Leadership Training for UAE Bank Managers with Focus on Personal Strengths

Apr 30, 2019

Leadership training based on personal strengths helps to identify individuals’ talents and assign them to the relevant projects. Bank managers who are trained to focus on their strengths end up leading productive and successful teams.

Training programs for UAE bank managers focusing on their strengths have increased the effectiveness of the services rendered by other workers. This program helps the managers to discover their talents and abilities, and how they can apply them to improve the banks they head. Training takes a few weeks which involve comprehensive coaching based on individual strengths and how they could use such abilities in their leadership positions in areas such as team management and problem-solving. This program yields successful outcomes because of positive coaching techniques.

Benefits of Leadership Training Based on Personal Strengths

As leaders, bank managers are expected to be effective and perfect at everything they do. The truth is, despite their qualifications, leaders need the training to run an institution effectively. The list below highlights some of the advantages of strength-based leadership training.

Improve Harmony and Commitment

Leaders who work with staff members in their areas of expertise where the managers have less experience show their willingness to learn. By recognizing that they need help and accepting assistance from others, it fosters a harmonious leadership environment which promotes staff commitment to their work.

Competent Staff

Managers who hire staff based on their strengths end up with a team of diverse skills, cultural values, attitudes, and different talents.


Members who are encouraged to focus on their strengths at work perform better. This is because it improves the moods and attitudes of members who end up concentrating and engaging more in their work.


Bank managers feel at ease assigning tasks to team members and reducing supervision. This encourages the staff to be calm and creative.

Strength-Based Leadership Training

Leadership coaches focus on various personal strengths to develop great leaders. Below are some of the strengths reinforced by this program:


Bank managers who possess this skill can convince and motivate the staff to support their projects. They have the charisma and confidence to encourage their teams to be productive personally and as a group. As a leader, a manager should be able to guide, support, and correct the staff. This way, you shape their thoughts and attitudes which cause behavior change.

Time Management

Effective leaders know how to use their time wisely to achieve productivity. Managers know that they must lead by example and that is why they arrive before others and leave late. This, way they show employees that they are not exempt from the rules.

Strategic Thinking

Through strategic thinking, leaders can identify factors that could affect the institution in the future and make adequate plans of how to deal with the issue. They also realize that present events affect future outcomes. Effective leaders can interact with staff members to discover their observations regarding the latest trends in the market. Strategic thinking enables bank managers to view information from different perspectives and to apply unique approaches to problems.

Communication Skills

Bank managers can be successful in their positions if they have effective communication skills. These can either be non-verbal, for example, gestures, body language, and eye contact. Verbal communication is via the phone, memos, face-to-face, and emails. Interacting with others using friendly and respectable language creates a comfortable and warm working environment.

Negotiation Skill

Successful managers will negotiate terms that are favorable to the banks this way; they increase the chances of receiving the desired feedback. They must convince the other party that the deal they offer is the best and to outline the benefits and conditions of the transaction.

Good Listeners

To improve the productivity of the staff, bank managers need to be active listeners; this way, they discover the problems bothering their workers and provide effective solutions. Active listening enables a leader to answer questions and offer suggestions effortlessly showing the staff that the manager was paying attention.


Productive leaders know that being authentic fosters trust and honesty. Pretending to be someone you do not make the team uncomfortable. You also get tired of keeping up this act and soon people start noticing. The staff cannot respect the authority of a leader who is not genuine.


Being able to work with people from different backgrounds, with different attitudes, and personalities will make all workers feel included in the success of the institution. The staff will be able to approach the bank manager without fear of rejection.

Flexibility also includes the ability to be able to adapt to changes in the sector, for example, embracing technology to communicate with customers.

Leadership training for bank managers based on their strengths enables them to recognize their skills and use them to run the workplace more effectively. They can assign the employees to positions that match their skills which lead to productivity. Leadership is beneficial to both the bank and the manager.

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