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Things to Know About Student Psychology (Part 1)

I am going to start this write up with a simple question: “What makes a teacher successful?” Is it his/her knowledge of the subject? Or is it dependent on his/her ability to control the class? Nah! It requires something more. Empathy’s the thing that makes a teacher stand out am

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10 Key Benefits of Private Tutoring for Parents in Dubai

There are a host of reasons why parents opt for private tutoring. Some of them might be unable to help their kids with their homework. Others may simply not have the luxury of time. Private tutoring can help in such a situation. Tutoring helps in strengthening subject comprehensibility,

Sep 12, 2019 School Level Education
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5 Benefits of Tuition Centres for Students

In today’s world, to achieve success in academics is not as easy as in the past few years. Today competition between students is very tough; to get the shine in lives, they need hard work. But sometimes students need individual care in studies because premier institutes are failed to give s

Jul 23, 2019 School Level Education
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Dubai at the Forefront of Educational Tourism

The UAE has been an educational hub for many international students throughout the years. Many students prefer Dubai for several reasons, for instance, modern infrastructure, friendly visa policies, and strategic location. The UAE’s objective is to improve the educational sector even furthe

Jul 16, 2019 School Level Education
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An Alternative Approach To Teaching Kids A Foreign Language

Sometimes when my 8 year olds got too noisy, overwhelmed with the enthusiasm to read for their favorite comic characters, I would show them my fist, half-jokingly, trying (very hard) to look serious and say "I'm the boss here". They seemed to like my new status and one day, when

Jun 20, 2019 School Level Education
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6 Ways to Develop Your Writing Skills as a Student

Writing is one of the most important skills for a student. It is also pretty complex and it can only be obtained through a lot of practice. As a student, you will have many chances to develop your writing skills and there are many opportunities for you to learn and grow. The good thing

Feb 07, 2019 School Level Education
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How To Introduce Algorithms To Kids

Like reading and writing, programming has also become a part of the basic literacy. A future may soon crop up where interviewees will be automatically expected to know the different ways of programming

Jul 17, 2018 School Level Education
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Top TEN Learning Techniques That You Should Be Aware Of

School is for learning. But unfortunately, one of the fundamental things that students don’t really do well in school is knowing how to learn. Most of us are taught via rote memorizations without being shown the appropriate ways to effectively absorb the material. Here,

May 14, 2018 School Level Education