Is Parental Involvement Necessary for College Students?

Mar 15, 2018

Our children, big or small, kids or adult, are our most significant possessions. Parents are the first and the most important friends, philosophers, and guide for a kid.

Children learn their first word under the instruction of the parents and guardians. Then, go the potty training, dressing sense, cleansing, and sanitation training, walking, etc. Education enters in a child’s life through the hands of father and mother. Home is a kid’s first school.

Therefore, parental involvement can’t be ignored in the later life of the students when they are grown enough to be in college. The number of reports and studies has highlighted the significance of parental involvement in the college kids’ lives.

Some potential reasons for parents interfere been pinned down:

Superior classroom behavior

Along with the academic performance, it brings a positive influence on the student’s attitude and behavior. Sensible humans don’t misbehave in the presence of the parents. It has been found out that the parent's encouragement and interest in the youngster’s education motivate his/her classroom conducts, college perspectives, reduces absenteeism and builds self-esteem.

No skipping chapters

Who can skip the tuitions and college lectures when their guardians are consistently in contact with the professors?

Thus, parental involvement means sure shot academic achievement.

Young adults need parental support and guidance

Being 17 or 18 years old doesn’t mean a person has got all the brains to understand every aspect of life. College students are adolescents who are just entering the adult's world who will get the full permission from the legal institution to lead their lives as per their wishes. They can marry, have driver’s license, do whatever they want without the elder’s signature. Simultaneously, it opens the doors to the negative things that are more likely to attract the young generation like Drug or alcohol addiction, smoking, engaging in unethical activities and much more. These negative aspects bring adverse effect on the individual’s life that will cost his/her education and career. Thus, parents need to be involved in the college students’ life closely without being extremely strict and dominating to make them aware and get them out of any upcoming danger.

Builds strong relationship

College days are the days of unexpected emotions, love affairs, breakups, pass-fail, showing heroic attitudes, being a style icon, getting body shamed and much more. There are both goods and bads. Goods are okay and can be dealt alone.

What about the cons?

Parents understand their children more than anyone else. If they stick by their wards side through thick and thin like a friend, then, the yet- to- be- adults won’t mind sharing secrets with them. In this way, the matured one can help the not-so-matured one establishing a healthy relationship between the two.

Parental involvement supports the not-so-lucky yet talented young people

Everyone is not born with 100% physical and mental fitness. Many young bits of intelligence are fighting each moment to cope with the current fit society so that they can come under the glory of the establishment. Their innate endowments fall short in the competition as they lack the specific portion of the complete health. If the parents of these children leave their side losing hope, it will become more critical for the former to adjust to the etiquette of higher studies. The government has come up with various benefits for them. Specialized training is being provided to the guardians to deal rightly with the special and disabled children, especially in their adolescent periods. Let their college days be full of fun and good memories.

The professors’ morale is heightened due to the parental engagement

In general, it remains the tendency of the college heroes and heroines to bunk classes and loiters in the movie halls, parks, cafeterias, etc. The attendance register almost remains blank around the year. Moreover, few ‘just got adult’ folks tend to bully the teachers in the classroom by making fun, laughing, spreading nuisances, etc. if the moms and dads are aware of the fact, they can make the students understand their flaws. Parent-teacher meetings can solve the issues raising the educators’ confidence.

The survey revealed that the helicopter parents have turned into snowplow parents and are backing their college goers throughout the semesters and even after that. Thus, the roommate issues, bullying problems, giving job interviews are not creating obstacles in the students’ life. They know their parents and grandparents will save them from the storms.

It is advisable for the parents that though your kids may have grown taller than you, it doesn’t mean their mental ability have become strong and matured like you. It is the most crucial part of their lives as they are entering the broad zone of citizenship where an entirely new chapter of their lives have started.

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