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Top 7 Online Learning Myths: Debunked

Technology advances in education have been quite rapid. It has not only made the learning process easier, but also more viable. Among the many aspects of education that technology has made its own, online learning tops the chart.

Aug 05, 2015 E - Learning
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Making Education More Interesting and Effective through the Use of Flipboard

Technology has spread its wings far and wide. Be it learning a foreign language while on the go, imbibing information or communicating with your connections, technology continues to be the greatest ally of mankind! And, of course, the arrival of several exciting mobile applications or &

Jun 09, 2015 E - Learning
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Best Online Courses to Refine your Writing Talents

Writing essays is something Adnan is quite fond of. And he manages to score at least 12 out of 15 marks in the essays that appear in his English Language question papers. Adnan has developed a knack for writing that motivates him to express himself really well. Since the age of five, this thirtee

Apr 07, 2015 E - Learning
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Is Tutoring really Effective?

Today, once your child returns from school, ask him a simple question. Has he been able to follow the sums his Math teacher taught him in the class? Or, how much did he score in his last English class test? Are you sure you’re keeping track of your child’s academic progress, dear pare

Mar 18, 2015 E - Learning
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Best SAT Tutorials in Dubai

How many of you are aspiring to gain admission into prestigious universities after your plus two level? Oh yes, I know, who doesn’t want to study in a reputed academic institution? But then, are you aware of the key to gain a successful entry into a notable college? One of the most importan

Mar 16, 2015 E - Learning
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Best Tips for Students to Boost their Self-Esteem

How often have you made attempts to mingle with the crowd, rather than stand out prominently in it? Found yourself rebelling merely for the sake of it? Unable to establish your assertiveness even though you know that must say ‘no’? If you can relate to any of the above, you might be a

Mar 04, 2015 E - Learning
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Best Apps for the 2015 Classroom

The present classroom is a camaraderie of the latest technology and traditional education, all integrated into one. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that 65% of teachers today believe that technology paves a new way of demonstrating things that tradition fell short of. The frequent

Feb 11, 2015 E - Learning