Make Learning Easier With The 5-Step ADEPT Method

Aug 28, 2019

Learning a new concept can turn out to be pretty rewarding. Yet, at the same time, it can also be frustrating when new information starts floating around your head without sticking. We are often forced to read a book repeatedly just to get the pieces of information stored in our memory.

Learning should never be about forced memory. It should never be interpreted as a difficult task which, unfortunately, most students associate themselves with. Luckily, there are powerful methods involved that can help you grasp truly difficult concepts. The ADEPT method of learning is one such process. 

What Constitutes the ADEPT Method Of Learn



Tell me what it is like.


Help me visualize it.


Allow me to experience it.

Plain English

Describe with everyday words.

Technical definition

Discuss the formal details.

How to Use The ADEPT Method Of Learning

1. Start with an analogy

A simple trick to improve what we know is to compare it to something we’ve already known.

For e.g., how can you explain the functions of a neuron? What analogy can you use to explain the functions of a neuron? How can you compare the concept to something the learner is familiar with?

Compared to our example, let’s give this analogy a site – neurons are similar to transportation systems. They carry neurotransmitters from one particular neuron to another similar to the way transportation systems transport people from one particular location to another.

2. Use a diagram if possible

Use a diagram if you aren’t able to find the right words to describe your concept. Pinterest can be a great resource to identify diagrams and grasp difficult concepts.
By the use of diagrams, we can visualize new and abstract ideas. Understanding abstract and complex ideas requires both sides of the brain to function together and form a powerful connection. 

3. Use an example to experience the idea

What would you do if you’re confused about a topic?

You can either take somebody’s help or figure it out all by yourself. By figuring it out yourself, you mind would be able to learn through connections.
With the help of examples, your mind would be able to experience the idea. By exposing your mind to examples, you’re also formulating your own understanding of the concept.

4. Try to explain the concept in a plain and simple language

Through the use of the Feynman technique, as mentioned by Mr. Richard Feynman, we can take any abstract concept and explain the same in plain English. 
According to Richard Feynman, you will have to explain it to someone as if s/he is a 5-year old kid. This forces you to make the matter simple allowing you to understand the concept in depth.

5. Convert your understanding of the concept into some sort of a technical description

Once you’ve a true understanding of the concept, the final step should be to understand the technical description of it.
With the help of the ADEPT method, we can begin with a rough idea and sharpen it until we get a clear idea of the technical details. Example, if you’re using the ADEPT method of learning to understand the Pythagoras theorem, you would be able to provide the terminology for other people to use. 

So, When Should You Use The ADEPT Method Of Learning?

So, when should you use this method of learning to learn something deeply? We think that the two more significant places to apply this method is when we are making some life changing decisions or working on some craft.

Like, if you are working as an artist, you should apply it whenever you are making a piece of art so you can deliberately improve. If you are working as an engineer, you should apply this process whenever you are learning something new or working on a technical project.

The massive benefits of the ADEPT method of learning:

  • It helps you develop a true understanding of whatever you are learning.
  • It helps you make intelligent and logical decisions.
  • It helps you apply knowledge to real-world problems.
  • It helps in improving your teaching skills.
  • It helps in improving your critical thinking abilities.

So that’s more or less like it. We hope you had a good read.

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