Top 5 Apps to Learn Science Online

Parents these days are commonly seen to complain about the mobile addiction of their children. Mobile addiction of the students is something worthy of the attention of the parents, but mobile can work as a great learning tool for the candidates as well. Now the question is how? The answer is - wi

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UAE Education Sector Needs Smart Revolution

Dubai has taken many initiatives towards implementing technologies to enhance the standard of living. The city is making progress towards becoming a pioneer smart city. The city, this year has taken a major step and focused on the education sector.

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Top 16 Of The Most Inspiring And Witty Programming Quotes

Recently, we were looking for a few programming quotes for one of our presentations, and we were pretty amazed to see some of the very funny and witty ones that really needed some brains to figure out the “fun” part. Below, we have provided a few for your reference; particul

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Contribution of Arabs in Science and Math

Do you know who popularized the use of zero or ‘sifr’ in math? Have you ever wondered who created the numerals which we use regularly? Or, the decimal system? And, the highly polished trigonometry? Well, you must be grateful to the Arabs for all these fantastic mathematical discoverie

Jan 06, 2015 ELearning
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6 Activities to help you Learn English fast

Is English a major stumbling block for you? Do you feel threatened by this language so often that you simply refuse to learn it? I am quite certain most of you would answer in the affirmative! Believe me, the English language is not at all as scary as it seems. Firstly, tell yourself, “Dear

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Best Online Resources for Learning Arabic

How often have you dreamt of establishing a career in the Middle East? The immense economic potential of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Kuwait, Qatar, etc. lure millions of jobseekers to these Arabic nations. Undoubtedly, they are some of the richest oil-producing areas of the world. And therefo

Dec 15, 2014 ELearning
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How online tutorials prepare you for IIT JEE?

Gen-Y is undoubtedly the luckiest generation ever. And, seriously, we owe technology quite a lot for being our ‘lucky charm’. For, the ‘Internet’ which can be called the magic wand of technology, has left no stone unturned in simplifying our lives in extraordinary ways. Co

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Using an iPad in the Everyday Classroom: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the year 2010, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) in Melbourne, Australia, came up with ‘iPads for Learning – In Their Hands Trial’. The primary objective was to initiate a better learning atmosphere for the students. By 2011, the program had

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