Microsoft 70-698 Exam Overview

May 29, 2018


The Microsoft 70-698 exam basically measures an individual’s capabilities in the installation and configuration of Windows 10. The candidates for this exam are also introduced to various enterprise scenarios also known as cloud-integrated services. This exam comprises adaptive technology as well as simulation items. In order to be prepared adequately for this exam, Microsoft recommends a candidate to have an experience on hands-on exercises. It is also recommended that the candidate should make use of the relevant specified training resources. The training resources cover almost everything that is tested in the exam. The Microsoft 70-698 exam acts as the bridge towards Windows 10 MCSA certification. Passing the exam enables an individual to be counted among those certified IT professionals who have the ability to install and configure Windows 10.

Exam Description

The Microsoft 70-698 exam tests various concepts related to installation and configuration of Windows 10. This exam tests an individual's ability to optimize windows services, recover damaged systems, configure user account control, recover deleted files, set up biometric authentication, fine-tune windows services updates, and automate administrative tasks among others. Any individual having the ability to perform the above-mentioned tasks and any other task related to installation and configuration of Windows 10 which has not been mentioned has the capacity to pass the Microsoft 70-698 exam.

Target Audience

This Microsoft 70-698 exam targets IT professionals who have the ability to install and maintain Windows 10 core services. The exam also targets individuals who have exposure to cloud-integrated services. Moreover, the exam is meant for individuals who want to work in IT-related organizations as network professionals.

Skills Tested

The Microsoft 70-698 exam is meant to measure an individual’s knowledge and skills on various technical tasks which include the following:

  • Implementation of windows (30 to 35 percent)
  • Core services Configuration and support (30 to 35 percent)
  • Management as well as maintenance of windows (30 to 35 percent)

The percentages provided shows the content of exam tested in each objective section. It is important for the candidates to be keen on how the distribution has been carried out in each objective section. The complete exam objectives are available on the Microsoft website for any individual who wants to familiarize with them.

Series Tutorial/Training Courses

There are several vendors who provide similar videos having the content necessary for an individual to pass the 70-698 exam. These videos enable candidates to prepare adequately as they provide them with knowledge and skills essential to pass the 70-698 exam. It’s the duty of the candidates to use the videos and other materials available for everyone to be prepared excellently for the 70-698 exam.

All the above resources provide information which is very important in the installation and configuration of Windows 10. If an individual utilizes these materials properly, he or she can be assured of passing the 70-698 exam.

Prerequisites for the Exam

Any individual who wants to pass the Microsoft 70-698 exam should be familiar to the recent version of Windows such as Vista, 8.1, 8, and 7.

Individuals should also be experienced on the command prompt as well as PowerShell in order to seat and pass the 70-698 exam.

Benefits of Microsoft 70-698 Exam

Microsoft 70-698 exam is very popular as it proves an individual's ability to install and configure Windows 10. There are several benefits linked to this exam. After passing the exam an individual will have outstanding skills and knowledge of performing several tasks related to installation and configuration of Windows 10 which are very beneficial in the IT sector. The candidates will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Individuals will be able to install windows.
  • The candidates will have the skills necessary in the configuration of devices as well as device drivers.
  • Individuals will have the capability to ensure implementation of windows in the enterprise environment.
  • The scholars will have impeccable skills of configuring data access as well as usage, networking, and storage.
  • Individuals will benefit from the technical know-how of implementing and configuring desktop apps.
  • Individuals will have gained the knowledge and skills of managing and maintaining windows etc.

Tips to Pass Microsoft 70-698 Exam

An individual should apply the following techniques in order for him or her to pass the exam:

  • A candidate should prepare herself or himself with at least three study resources related to the subject matter. These resources will provide the candidate with sufficient knowledge and skills to enable him or her pass the exam.
  • The candidate should ensure a thorough study of all the objective categories of the exam so that he or she may not have difficulties in answering the exam questions.
  • Candidates should acquire storage materials such as flash disks, hand disks etc. to store the practice exam tests, notes and any other materials which will be helpful while revising for the 70-698 exam.
  • Candidates should implement all the hands-on practices available in the learning materials they have as this will enable them to understand the concepts tested in the exam better.
  • Candidates should carry out their studies in a conducive environment so as to enhance better understanding.

Microsoft 70-698 Exam Questions

The exam contains both theoretical and practical questions. The questions are provided in either single or multiple choices. It is important for candidates to revise intensively and participate in hands-on practices relevant to installation and configuration of Windows 10 in order for them to avoid challenges when tackling exam questions.

Personal Experience of Passing Microsoft 70-698 Exam

The first time I sat for this exam I was able to pass. I utilized several revision materials, hands-on practices and practice tests among others. All the materials were of great help as they equipped me with skills and knowledge which enabled me to pass the exam.

Microsoft 70-698 Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are very essential to every individual awaiting any exam. They provide questions and answers which help an individual to familiarize with what is likely to be tested in the real exam. They are very helpful for those individuals who truly want to pass their exam. The following links provide some of the available exam dumps for the 70-698 certification exam:


Microsoft 70-698 exam acts as a stepping stone for those individuals who want to receive the Windows 10 MCSA certification. Individuals need to look for the best learning materials such as video tutorials, modules, books, exam dumps etc. which covers the exam objectives and utilize them properly so as to excel. Candidates should also ensure they carry out hands-on practices in order for them to best understand the concepts of windows 10 installation and configuration.

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