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7 ‘Fun’tastic Ways of Learning a Language

Learning a language is empowerment through the power of words. If we keep this in mind, it will be an added inspiration and incentive for us, to keep learning languages – fresher and better. Learning a language – be it our mother tongue or any othe

Feb 02, 2016 E - Learning
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Digital Literacy: A Crucial Skill to Include in the Curriculum

The Internet has taken long strides and caught up with our everyday lives. From the places we go to the food we eat, the clothes we wear to the education we receive – almost everything has become synonymous with the usage of Internet. This new age tool has drawn immense attraction

Jan 27, 2016 E - Learning
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5 Ways to Bully-proof Our Children

Image by :Twentyfour Students: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ How do we equip our children – physically, mentally and emotionally – to face and fight the menace of bullying is a question that must be rising in the minds and discussions of concerned pare

Jan 22, 2016 E - Learning
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5 Special Ways to Spark Curiosity in Children In 2016

Curious to know some special ways to spark curiosity in children, this year? With the New Year, let us give children new things to look forward to; see, learn, enjoy, aim for – and achieve. The greater their curiosity to know more and better, the greater would dev

Jan 12, 2016 E - Learning
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How iPad can Help Students With Learning Disabilities

Technology has proved its worth time and again by showering on us, its immensely useful products that are being churned out by the minute. These have made education more accessible, classrooms global and lives easier. One such device is the iPad. With its incredible effectiveness and several feat

Jan 08, 2016 E - Learning
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How Tech-Savvy are Students in the UAE?

As the soaring percentage achieved by the CBSE students of 2015 made the Middle-East proud, the burgeoning technology entrepreneurship of the city glinted with promising prospects. These gleeful students streaming out in flocks from schools, embracing college education are the valuable assets tha

Sep 07, 2015 E - Learning
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A Study of Open Educational Resources

The Internet has opened up the gates of innovation and accessibility. Technology has seeped into the very fabric of our everyday lives and transformed the way we do things. Education was not left behind. It synced well with the symphony that technology cooked up, showering on us a harmonious blen

Aug 19, 2015 E - Learning
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Classroom of 2030: A Quick Sneak Peek

echnology has transformed the world of education in unimaginative ways. It has made information more accessible and literally ushered the world on to the fingertips. Information technology has altered the façade of modern education, replacing the traditional ‘chalk-and-

Aug 13, 2015 E - Learning