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Dr. Bhavna Anand Mahajan

Downstream Processing :- An Overview and Process steps

Definition Downstream processing is concerned with the extraction of desired products from the upstream

Feb 15, 2018 Professional Training
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Why Should You Choose Project Management Course?

When you approach a project manager, a sense of appreciation comes in your mind. You think that the person has taken mountainous responsibilities and are performing them with elan. They are ruling in every industry. Qualified and skilled professionals are needed to plan and present specific works

Feb 07, 2018 Professional Training
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Want To Seriously Boost Your Motivation? Boost Your Dopamine Levels

Tired of feeling burned out and unmotivated? You may have a dopamine deficiency. Here’s what you need to do to change it. You wake up feeling like you want to sleep for another decade. You go to work and stare at your computer, willing your brain to work. You feel zero motivation to

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A Few Expert Tips And Tricks To An Improved Wildlife Photography

If you are an enthusiastic wildlife photographer, there’s a good chance that a particular photograph at some point in time has completely taken your breath away. You might have even asked yourself, “How in the name of God did they do that?”

Nov 07, 2017 Professional Training
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Understanding the ISO setting of a DSLR camera: A detailed discussion

The ISO setting of your camera is one of the three most significant pillars of photography (the other two being the shutter and the aperture speed). Every DSLR photographer, be it a professional or an amateur, must understand the concept of ISO in thorough detail (especially if s/he is

Oct 16, 2017 Professional Training
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What Skills to Upgrade to Not Get Replaced by a Robot Soon

The technical potential for automation differs significantly across sectors and activities. But the opportunities for humans aren’t totally taken over by robots. Here's how to remain relevant in a progressively more artificially intellectual world. Being flexible is the k

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Guide to choosing the right career path

When selecting a career path, there are a few things you need to consider. The obvious factors in selecting a career would be: is this my dream job? Or: will I make lots of money in this career? While these are important factors to note, there are other elements to consider. •

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For the love of English

Working as a primary teacher can have its highs and lows! One day all 24 of your children are on your wavelength, throwing ideas at you like there is no tomorrow, and the next day…it’s as if you were speaking Chinese to them. When working within an international setting, it can be a