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Online Programs Students Are Loving

Well, technology is advancing on a day to day manner and with the latest advancements in the technological field, the perspective of different things are changing! In earlier days, we couldn’t even imagine that without attending a prestigious and well-established college or university a deg

Dec 23, 2016 Online Education
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Popular Online Programs for Students to Consider

In today’s tech-savvy era, almost everything is available ONLINE! There is no exception in the case of various educational programs as well. If you observe carefully, you can notice that there are plenty of study courses that are being offered online. Previously, we couldn’t even thin

Dec 13, 2016 Online Education
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Basic iPad Tips and Tricks for Teachers

The changing face of education has unleashed the mighty power of technology in as many forms as possible. Technology assisted learning has taken up the reins of education to provide students with a mor

Oct 27, 2015 Online Education
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Apps for Elementary Level Students

A couple of decades back, the digital revolution was received with immense skepticism. Not everyone liked how technology paraded right into our everyday routines. However, the upsides were too effective. They overpowered the cons to a considerable extent and carved out a niche for themselves.

Oct 17, 2015 Online Education
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Role Playing as a Strategy for Teachers

Thirteen year old Muskaan was signing some important documents, while her personal assistant stood beside her table with a paper and a pen. Every now and then, she consulted with her assistant before resuming with her work. And, let me tell you, this young girl was definitely not a part of the bu

Jul 24, 2015 Online Education