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The Utility of Personality Development Courses

Personality is a combination of different traits in a person; it is an amalgamation of emotions, behavior, thought patterns and motivation defining the person as a whole. As you may have noticed, all the personality traits can be developed and improved, consequently changing one’s overall p

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Major Differences Between a Leader and a Manager

Success of organizations depends on the many roles played by people across different Departments. Big or small, the role played by each Employee is significant for the organization to achieve its short term and long terms goals. Two main roles that need to be played in a perfect manner and which

Nov 29, 2016 Leadership Management
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Essentials of Successful Leadership

Image courtesy: ghsmart.com Google, Apple, Microsoft, Xerox, Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway, Ford, and TATA Industries are globally recognized brands. However, we sometimes forget that behind these successful companies are some very strong business leaders. The leadership of these compan

Sep 02, 2014 Leadership Management