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What Skills to Upgrade to Not Get Replaced by a Robot Soon

The technical potential for automation differs significantly across sectors and activities. But the opportunities for humans aren’t totally taken over by robots. Here's how to remain relevant in a progressively more artificially intellectual world. Being flexible is the k

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Tips to Become a Successful Online Tutor of English

If you are an English language teacher, or someone with an excellent knowledge of the subject, you could earn extra cash by working as an online tutor of English language. Online tutoring is a burgeoning industry, and working as an online tutor of English has many advantages. You c

Sep 13, 2016 E - Learning
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Role of Tutors in the Age of the Internet

On the era of the internet, the answer to every conceivable question is available on the web in the form of a blog, online article, website or YouTube video. Thanks to the internet, students now have access to a wide range of national and international resources of information on every topic.&nbs

Sep 09, 2016 E - Learning
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Benefits of Online Tutoring for Students in UAE

For most students requiring academic help outside the classroom, tutoring is the only option. Traditionally, tutors have instructed students in a face-to-face environment, however, today, many students rely on online tutors. Thanks to the evolution of remote access technologies such as Skype and

Aug 22, 2016 E - Learning
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How to Be a Successful Online Student

If you take a look back at how learning has evolved over the years, you will be overwhelmed at the stark contrast of the education scenario that has pervaded the conventions. In no time at all, the classrooms went digital. Learning took a huge leap to the online sphere and rapidly made a niche fo

Mar 17, 2016 E - Learning
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6 Inspiring TED Talks on Leadership

Image by: urban_data https://www.flickr.com/photos/urban_data/ “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”, this speech ha

Mar 11, 2016 E - Learning
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4 Polling Apps Every Classroom Can Benefit From

In a class comprising 50 students, it is quite likely that you, as a teacher, find it nerve-wracking to determine whether your students have actually understood the topic you just taught. A mere show of only a couple of hands for a general question like, “How many of you have not understood

Feb 25, 2016 E - Learning
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Online Video Tutorials Provide an Excellent Way of Learning

Today, learning is not limited to physical classrooms or institutes. With the internet, users all over the world freely access online resources to pursue learning subjects of their choice without actually being present in a classroom. E-learning adds another dimension to its excellent teaching mo

Feb 11, 2016 E - Learning