Extracurricular Activities

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How Vocational Training can Complement Education

One of the main purposes of education is to make students employable and ready for the professional world. However, that is seldom the case with most regular education programs as the courses are too theoretical and the assessment methods are way too outdated and ineffective to gauge the progress

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How Useful Music Theatre Can Be For Any Person

By the true nature, music theater is interdisciplinary. In the end of 20th-century music theater, critics were increasing despondently about the longevity of the performing art. The origin of musical theater is evidently noticed back to the theater of ancient Greece, where music and dance we

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Why Learn Gymnastics

In today's rat race fashioned lifestyle, almost everyone is busy to be successful in life. Well, who doesn't want that? But, thinking that only studying from a good school and college, scoring good marks and getting a high salaried job is everything- is a terribly wrong notion! We are so

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Activities for Building Social and Emotional Skills in Kids

Shirley lay crouched under her desk for the last seven minutes, sobbing bitterly, with her pencil popped between her lips. Now, this young child was aged just about five. When a few of her classmates enquired about her cause for anxiety, she offered them a blank stare and continued weeping! S

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Top After-School Game Activities for Kids

So, school is just over for the day, and the brains of your little ones are teeming with the various formulas in Math, definitions in Science and the innumerable dates in History. They return home from school and drop down exhausted into the sofas, relaxing now that yet another challenging school