Online Tutoring: Definition, Selection, Types, Free Tools and More

May 07, 2021

Looking for earning opportunities based on your knowledge? You probably need to start online tutoring. A number of people are using online tutoring as a part-time job as well as a full-time job that offers utmost flexibility and ease. Let's first understand what is online tutoring.

What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is a virtual learning method where needy tutees get help local, national as well as international tutors. Video conferencing notes sharing, email and some other mediums are mainly used to connect tutees with the tutors. They hardly meet each other in person. 

How Online Tutors are Selected?

Tutors are registered in different platforms. They include their qualifications, class and subjects they are willing to teach, preferred time, rate, and other important details on their profiles. A tutor can teach multiple subjects or one single subject - it is completely up to the tutors. Also, it is possible to put the rate later.

Students or their parents too need to create an account to register their names on that platform. Next, tutees need to search for the subject/s they want tuition. It is possible that a student is weak in 1 or 2 specific subjects - so, they need to search for it. 

Tutees will select the tutor based on their needs, rating of the tutor, charges for a subject and other factors.

Online Tutoring Types

It must be clear that online tutors work on their own schedule and the number of tutees has no limitations. Experienced online tutors often give group tuition using different tools. As a result, that tutor earns a huge amount as tuition fees. On the other hand, tutors offering individual tuition have to make different slots for each student.

If you are a beginner, you may start with individual tuition. Once you get a good rating and review, you can start group tuition.

How to Start As An Online Tutor?

The easiest way to start as an online tutor is to register on any platform that allows the tutor to register. These platforms are like a bridge between the tutors and tutees. Once a tutee or his/her parents selects a tutor, method of teaching is completely up to the tutor. Tutors can use different tools for this.

Free Tools for Online Tutoring

A number of people believe that online tutoring needs much funding. But that's not true. To register on a platform, a tutor may need to pay a subscription. Further, they don't need to pay anything to offer tuition. To offer tuition,  tutors can use conventional methods like 

  • Use video conferencing tools like skype, zoom, Google meet to offer the lesson
  • Use pen and paper to make tuition notes, practice questions, exam papers, and share those when needed

Currently, tutors are using modern methods, but, those methods are not necessarily complicated or costly. These are easy to use and free of cost. Here are some free online tutoring tools:



Moodle, a learning management system enables the tutors to 

  • Know the tutees
  • Develop full length courses and lesson plan
  • Upload support materials like notes in PDF, audio lectures, video demonstration, PPT and more
  • Wide storage

VEED for Education

VEED for Education

VEED for Education is a complete graphic design package for the tutors, yet, they don't need to have knowledge of graphic design. VEED for education allows the tutors to 

  • Create and edit images and video
  • Add subtitles to the video
  • Change background of photo or vi5
  • Make video clip to demonstrate something in short
  • Make GIFs
  • Convert audio to words
  • Translate words
  • Make complete lesson plan with question papers
  • Wide storage
  • Video conferencing facilities with share screen and screen recording options



TalentLMS is much like VEED for Education with similar type of facilities. Though graphic designing cannot be done here as perfectly as VEED does. TalentLMS offers the tutors

  • A complete control of the class
  • Power to create course with auto-suggested video and images
  • Upload materials in different formats
  • Cloud storage to store everything with safety
  • Predefined rewards to offer the tutees
  • Video conferencing facilities



Bailboard is like a whiteboard but on the screen of a computer or laptop or smartphone. There are a few subjects that need board works. This tool is meant for that. With these, tutors can

  • Use it during class by adding up to 40 participants who can write on it
  • Make question paper in it and give students
  • Once tutees write their response, tutors can give feedback on it
  • Use it as a background during a video call
  • Store a session
  • Use it from any device

Today's learners prefer learning with these tools to a great extent. All these online tutoring tools are free for unlimited use. In case you are not comfortable with these tools, you can use Google apps for online tutoring.


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