New Era of Cisco Certifications: Ace Your Cisco 200-901 Exam Easily with Exam Dumps

Jan 30, 2020

Just a few decades ago, developers have struggled to integrate software applications with proprietary network equipment. Most often, networks are designed not in a software friendly way, or skilled specialists, nevertheless, lack the required aptitudes to perform such tasks. 

Owing to these challenges as well as to the strong desire to align its credentials with the modern IT market needs, Cisco has opted to unleash a new certification line to start in February. DevNet credentials are part of this track.

Now, the new technology has enriched the field of development, and IT professionals are willing to take advantage of the existing networks and build a rewarding career by combining their technical know-how with the available tools. 


Looking at a bigger picture, the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate credential embraces software developers, DevOps engineers, and automation professionals who can produce software applications running on programmable networks in the upcoming years. 

But the biggest question is, how can you make up to such a great milestone? What does it take to become a DevNet certified professional? Or, in the first place, is the new Cisco certifying program worth a second glance? 

With all these doubts in mind, come closer to see all the details of the new Cisco 200-901 exam covered. In particular, this is the sole qualifying test to become Cisco DevNet Associate certified.


But first, let’s have a brief overview of the DevNet certifications.

DevNet Certification Program

As mentioned above, due to its eagerness to retool the certifications in line with the latest technologies and employment requirements, the Cisco Systems has included DevNet credentials in its qualifying program. 

This type of certification is intended for both software developers and network professionals who take pride in optimizing and writing for network platforms using specific technology skills. Unlike the traditional Cisco career ladder, the new DevNet certifications start with the Associate level. 

Of course, you may well possess the basic IT knowledge gained from learning for the Cisco CCENT credential, for instance, or obtain your experience in programming at your working place or elsewhere.
Further, the next category in the DevNet route includes equally important Specialist and Professional that are meant for experienced developers with a minimum of 2-5 years of proven work experience, with a little feature of Specialist track that it targets one very specific development area. The last step comprises the DevNet Expert certification.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification Overview

It’s useful to know that the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate credential is meant for IT developers who pride themselves on having successfully performed a developer role and possess at least one year of hands-on experience in Python programming. 

Closer Look at Cisco 200-901 Exam 

Well, the Cisco 200-901 test is a 120-minute exam that assesses your knowledge of software development concepts such as comprehension of APIs and their usage, Cisco development and platforms, security and application development, completed with the knowledge in automation and infrastructure.

Passing this assessment not only proves your high-tech knowledge of software design but also qualifies you for the reputable Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification.

Cisco 200-901Exam Objectives

Moving further, Cisco 200-901 covers 6 major objectives relating to the said DevNet Associate credential. It’s worth reminding that each of these concepts contributes to a specific percentage in the total exam content. 

Specifically, to add a numerical value to the above-indicated exam overview, the test topics include a candidate’s ability to understand and use APIs (20%), and such areas as Infrastructure and Automation (20%), Application Deployment and Security (15%), Cisco Platforms and Development (15%), Network Fundamentals (15%), and Software Development and Design (15%). 

Obtaining Cisco Certified DevNet Associate: Steps Involved

The first move to earning your Cisco DevNet Associate certification is to prepare adequately for the recently elaborated associated Cisco 200-901 exam.
Now, study attentively all the learning materials and familiarize yourself with the exam details before registering for it. If you’re up for this exciting challenge, then booking your exam in advance is the right way to go. Thereafter, you can smoothly proceed taking your exam and attaining the coveted certification with flying colors.

How to Prepare for Your Cisco 200-901Exam

So, willing to advance your career by obtaining this enriching DevNet Associate credential, you should necessarily visit the Cisco official website which is a great option to jumpstart your 200-901 exam training journey. Don’t hesitate to disclose all the solid study options prepared by the vendor specifically to give your certification preparation a massive boost.

Classroom Training and Study Groups

Practitioners aiming to win the test know that Cisco cooperates with dependable training partners that administer its certification courses to assist various candidates across the globe. 
For instance, for its 200-901 test, Cisco recommends that all exam candidates should enroll in the newly designed DEVASC training program to improve their chances of success in the test.
Or, are you willing to work together with like-minded peers when preparing for your Cisco 200-901 exam? If so, the Cisco DevNet study group is the right place for you. Connect with fellow exam candidates, share the important ideas and aspects and pass your test splendidly.

Additional DevNet Learning Resources

For your exam excellence, Cisco provides a variety of educational offerings that are focused on the DevNet program. You can expand your DevNet knowledge and skillset using one of the following options and bring your certification objectives to fruition with Code Exchange, API Documentation, Sandbox, Learning Path, and Learning Labs.

Train with Exam-Labs for Your Exam Success

Looking to attain your Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification easily in your first try, save your time and drop by Exam-Labs at your final preparation stage. 
Here, be pleased to benefit from its Premium Bundles containing the highest-quality exam dump for your test, which is enriched by a respective training course and a study guide. These great questions and answers for the exam are being developed by excellent IT experts. 

Besides, IT tests’ candidates may enjoy free access to helpful exam dumps that are uploaded by recent passers. Thus, stay tuned with the latest updates at Exam-Labs for your Cisco 200-901 proficiency, and don’t forget to download its VCE Exam Simulator!

Drawing Line

So, have you ever wanted to run a specific network that requires new software? If the answer is yes, this is the right time to pursue the Cisco DevNet Associate badge. 

The long-term goal of this great newly-designed Cisco’s credential in DevNet is to bring network developers and network operation engineers together within a shared framework. 

Just remember that exam dumps are here to help you comfortably walk throughout your Cisco 200-901 journey and help you achieve all the career goals!

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