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Mar 11, 2020

The concept of legal translation covers two specific areas of the same type of translation. On the one hand, it can be the translation of legal documents. The legal translation near me can include, such as, contracts, deeds and statutes. On the other hand, it may also include respective legalization of the translation, giving it legal value.

The legal translation Dubai requires extreme accuracy, precision and attention to detail. The legal translation Abu Dhabi requires an increased level of responsibility. It also requires the use of specialist legal translator Dubai. They faithfully transpose the content of the source text into the language of the target text.

Combined with certified translation, legal translation Sharjah is one of the main fields of action of Al Syed Legal Translation, legal translation agency in UAE. With a wide experience of over 10 years, we employ the best team of certified legal translator in Dubai. They’re native in the language, and with mastery of the legal and legal areas. They guarantee to deliver the legal translation UAE with the best quality, according to the client's needs.

Additionally, we offer certified legal translation services in Dubai for many personal and business documents: 

The translations are certified by a lawyer, and the stamp is placed for use outside Dubai. 

Please get in touch today at Al Syed Legal Translation. We will send you a final, accurate quote in less than 3 hours. 

Certified legal translation for national or foreign use

If you need certified legal translation services to deliver certified document translations, we fulfill all the client's requirements.

In general, sworn, official or certified translation for national or other use is certified by a lawyer or notary. If it’s destined for a foreign country, it has to be certified based on the rules of that particular country.

The certified legal translation Dubai on paper is sent by registered post on the very day of completion.

To avoid any delay, Al Syed Legal Translation, the legal translation office in Dubai, has certified legal translator team, able to certify the translations, which are directly accepted both locally and internationally. To do this, simply indicate the country of destination in your order, and thus, you’ll get the certified translated documents ready to use.

We also offer certified legal translation services in Dubai for several types of documents, such as:

  • Court sentences;
  • Notarial deeds;
  • Social pacts;
  • Commercial certificates;
  • Criminal records;
  • Licenses;
  • Contracts;
  • Birth, marriage & death certificates;
  • Wills;
  • Driving licenses ;
  • Declarations;
  • Reports;
  • Invoices;
  • And more, without limit.

We translate and certify legal translation Abu Dhabi for all signatory countries, mainly from and into these languages: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Arabic, among others. Although the language you need is not on this list, please contact us.

Legal translations of agreements or corporate documents

The international economy does not have the differences of languages and borders. Multinational companies, which work in multiple countries, need constant legal translation services in Dubai in the legal fields. They need to conclude same contracts in multiple countries, for international communication.

In commercial legal translation near me, the risks that a legal translator Dubai must take care of exist on each word! Each contract term must have 100% correct translation. Moreover, the legal translation Sharjah must be applied to country laws where it will operate. 

Translations of documents related to courts or court judgments

For legal translating of files or documents required by the courts, our legal translation company in Dubai works in line with law offices. Only certified legal translator in Dubai who has the practical experience and skills to perform the rigorous translation in these situations are accepted. Usually, the translators assigned in these projects have law qualification and know the relevant laws inside out. Moreover, they’ve the necessary expertise for every particular legal translation UAE project. Our certified legal translator team in these fields isn’t only ensures the legal provision of particular country but mostly, they also adhere to a time limit imposed by the court.

Immigration legal document translation 

In immigration cases, an extra requirement is that the legal translation Dubai has to be legalized. A certified legal translator in Dubai, available through our specialized legal translation office in Dubai has this right. The responsibilities of the legal translation near me – and hence their accuracy – is also greater, as the legal documents are essential all over the world, for solving many official issues, ensuring, basically, legalizing the activities of document holder.

Legal translation of financial and accounting documents

Regarding the economy development on worldwide scale, the need of legal translation Abu Dhabi for company financial documents has increased. Unclear expressions, mistakes or misinterpretations don’t have any place in these important financial documents. Wrong document translation is unacceptable and can cause financial and legal complications.

It needs an expert legal translator Dubai to realize all details, from the units differences, to the accounting record differences considered in different regions. The Al Syed Legal Translation is a fast growing legal translation agency in UAE and our translation experts can provide business document translation in your preferred language. 

Legal translating for intellectual or real estate documents

Intellectual property documents such as patents, trademarks or copyrights are regularized by particular laws. At ASLT, the legal translation company in UAE, our certified legal translator team has relevant technical experience concerning the scope of intellectual documents. They know the target legislation about the security of intellectual documents. 

Al Syed Legal Translation, the top legal translation office in Dubai offers legal translation services in Dubai using highly skilled translators, working in a broad range of language pairs. Our extensive legal translator’s team enables us to offer certified legal translation services in Dubai in virtually all language pairs to customers all over the world.

We know the importance of the confidentiality of legal translations, so we process all legal documents with the highest security level. Our special management team enables us to choose the expert translator, or team of translators, most suitable for each legal translation project.

To immediately obtain a proposal for a legal translation UAE, please contact us directly via phone or email or visit our website: TranslationinDubai.com

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