New and Interesting Hobbies for Kids

Mar 01, 2017

As children are increasingly spending a lot of time with their studies and academics, they don’t get adequate time for creative pursuits and end up spending their leisure lazing on couch, watching movies, playing video games, or surfing the net endlessly for social media feeds.

Many children are averse to the idea of cultivating hobbies that will help them to tap into their creative sides and help them relax and breathe life into their passions. They find TV series, action movies, violent video games, and social media sites more appealing than taking up a hobby.

Hobbies help children to remain proactive, energetic, enthusiastic, and creative, whereas the reliance on television series, movies, social media sites make them passive, inert, and apathetic.

It is important for parents and teachers to encourage children to cultivate hobbies that will make them smarter, happy, and outgoing. However, the challenge lies in finding new and interesting hobbies that can help children to relax as well as learn. If the hobbies can entertain and educate children both at the same time, it can work wonders for parents, teachers, and children in the long run.

Here are some new and interesting hobbies for children:

1. Vlogging: Every child has a natural flair for something or the other and they have the potential to do exceptionally good in their area of interests. As a parent or teacher, you can help them find out their hidden gifts and encourage them to master that and document the progress. If your child is a talented guitarist, then you can help him/her to video record the jamming sessions or performance. This will encourage the child to work harder on the craft and it will also help beginners to learn by watching the videos. Children can also vlog about their culinary skills, craft making skills, academic skills, pets, etc.

2. Photography: If your child is a shutterbug and loves nature, wildlife, city scenes, exploring, or bird watching, then this hobby is just perfect for him/her. Previously, photography was an expensive hobby and a few could afford on spending camera, lenses, film rolls, and lighting equipment hence it was not an option for most children. However, with digital revolution the prices of digital cameras at an all time low and many cell phones have in-built cameras with light adjustment settings and all. You can encourage your children can try their talent with these basic tools.

3. Outdoor activities: Children naturally love outdoor activities and a little encouragement from your side will help them to find out the activities they love. You can help them to try swimming, snorkeling, cycling, skateboarding, skating, hiking, and running. This will not only keep them fit, it will also help them to concentrate better while studying. However, make sure that you remain alongside with the children when they are busy doing these outdoorsy activities.

4. Story writing: If your ward is a wordsmith and love to weave stories out of thin air after hours and hours of musing, then this is the best hobby for him/her. This is one of the most interesting and most inexpensive hobbies and it will also help the child academically. To be able to write, your ward will need to read a lot and this will develop his/her imagination, vocabulary, knowledge, personality, emotional quotient, and many more traits.

5. Music and dance: Children generally love music and dance. Hence, spot the children who have a natural flair for music or have the potential to become a good dancer. Music and dance help children to broaden their mind, have a positive outlook, and remain fit and healthy.

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