversational

Conversational learners are the ones who prefer learning from spoken words and speech.

Reading out loud is more or less their preferred mode of learning.

  • Logical

The logical learners are the ones who prefer learning through logic and reasoning. They prefer a methodical system to learn something from scratch.

Things like logical puzzles, brain games, sudokus, Rubik’s cube, etc. can contribute a lot to their education. These learners aim to learn the underlying principle of a subject well and have a decent ability to know the bigger picture behind every lesson.

  • Social

These learners respond well when learning in groups or with any other people. 

  • Solitary

These learners do the best when they learn alone. Self-study’s their cup of tea.

So which style suits you the best?

As recommended by our coveted home tutors at MyPrivateTutor, if you want to bring a sea change in your academic performance, you need to identify the learning style that suits you the best. You can take the help of your teachers or tutors or even your parents for this purpose. 

Meanwhile, we’ll try to provide you with a couple of tips that can help you identify your preferable learning style. 

  • Take a test

PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency) has come up with a wonderful solution as a part of their Education Planner public service that can help students identify their strong learning styles online through a simple self-assessment test.

Our suggestion to you would be to take the test. It will not even cost you a dime and will probably take only 5 minutes of your life. You can take the test anywhere and at any time you wish to do so. Just make sure you have a steady internet connection and a working device to go on it.

The result of the test may signify the learning style that suits you the best.   

  • Know how you match your style with the way you study

Most students usually try to learn something to their strengths. But the point is they are seldom aware of this fact. They do it on instinct which is a good thing.

I will use an example for better comprehensibility.

Say, a student is struggling hard to learn the different methods of salt identification from his/her chemistry textbook. No matter what s/he does, s/he just can’t remember all the methods in a systematic way. 

Then one day, s/he is taken to the chemistry lab, and everything is explained in front of him/her practically through several experiments. S/He immediately starts having a clear idea of the subject matter after the completion of the lesson.  

What would be your takeaways from such an example?

S/He is a kinesthetic learner. Practical lessons bring out the best in him/her. Unfortunately, s/he is not even aware of this fact. 

So our advice to you would be to keep your eyes open. If you think audiobooks get the best out of you, then auditory style may just be the thing you are looking for.


Knowing what learning style suits you the best can really be something that can make a difference in the long run. So don’t take this lightly. Get on to it ASAP.

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