Know Why You Need to Exercise More and How You Can

Mar 24, 2017

To define the word ‘exercise’, it is an activity or a series of activities that requires exerting physical effort in order to improve fitness and health. Exercise is inexorably related to our continued good health; it increases blood flow to all parts of our body, keeps muscles and joints flexible and prevents them from stiffening. It also helps with clearing body wastes, increase appetite, reducing stress and improves our mood in general. In today’s age of indoor or desk-bound daily routine, exercise has become a learning requirement to avoid many kinds of bodily ailments arising out of physical inactivity.

With such a plethora of benefits, exercise should ideally be a daily activity in our lives. To put it simply, spending more time exercising will burn more calories, which has its own sets of positive effects on our health and well-being as described below.

Exercising helps with Weight-Control

For those suffering from weight issues or have a family history of obesity, exercising regularly under medical or professional supervision is necessary to control or lose weight. Overweight people are generally susceptible to a large number of health issues; so losing some pounds reduces the associated risks. So, with careful guidance and monitoring, vigorous exercise is beneficial to persons concerned with their weight; also, maintaining the ideal weight as per height and sex of the person is easier with regular exercise and proper diets.

Exercising Keeps the Heart Healthy

The human heart is a complex pump with many machine-like characteristics. Thus, maintaining it in optimum working condition is necessary for prolonged life. To this end, exercise increases the heart ‘beating’ or pumping rate, the blood flow to all parts of the body also increases as a result. With regular workout, bad cholesterol build-up is reduced in our arteries and veins while keeping blood pressure under control. People with heart conditions or weak heart also benefit from exercising under medical supervision.

Exercise keeps Joint Problems at Bay

Strenuous exercising really benefits our bone joints; these are mechanisms with various degrees of rotations and movements. Our bones suffer wear and tear over a lifetime; people who follow a regular regime of joint exercises coupled with proper diet and rest tend to retain bone flexibility for a longer period in their life. Also, vigorous training with weights reduces the likelihood of degenerative bone diseases’ occurrence.

Exercising Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

When we regularly exercise or walk, cycle and jog, it helps to keep the glucose levels in our blood under control. Depending on lifestyle and family history, diabetes is a disease related to blood sugar, which affects around four hundred million people worldwide. To avoid this common ailment, vigorous exercising is often the best solution, especially for susceptible persons.

Exercising Boosts Immune System

During exercise, our heart pumps blood at an increased rate. The cells of our body receive the necessary nutrients more frequently and the wastes are cleared in a similarly increased pace. The white blood cells are also similarly charged and energized and are ready to fight the germs and other harmful foreign bodies in our system. Thus, our immune system gets a boost to protect our body when we exercise vigorously.

Medical Advice

While planning your exercise regime for the week or months, you would do well to seek medical advice or join professional institutions. This is mandatory for people with pre-existing physical conditions or for those wanting to lose weight in the proper manner without causing health hazards. Seek professional advice in such cases or even, in general, to find out any latent physical concerns before following vigorous exercise routines. Also, combining different types of physical exertions in an exercise roster is going to give you the best results, without straining any particular area of the body.

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